The 17 Habits of Somewhat Effective Assholes

How to be a pundit.


Michael Brendan Dougherty lists 17 ways we argue in politics, including:

The Incredibly Faked Surprise of Partisan Scribblers Over The "Appalling" (But Commonly and Sincerely Held) Views Of Most Other People

The Ritual Slaughter Of The Kook Used Cynically As An Avatar For Views Held By Millions Of Sane, Educated, Civilized, Productive Citizens

The Single Most Heartbreaking Anecdote That Will Awaken Your Undying Rage Against A Third Tier Pundit

…and so on. Feel free to enter your additions to the list in the comment thread below. I'll start with a meta entry: The Outraged Announcement That Any Suggestion That These Habits Cross Party Lines Is False Equivalence.