IRS Defeated by Institute for Justice Over Tax Preparer Regulations



 A federal judge has ruled that the IRS lacks authority to impose new regulations, including a competency exam, on hundreds of thousands of tax preparers.

The ruling Friday from Judge James Boasberg bars the IRS from implementing a host of regulations that would have required tax preparers to pass a qualifying exam, pay an annual application fee, and take 15 hours of continuing-education courses.

Attorneys and certified public accountants would have been exempt from the regulations.

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  1. Every now and again the good guys actually win!

  2. Agree GroundTruth, sometimes they do, and it sometimes benefits the entire country when they do. I think this move by the IRS was one of the least understood I’ve ever seen. In order to prepare tax returns, the private preparers weren’t just going to have to pay a fee, take some classes and pass a test. We were going to have to submit to an FBI background check (that we pay for), and also agree to unannounced “checks” by IRS agents on our client records. I wish more people had been made aware of the full extent of the regulations.

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