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Synthetic Drug Ban Prompts Underground Dealers To Create New Concoctions

You can't ban chemistry


Synthetic drugs can cause a dangerous high, even resulting in a fatality.

A new federal law just went into effect to crack down on these drugs, but there are concerns the drug dealers are already figuring out how to get around these new restrictions.

15-year-old Alejandro Avila experimented with a drug called "2C-B" and ending up dying. His mother said he went into cardiac arrest and never regained consciousness.

A quick search of YouTube reveals the severe hallucinations and powerful psychedelic trips these drugs can cause.

Lt. Detective Robert Merner, who heads the drug unit for the Boston Police, said there is no way for a user to really know what they are taking. "There are many closest chemists, if you will, manufacturing these things, mixing some of these substances and experimenting, and that is part of the biggest danger."