Apartment Complex Wants Dog DNA To Identify Non-Pooper-Scoopers

Apparently, there's a growing trade in identifying dog crap


A Plano apartment complex is set to become the latest North Texas multi-family residential facility to demand DNA tests of all dogs living on the property in an effort to catch owners who fail to pick up their dog's waste.

In a letter sent out Friday, the management at NorthSide at Legacy notified residents that the complex is instituting a program with PooPrints, a Tennessee-based company, to create a DNA database for all of the dogs on the property.

Residents will be required to bring their dogs to the leasing office by Feb. 16 to provide the DNA sample, which will be obtained through a mouth swab, according to the letter.

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  1. Well as long as the residents aren’t being forced at gunpoint to submit these samples, then it sounds to me like any tenant who doesn’t want to comply has the choice of living elsewhere. I do wonder, though, if they’d be able to force current residents in the middle of a lease to comply, as this requirement isn’t stipulated in existing leases.

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