UN Investigating Targeted Killings, Jobless Claims Down, SWAT Drill in Mass. School: P.M. Links


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    Guantanamo detainees want the CIA's black sites preserved as evidence of torture. The United Nations, meanwhile, is investigating extrajudicial killings by the United States and other countries.

  • Initial jobless claims fell for the second consecutive week according to the Department of Labor.
  • Phil Mickelson apologized for speaking publicly about his increasing tax burden, calling his comments "insensitive." The golfer said he was considering moving out of his home state of California, which Jerry Brown said today was bouncing back.  
  • A Colorado man says cops shot his dog after arriving at the wrong house, and told him to calm down because he could get a new one. The Adam County Sheriff's Office is investigating.
  • Students in Silver Lake, Massachusetts were treated to a SWAT drill, to prepare. Mass shootings, though, don't appear to be trending.
  • Officials in the European Union are worried an exit by the United Kingdom might induce more countries to leave. David Cameron warned European leaders at Davos Great Britain would have no part in forcing deeper integration.
  • David Purchase, who started the country's first needle exchange program, in Tacoma, died at 73.

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  1. Officials in the European Union are worried an exit by the United Kingdom might induce more countries to leave.

    Britain doesn’t want to be in any union that would have it as a member.

  2. Students in Silver Lake, Massachusetts were treated to a SWAT drill, to prepare.

    Unfortunately it was on Bring Your Pet to Class Day.

    1. Students in Silver Lake, Massachusetts were treated to a SWAT drill, to prepare.

      I think they just fucked up and botched the address again.

  3. Initial jobless claims fell for the second consecutive week according to the Department of Labor.

    Is there an easy way to understand these types of reports? I can’t tell which increases make Obama admin out to be a liar and which one help his case that the economy’s improving.

    What should I be looking for?

    1. What should I be looking for?

      I suggest a parcel with arable land and a good supply of water.

    2. look at the unadjusted data and compare it to the same month a year ago.

    3. Look at which states’s data are estimated. The big ones.

  4. So this is old (and basically just “twenty questions”) but I found it mildly entertaining after someone posted it to FB today.

    So far I’ve been able to beat it with Sam Adama of Caprica and Pvt. Charlie Soda of Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation.

    1. It got the Lost Smoke Monster and Rickety Cricket. I am not that amazed that it got Cricket, but I am amazed that it got it with the questions it asked.

      1. He couldn’t get Fred Tuttle (former Vermont Senate candidate).

        1. Beat it with the Thief on the Cross and Mirror Archer.

    2. Freaky deaky!

      1. It got Jane Pauley in 50 questions, and Willie Stargel in 32.

        1. It got Aeryn Sun (Farscape) in 65 questions.

          1. You like Farscape?! Rac3rx, you are 100% AWESOME!

    3. Pvt. Charlie Soda of Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation.


      1. Starship Troopers 3: Evangelical Mech Warriors Marauder is even “better”.

        Has anyone seen number four yet?

    4. Got Takeshi Lev Kovacs in 11 questions.

      1. It didn’t get Cheradenine Zakalwe.

    5. I beat it with Henry Waxman. Why would it ask me if my character worked in the HoR, receive an affirmative response and then ask me about a bunch of other jobs? Not very efficient.

      1. Questions are chosen randomly. Redundancy is built in to improve accuracy just in case the person asking gets one of their answers wrong in the sorting so efficiency is a second tier criteria. From playing around with it, that is at least what I’m inferring.

    6. I beat it with Takashi Shimura, but it would have gotten Toshiro Mifune.

      1. Beat it with Alex Jesaulenko (former Australian Football player). Although, it did offer up another, incorrect, AFL player.

    7. It couldn’t name Greg Kite (old Celtics player).

    8. I beat it with Pep Streebeck from Dragnet.

  5. A Colorado man says cops shot his dog after arriving at the wrong house, and told him to calm down because he could get a new one.

    The shooters aren’t crying over the bullets they’ll have to replace, are they?

    1. Accidents happen. Whoopsie Daisy!

    2. I’m often upset when I get lost, too, but I limit my decompression to just kicking the mutt.

    3. He should have shot the cop, and then at his trial used that explanation to the cop’s wife.

        1. Judging by the cop’s general demeanor, the cop’s wife might thank him. People often treat animals how they would normally treat others. Casually killing a dog says something about how this cop really considers people that annoy him.

  6. Phil Mickelson apologized for speaking publicly about his increasing tax burden, calling his comments “insensitive.”

    Apparently he doesn’t have the balls of a Frenchman like Gerard Depardieu.

    1. He realized he still had to sell his house, hopefully to some sucker back east.

    2. Pussy. I never liked him and now I like him even less.

    3. Maybe he’s worried about his ad deals.

      1. His biggest sponsor is an accounting firm. For what it is worth.

  7. http://pjmedia.com/tatler/2013…..ool-zones/

    Libertarian Party launches ad campaign to repeal gun free school zones. If it saves just one child…

    1. Way to appeal to a wider audience, LP.

      1. Masters of PR, MASTERS.

      2. What’s unappealing about anything said in the article? Repealing gun-free zones is the most logical gun reform they could possibly make.

        1. My point isn’t that it I don’t find it appeal, it’s that “regular voters” won’t.

    2. This smells retarded. Is Wayne Allyn Root back in the party again or something?

      1. I LOL’ed at this.

  8. Phil Mickelson apologized for speaking publicly about his increasing tax burden, calling his comments “insensitive.”

    The Golden State just instituted a tax on verbal Mulligans, Phil.

    1. With one stroke of the pen, they’ll have him roughing it.

      1. That’s an unfair way to put it, but when he speaks out from now on he will have to cross his tees on or the media might trap him in a dangerous lie.

        1. Yeah, good point, they’ll be a hole in one of his arguments from now on.

      2. What a putz.

  9. I’ve always hated the UN and think they can go fuck themselves. But the lulz here are gonna be epic when the collectivist shitweasels in the Obama administration have to defend themselves from those they admire most.

    1. Not to mention all the Obamatrons who cited “international support” for overseas adventures.

  10. http://www.theatlantic.com/tec…..me/272458/

    The dreaded Holy Roman Cat Bomb.

    1. How do they know they were supposed to be bombs?

    2. They designed it for the lulz.

    3. You see bomb, I see improved cat.

    4. Why does a bird need a rocket pack?

  11. Edmonton Oilers unleashed the Flying V

    1. ZEEE GOALIE!!!!

  12. The United Nations, meanwhile, is investigating extrajudicial killings by the United States and other countries.

    They didn’t get the memo? Obama is still in the White House. LOVE HIM.


  13. http://nymag.com/news/features/high-school-2013-1/

    The long term harmful effects of high school. How long before we shut these evil things down?

  14. “So what if abortion ends life?”

    ‘The “life” conversation is often too thorny to even broach. Yet I know that throughout my own pregnancies, I never wavered for a moment in the belief that I was carrying a human life inside of me. I believe that’s what a fetus is: a human life. And that doesn’t make me one iota less solidly pro-choice….

    ‘Here’s the complicated reality in which we live: All life is not equal. That’s a difficult thing for liberals like me to talk about, lest we wind up looking like death-panel-loving, kill-your-grandma-and-your-precious-baby storm troopers. Yet a fetus can be a human life without having the same rights as the woman in whose body it resides….

    ‘When we on the pro-choice side get cagey around the life question, it makes us illogically contradictory….

    ‘When we try to act like a pregnancy doesn’t involve human life, we wind up drawing stupid semantic lines in the sand…

    ‘But we make choices about life all the time in our country. We make them about men and women in other nations. We make them about prisoners in our penal system. We make them about patients with terminal illnesses and accident victims….’


    1. Sometimes your convenience is more important than your kids’ life. What a sick fucking bitch. But at least she is honest.

      1. I had heard these people existed, but I never really believed it.

    2. Either you linked it wrong, or they already pulled it down.

        1. Beat me to it.

    3. HO. LEE. SHIT.

      That’s just a hop skip and a small jump away from Action T4. I mean, you know how much the retarded cost the state under Obamacare?

    4. ‘When we on the pro-choice side get cagey around the life question, it makes us illogically contradictory….

      ‘When we try to act like a pregnancy doesn’t involve human life, we wind up drawing stupid semantic lines in the sand…

      Yeah, it’s the “life question” that makes you logically inconsistent, not the fact that you JUST STATED “not all human life is equal” despite the garbage you try to shove down our throats every other waking moment.

      What a tool.

    5. I mean, until it develops brain function and pain receptors, I honestly don’t care that it is “human life” nor do I think it is inherently deserving of human rights at conception simply because it is a growing cluster of human cells.

      1. OK, but there are proposed laws prohibiting abortion for pain-capable fetuses, and these laws are provoking shocked opposition from the choicers.

        1. But that’s the thing: they’d still have enough time to make a choice, and they’d probably feel less guilty about it the sooner they get it done. You can’t say it’s taking away a woman’s right to choose if she chooses it’s not important enough to take care of in a timely fashion until the point where a legitimate case can be made for fetal rights.

          1. A pain-capable law would be an improvement over the status quo, that’s for sure.

  15. It’s so cold, hipsters are wearing regular jeans on top of their skinny jeans.

    1. Hey, Pantsfan! Last week I discovered something so absurdly awesome that my entire life prior to last week seems bleak and empty in comparison: Chump Car racing.

      1. That is wicked.

        1. In the last week I’ve sold my race trailer, made an arrangement with a guy who has a bigger race trailer to buy it from him as soon as I sell my Mercedes, acquired a piece of crap $500 RX7, ordered a ton of parts for it, and organized a team. At this rate I should be world champion by this time next month.

      2. If anybody is interested, I’d be willing to go in halfsies on the Laguna Seca race. Figure on spending about double what the car is worth, so we’d each be in for a grand + gear ($2,000 ought to cover each of us).

        I used to race some Polo III class SCCA races, so I know what I’m doing. And anyway, Laguna Seca, man! Just to go through the corkscrew a few times would be worth it.

        1. How is that done? You can really do it for just a couple of thousand dollars a person? What kind of a car would you buy? How much would it cost, assuming you don’t wreck it, to get it into shape to race again?

          1. Max value of the car is $500, plus a bunch of safety gear. If you can’t spend a small fortune on suspension parts and engine tuning, it stays cheap. I’m budgeting $5000 to be on the safe side.

            1. I may have just found a new hobby. That kicks ass.

          2. A dude that works for my brother in Spokane does this stuff. I guess the hard part is finding the right car. The roll cage can get pricey, but there are plenty of high schools that will do those mods for nothing in their auto shop classes.

            And the car has to book for $500 or less, which means you’ll likely end up spending a bit more on a decent one after cash for clunkers took a lot of good used stuff off the roads. IIRC, he bought a pre-catalytic converter Maverick and absolutely gutted the thing, which got rid of a shit-ton of weight.

            Also, about half the cars that run are over the $500 threshold and the drivers willfully accept the penalty laps so they can get a car they like. Were it me, I’d probably try to go pre-catalytic converter as well or get a VW Jetta Mk2 with the old VR6. There was a ton of dead weight in those that could be stripped as well.

            1. The exhaust system rules state that, so long as you have the stock header on the car, you can use any exhaust you like. So get any crap can and just remove the cat. I was watching a YT video yesterday of a guy in a Porsche 944 doing everything in his power to get around a guy in a beater 3-series bimmer. In the middle of the battle, a gutted Chevy Vega wagon just whistled right past both of them and disappeared down the road.

              1. So, straight pipes it is.

                1. Not so fast! Scroll down to rule 10.13.

                  1. All those old American rides were low compression and won’t come close to that noise level even with straight pipes. That’s made for those people running RX-7’s.

        2. The problem with Laguna is all the NIMBYs who moved in next door to a race track and then complained that they could hear, gasp!, RACING. The 92 Db limit is strictly enforced. I can’t take my track bike there, and there’s no way my new clunker will pass with all the racket a rotary engine makes.

          1. Tell me MS. What is your track bike? What did it cost you? I am seriously considering buying one.

            1. ’98 Ducati 748. I spent $3500 on the bike (it had a salvage title) figuring I’d want something cheap in case I wad it up. Since then I’ve dropped over $10k on various go fast bits, completely undermining the disposability of the bike. It’s an addiction.

              1. My fear would be wrecking the damn thing. Those are expensive to replace.

                1. That’s my fear too, which is why this silly Chump Car series has me all giddy. Even if we completely destroy the car we’ll be well protected and only out a couple grand. Hell, I expect to spend more on fuel towing the thing back and forth to the track than the car is worth.

                  1. I just emailed you. I don’t know where you live, but I’d seriously be into starting a team up.

        3. Goddamn, Laguna Seca is cool.

      3. I love the idea.

      4. 3years behind the curve, 5 if you count 24 hours of lemons. The way racing was meant to be, by nut balls willing to ride around on a toilet yelling “I am a crappy driver” when they make a late inside pass and end up taking they and their opponents car out of the race.

        1. LIT, I blame you for not telling me about this earlier!

    1. I don’t think they shoot their own dogs.

  16. Ball-boy gets a kicking off the field too

    First he got a kicking on the field, now he’s getting one off it.

    British media and commentators on social media are putting the boot into the ball-boy who looked to be in such pain after being kicked by Chelsea football star Eden Hazard during a match in Wales yesterday.

    It turns out ball-boy 17-year-old Charlie Morgan boasted on Twitter before the game, between Swansea City and Chelsea, about his time-wasting skills.

    1. I was stunned. Had I been the ref I would have red carded the ball boy. And awarded a penalty kick to the guest team.

      Then run for my life from the irate english fans as they rioted.

      1. Well, irate Welsh fans.

      2. After what Chelsea did to Anders Frisk, they deserve to be screwed every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

    2. Even better news from English soccer – Bradford City, a second division team, beat Aston Villa to get to the league cup final. That’s like an AA team making it into World Series.

      1. Nitpick: That’s League Two, which due to the wonky naming system in English football, is actually the fourth highest level of football. The three higher leagues ought to be called League One, League Zero, and League Negative One, but they’re really the Premier League, the Championship, and League One.

    1. Is it ironic that a post about talking down to women explains the issue in pictures?

      1. That’s one word for it.

    2. What difference does it make……that this phrase will follow Hillary around until she shakes this mortal coil.

      Oh and “Fisting”….they’re (light the Ken Schultz beacon)….

  17. Facebook is the eye of the Elder Gods: Part I.

    It turns out that as many as one in every three people who use social media like Facebook experience feelings of jealousy and envy after spending time on these sites, according to a new study.

  18. Wait, you can work out at home? You don’t say.

    1. Of course you can. Buy a decent bar, a squat stand, maybe a bench, and 300-600 pounds of plates, spend 3 hours a week using it for the rest of your life, and prepare to drown in the ocean of poontang you get.

      My wife recently made fun of another important addition to my home gym. She came downstairs while I was doing chin-ups on the squat cage and said, “Nice mirror.”
      “Yeah, it really opens the place up and makes it seem brighter. Allows me to check my form, too.”


  19. Facebook is the eye of the Elder Gods: Part II.

    Police in northwestern Indiana say a 16-year-old girl allegedly drove 60 miles to beat up another girl who spread rumors about her on Facebook.

    1. I say the girl who got beat up should be able to sue the merchants of death that made that car.

      1. Let her sue Zuckerman for creating the system that allowed for the rumors to be spread.

    1. That IS terrible. It’s very terrible.

    2. That cat has some amazing powers of restraint.

  20. Rape in a jail is still rape, apparently. Of course, the charge rape is reserved for little people.

    1. “A Cobb County sheriff’s deputy has been accused of sexually assaulting a female inmate without her consent, according to his arrest warrant.”

      Can you sexually assault someone WITH their consent?

      1. No you can’t. This is another example of journalistic stupidity. He was charged with sexual assault. They apparently have no editors anymore.

  21. Rock and Roll is bad for the kids

    1. I hate modern pop music. I hated much of it when I was growing up. I’m definitely not one of those.

      Though I did like pop music from the 80s. but that stuff was created when I was a single digit in age.

    2. People who are susceptible to being told what to like are more likely to do as their told; film at 11

  22. Gawker schmuck is a schmuck.

    Travis Okulski, the senior writer and second name on the masthead for Gawker Media’s car blog Jalopnik, compared the cold snap that has struck the East Coast with the Holocaust.

    “I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say that this cold weather is far worse than the Holocaust,” Okulski wrote on Twitter at 9:41 a.m. on Thursday.

    1. I wonder how much money it would take for Eden Hazzard to kick Travis in the balls. We need a professional soccer player because the kicker will need good foot control to hit what is no doubt a microscopic target.

    2. Is there anyone at gawker who is not a complete douche bag?

      1. Re: John,

        Is there anyone at gawker who is not a complete douche bag?

        I heard that the guy who mows their grass is a decent guy…

  23. Las Vegas cop does two bad things and one good thing. Unfortunately, he does them in that order.

  24. I’m back. I was mostly occupied for the past week with a company conference thing. I only got to check in very occasionally, but we got a double bonus this year and there’s more traveling for Auric. Company anniversary party in San Diego next year.

    Nicole, you’re allowed to weigh in on this next part: Am I a jerk for considering breaking up with my girlfriend because we don’t have enough sex?

    1. Am I a jerk for considering breaking up with my girlfriend because we don’t have enough sex?

      Did you sign a contract that said you’d stay with her no matter what? The withholding usually doesn’t start until the ring has been placed.

    2. If you think you’re not getting any now, you don’t want to find out how little you’ll get after she has a ring on her finger.

    3. Am I a jerk for considering breaking up with my girlfriend because we don’t have enough sex?

      That’s got to be in like the top 3 best reasons for breaking up with someone. Although you might want to talk about it first, if you haven’t already.

    4. You’re a jerk because you’re you.

      1. I thought I was a jerk because I eat pizza that is thicker than paper?

        1. No that just makes you a connoisseur of good food.

        2. Like I said.

    5. You and Nicole aren’t having enough sex?

      1. That’s certainly below the ideal level.

    6. No, you’re not. Do you really want to have a long relationship with a woman that leaves you sexually frustrated? And from what I remember you’re a pretty young dude. Fuck that noise.

    7. Emotional intimacy is hand in glove with physical intimacy.

      Jus’ sayin’

      1. I don’t want to know what kind of “intimacy” you have that requires gloves.

        1. He’s just waiting for an opening to post the facials videos.

          1. The Champagne one or White Tigress Jaiya?

            1. I was thinking Jaiya, but I did love the champagne one.

            2. The White Tigresses are a small and mostly unknown group of women in China who diligently practice Taoist Sexuality as a way to create longevity and youthfulness. […] Hsi Lai is responsible for recently bringing these practices to the West in hope that women here can benefit from their effects which include, thinner waists, firmer breasts, improved health and wellbeing, glowing skin and hair and possibly immortality.

              1. Which is why my wife will live forever.

    8. Being sexually incompatible is up there on the list of legitimate reasons to dump someone. It creates a deep resentment that will leave both of you miserable.

    9. No, but for how long are we talking? Big difference between not having enough sex for three weeks or something if she’s feeling down and for months.

      1. Not that either would make you a jerk, just that a few weeks of a lull is a shortsighted reason to leave somebody.

      2. Getting to about 6 weeks now.

        1. That’s a long time, dude.

          A while ago now I found out that a guy friend of mine hadn’t had sex with his live-in girlfriend for over a year. Before that, it had been about once every six months for a couple years. Could not believe he hadn’t left her.

          Obviously six weeks is not there yet, and if y’all haven’t talked about it I definitely would?I’d want to have some idea of why, and how permanent it was?but…that’s a long time.

          1. I agree with Nicole. No sex is a legitimate reason to leave. If you are not having sex, what the hell are you doing together? Unless she was sick and just couldn’t do it, I would divorce my wife for that. Sex is pretty much nonnegotiable absent health reasons.

            1. If you are not having sex, what the hell are you doing together?

              Had this exact conversation with my BFF recently when we were talking about some people with the same issues. “What the fuck are you doing all weekend?”

              1. If you are not having sex, what the hell are you doing together?

                Thinking “Man, am I going to end up spending another night at her place all the way in Quincy without getting laid?”

              2. “What the fuck are you doing all weekend?”

                Well in my case it’s usually fucking yardwork.


            2. Wasn’t it legitimate grounds for divorce in the old days? Alienation of affections or something like that? Or maybe they just used that term to mean infidelity.

              1. Alienation of affection was the term for the civil suit you could bring for the person who stole your wife or husband.

                It was a sad day for court watchers when they got rid of the ability for aggrieved spouses to sue adulterers in open court.

              2. I thought that was “Lack of Consortium” or some such thing.

                1. Man, I got sued for that once by a third party as the result of a traffic accident.

          2. To be clear, it’s not 6 weeks with no sex. The slump has been about 6 weeks.

            We did go for 3 weeks without sex back in October, so I talked to her about it and it mostly came back for a while.

            1. Didn’t you just go on a cruise earlier this month? A no-sex cruise?

              WHAT THE FUCK, man?

              1. A cruise with her, is the point I meant to make.

                1. The cruise was a 2-sex cruise. Still low for a week long vacation, but yes, that was the highwater mark of the past 2 months.

                  1. Wow, I really don’t get what you are doing on a cruise if not having sex. If out of boredom if nothing else.

                  2. 2-sex is better than no sex… I don’t have much to offer as far as advice goes. I think monogamous relationships are pretty stupid (curse you Heinlein for instilling this idea in me), but I’m also in one myself.

                    You would know the specifics better than anyone, but truthfully if you aren’t happy it’s not worth staying together. If a talk will make you happy or at least give you closure, I say have it. If it will only reveal deeper problems in the relationship, have it and break up or don’t have it.

                    I’ve wondered if I should break up with my girlfriend a couple of times, but there are still a lot of things I do like about her that outweigh the other things.

                  3. 2 times in a week on a cruise might just be about right. Did you get so drunk you pissed the bed the other five nights?

        2. That’s a lot of cruises you’ll be buying.

    10. Does she have some medical problem, or does she just have no libido because she’s on Zoloft or something? Either way, you should probably run while you still can.

      1. I’m assuming it’s not a medical thing since the first 6-7 months had enough to keep me happy (even if it wasn’t as much as I’d ideally like).

        1. Try being sexier, you fat fuck. Alternatively, try making her jealous by banging other chicks.

          1. Ah, the W.A.R.T.Y. system.

            1. W – Wild animals.
              A – Acquire access.
              R – RAPE!!!!
              T – Titties.
              Y – Yes to kitties.

              No one said it had to make sense.

              1. odd, it almost does

              2. NEEDZ MOAR RAPE

                1. I mean, if you ask him nicely I think he’d be able to work something up for you. He’s not a monster, after all.

              3. It makes perfect sense Dagny.

              4. All of this is greatly exaggerated.

                1. I even added a little rhyme. Ingrate.

                  You’re really very short on charm.

                  1. He didn’t mean you any… harm.

    11. Am I a jerk for considering breaking up with my girlfriend because we don’t have enough sex?

      No, and don’t talk to her about it before you try teasing her more. If you do, the teasing won’t work. I’ve never had a “talk” result in more than an awkward ending. Not to say that you shouldn’t try, but keep that as plan B. You don’t want her just lying there, waiting for it to be over. That shit sucks. You gotta get her revved up. Act a little more distant and increase the teasing.

      1. I don’t completely disagree, but don’t you think you have to figure out what like…level of issue it is? Bad phrasing, but the point being: is this six weeks of low energy/depression? or someone who never cares about getting it on? or someone who wants to do it like once a week while you want to do it like once a day? etc.

        1. don’t completely disagree, but don’t you think you have to figure out what like…level of issue it is? Bad phrasing, but the point being: is this six weeks of low energy/depression? or someone who never cares about getting it on? or someone who wants to do it like once a week while you want to do it like once a day? etc.

          I have bolded the only option I see that would change the advice, but I didn’t think it likely, as he clearly had expectation of a certain level, and he had to get those expectations from somewhere.

      2. I agree with this advice. Nothing is less sexy than “why don’t you want to fuck me?”

        1. Nothing is less sexy than “why don’t you want to fuck me?”

          Even when sung R and B style?

    12. Either she doesn’t want to have sex with you, or there is a reason she won’t have sex with you and she won’t bring it up (and is therefore pretending that a huge slowdown in your sex life is or should be the new normal). Both possibilities mean the relationship is probably over.

      And I’ll go ahead and be the asshole. If you’ve been away a lot or busy at work, there very well could be someone else she is seeing.

      1. She’s still been demanding enough of my time that she wouldn’t have had a chance to date. The issue is more that we’ll spend the whole weekend together (overnight as well) with no sex.

        1. OK, I just wrote a big long thing and then deleted it. It’s hard to give advice with so little information, so I’m just going to shut up.

          What I would do is ask her directly, and get out if I got even a tiny whiff of bullshit. But I’m just like that.

    13. Am I a jerk for considering breaking up with my girlfriend because we don’t have enough sex?

      No. Life is too short for dry balls. If she’s not the mythical “The One”, bounce her ass to the curb and get one who actually wants it.

  25. http://www.foreignpolicy.com/a…..of_cholera

    UN started cholera outbreak in Haiti.

  26. And finally, one of those awesome news stories where you can hate everyone involved.

    Parents in suburban Nashville are furious after an elementary school announced plans to limit the number of times they could visit their children during lunchtime.

    “Everyone is very frustrated, very angry,” parent Becky Rutland told Fox News. “I feel like it’s a violation of my rights as a parent.”

    Rutland has four children who attend Clovercroft Elementary School in Franklin, Tenn. Like a number of other parents, she enjoys visiting her youngsters during their lunch period.

    1. My parents never visited me once during school. I would have died of embarrassment had they ever done so. What the hell is up with people today?

      1. Dude, if I were to visit my 8 year old daughter, she would be thrilled. When she’s 16, it will be a different story.

        Personally, I think the benefit of the doubt should go to the parents, even though they sound like helicopter parents of the Mi-24 variety.

        1. I’m no helicopter parent by any stretch, but I routinely brought my kids lunch and ate with them until they got to middle school. They always lit up when I showed up…as did their teachers when I volunteered to help out after lunch for a bit or when I brought them Starbucks or brought cupcakes for all of the kids.

          I’d probably do this once a month in the fall and winter. I didn’t do it in the spring because I coached the track team there so I’d get to see them at practice anyway. Not once did a teacher or administrator give me a hard time.

          1. I’m with John on this. From about 12 on, children are supposed to be embarrassed by their parents. When did this change and why wasn’t I notified?

            We may have stumbled onto WHY the country is so messed up.

            1. My kids were 11 when I stopped, so I’m in the clear. If I showed up now, my kids would pretend they didn’t know me.

        2. Is it a Hind or a Black Hawk?

          /F-15 pilot

    2. Four children in elementary school? That is intense.

      1. Quiverful.

    3. Public school is for those who don’t have the wherewithal to get out of it.

      Find a charter, home school, or sacrifice for a private school. DO NOT put your kids in a public school if you have any other options whatsoever.

  27. http://www.washingtontimes.com…..e-charges/

    D.C. police are investigating whether a man will face criminal charges for shooting a pit bull that was attacking a child in his neighborhood.

    The incident unfolded Sunday afternoon, after three pit bulls attacked an 11-year-old boy as he rode his bicycle through the Brightwood neighborhood of Northwest, according to a police report.

    When the man, a neighbor, saw the boy being mauled by the dogs, he went inside his home and got a gun. The man killed one of the dogs. The gunfire attracted the attention of a police officer in the area near Eighth and Sheridan streets, where the attack occurred. The officer responded and shot the other two pit bulls as they continued to attack the boy.

    How dare a non cop kill a dog.

    1. This is the perfect reason to kill a dog, and this man is being investigated for charges? Guess he should have had a badge if he wanted to protect his son’s life.

      1. The District of Columbia is a disgrace.

      2. He should be receiving a medal.

  28. This is called fraud if there’s financial gain. And when a prole does it, everybody gets charged in the conspiracy, but for some reason, the only one facing charges here is the guy that’s no longer a cop.

    Nope. Nothing to see here. Move along, sir. I said move along, sir!

  29. When asset forfeiture goes even too far for the police, you know you’ve really fucked up. Odd agreement from the DA to drop a bunch of the charges, though.

    1. …stay away from me.

      1. Don’t come hanging ’round my door
        Don’t want to see sheep innards no more
        Oh, haggis
        Stay away from meeeeee

    2. It’s beyond absurd that America doesn’t allow true haggis.

      1. It’s a slippery slope from sheep lungs to raw milk.

  30. The hipster douchebags at Slate just knew Beyonce was not lipsinking. They just knew it.


    Actually no.


    1. ORLANDOOOOOOO!!! Fuck Lake Eola.

    1. It was known as 1920, and the leading cause of death was the flu.

      1. and the leading cause of death was the flu

        Which antibiotics do shit for….but I get your point.

      2. Antibiotics don’t work for viral diseases.

        1. Damn you HM!

        2. I meant strep throat.

      3. Typhus and cholera were biggies, which anti-biotics would treat.

    2. You wanna be really freaked out? Check out this story.


      It’s an amazing story, but a stark reminder of how dangerous a bug that becomes resistant to anti-biotics can be.

      1. I survived a Strep-A blood infection (flesh-eating bacteria) with only a minor scar on my elbow. But I took a shit-load of penicillin – to the point that I started to have an allergic reaction.

      2. An estimated 90,000 people die every year from infections they acquire in US hospitals?more than the number that die from Alzheimer’s, diabetes, or influenza.

        Sounds like Feinstein should focus her life saving efforts here as opposed to the gun issue.

        1. Fewer people would be in hospitals if we banned guns. Guns are a public health hazard.

  31. I finished the first story mode run through of Borderlands 2 the other day with the siren. What I loved about the ending was the song that plays as the credits roll.

    I gotta say, even though there are only two official songs in the whole game, both of them fit the tone perfectly.

  32. I saw this Daniel Hannan speech on Lew Rockwell. It’s worth listening to.

    Also worth watching is Cornel West’s speech immediately preceding. Regulations, don’t fail me now!

    1. Why can’t we have a Hannan in this country?

  33. A new hill for TEAM BLUE to die on!


    1. The organization, dubbed “Battleground Texas,” plans to engage the state’s rapidly growing Latino population, as well as African-American voters and other Democratic-leaning constituencies that have been underrepresented at the ballot box in recent cycles.

      Well, people are leaving progressive California in droves. They gotta go someplace they can turn into the shithole they just left.

      1. Re: Paul,

        Well, people are leaving progressive California in droves.

        But not necessarily those that can be fodder for the Dems.

    2. Democrats launch plan to turn Texas blue

      Step 1. Ruin California – check

      1. Yep.
        And CA was one of their victims. It was a great state before NE & MW assholes moved here in droves in the 70s.

  34. A perfectly valid reason for women in combat from a feminist.

    1. There are arguments that I will buy, to a point, about women in combat. One of those arguments is that women should have to meet the physical requirements necessary to complete assignments, including having the upper-body strength to drag or carry a grown man a grown man off the field. But that’s not an argument against disallowing all women in combat. It is an argument for why, if we open up the military to everyone, there will probably still be more men than women in the military. Men tend to be faster and have greater upper body strength, but there is of course substantial overlap in speed and strength between women and men. Women as a whole shouldn’t be penalized because women on average are smaller than men.

    My question is why don’t they apply this reasoning to DV laws?

    1. My question is why don’t they apply this reasoning to DV laws?

      Because they’re trying to scare you into passing more laws that they like?

    2. I could go on one of my semi-epic rants about how the Army PT Test is, in its current form, bullshit. Instead, I’ll just say that if you don’t think this will water down standards for the combat arms MOS you haven’t been paying attention.

  35. Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing your New Orleans Pelicans

    1. Dumbest NBA name ever… couldn’t have happened to a better city. Fuck NO.

      1. What do Epi and Paul. think about the Seattle Kings chances in the west next year?

        1. I think the chances that I’m going to get taxed more to pay for a corporate welfare stadium are very, very high. Super high.

        2. I haven’t been following it that closely but I really hope they change the name back to Supersonics. I have historically been a college basketball loyalist but maybe I could be convinced to give a shit about the NBA.

        3. I think that we don’t need another stadium in a city with 560,000 people.

          I think that three stadiums/arenas is enough. I think that the Seattle Supersonics died when George Carl left. But what I think doesn’t matter.

          1. Is Seattle going to be able to support 4 teams? Maybe 5, if someone brings in the NHL.

            1. I actually know (used to know) the guy who designed the bowl for the Key Arena. According to him, it wasn’t ‘up to spec’ for pro hockey, so Seattle was ixnay for an NHL team — back in the 90s.

              My guess is we’d either need a new NHL stadium, or they’d have to dual-purpose the new basketball arena– which, by the way was where the Sonics used to play anyway– it was dual purposed for the Thunderbirds.

      2. Should have gone with the New Orleans Krewes.

    2. Oh Jesus. Serious, why not swap with Charlotte and the Jazz?

      Charlotte Hornets
      Utah Bobcats
      New Orleans Jazz

      It’s not THAT hard.

  36. Two college students vomit during Rush intermission

    Intermission during Rapid City Rush hockey games usually features fun events like people flopping around in sumo suits or fans trying to shoot a puck into the goal.

    But last Friday night, an intermission event featuring college students chugging beers ended with vomit on the ice and egg on the Rush organization’s face.

    Rapid City Rush season ticket holder Tom Regan of Lead was disgusted when two college students chugged down beers and vomited on the ice.

    In front of a nearly sold-out crowd of more than 5,000 fans, a two-person team from both the South Dakota School of Mines & Technology and Black Hills State University were chosen to be a part of a relay game.

    The relay was deemed the “College Olympics” by the Rush as part of the annual college night promotion where students get two-for-one tickets.

    During a race that included running on the ice, riding on a cooler and spinning around a hockey stick, each of the male students chugged four beers. One student vomited twice and the other male student vomited once, according to spectators. A photo shows one student hunched over with an obvious steady stream of vomit pouring from his mouth.


    1. Rush intermission

      needs moar Lifeson

      1. If Alex Lifeson tells you to put a shirt on, you’re gonna put a fucking shirt on.

    2. I have never been a big Prog Rock guy. But I don’t see how Rush induces vomiting.

  37. Watchout for bridges!

  38. A Colorado man says cops shot his dog after arriving at the wrong house, and told him to calm down because he could get a new one. The Adam County Sheriff’s Office is investigating.

    Procedures were followed…

  39. Question for regular Hit-and-Runners and Lucy Steigerwald fans: What exactly happened with Lucy? It was suggested in an earlier thread that the internets would provide the answer, but I have been unsuccessful at finding it.

    1. She hangs out here and on the twitter

      1. I had not seen that before. Either we really rubbed off on her, or she was a perfect fit round here from the get-go.

      2. Reading Ms. Lucy’s blog she found this turd blossom shit gem in Jezebel comments about God.

        Penabler an hour ago OH GOD HE STILL LOVES US, EVEN WITH ALL OUR SHIT. America seriously doesn’t deserve this guy. We are so awful.

      1. pwned

    2. I was specifically referring to why she left. Too gun-crazy for Gillespie to handle? Not enough cocktail party invitations?

      1. Someone (Welch?) was mad about her copy editing, I think she said.

  40. The director of Star Wars VII

    1. Well, obviously. He rebooted Star Trek, he’s got to reboot Star Wars. Next he needs to reboot The Last Starfighter. In fact, now Abrams is only allowed to reboot things with “star” in the name. I can’t wait to see his reboot of The Star Chamber!

      1. As long as he does not try to reboot My Science Project, the Flight Of The Navigator and Zapped, I’ll die a happy man.

      2. I, for one, look forward to Jesus Christ: Superstar.

      3. I could go for a reboot of Star 80.

    2. Abrams. So now it is official. Fuckity fuck fuck.

      1. Many years ago I thought Kevin Smith would be the perfect guy to take over the franchise. He’s a big Star Wars fan, understands the characters and the world, etc. And then I read his fawning review of The Phantom Menace, and he is dead to me now.

    3. If Abrams needs inspiration for a nexus of darkside energy, he should visit HnR

  41. Phil Mickelson apologized for speaking publicly about his increasing tax burden, calling his comments “insensitive.”

    Fuck you, pussy.

    1. That’s insensitive too.

  42. apparently Republicans hate democracy. who knew?

    1. Wouldn’t that plan actually make it harder to win the electoral college without winning the popular vote?

    2. We don’t want to democratize blue states now.

    3. The current method of allocating electoral votes, based on a winner-take-all rule in every state except Maine and Nebraska, actually serves to closely approximate the ideal method of choosing the president in a democracy: direct popular election.

      Bieber 2016!

  43. Is that crack in your crack?

  44. Sometimes dude, you jsut gotta roll with it!


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