Rolling Stone Lists "Legalization's Biggest Enemies," Somehow Omits President Obama


While I appreciate Kristen Gwynne linking to something I wrote in her Rolling Stone article "Legalization's Biggest Enemies," I can't help but notice a pretty big flaw in her ranking scheme. See if you can figure it out:

Biggest enemies of legalization

1.) Kevin Sabet, former Office of National Drug Control Policy advisor, board member of the anti-marijuana group Project SAM.

2.) Geriatric drug-war profiteers Mel and Betty Sembler 

3.) DEA Administrator Michele Leonhart

4.) Drug Czar Gil Kerlikowske 

5.) Blogger David Frum 

If you're going to make a list of legalization's biggest enemies, and there's only five slots, you should probably go with the people who are, you know, big. That's why it was smart of Rolling Stone to include Kerlikowske and Leonhart in its writeup, and absolutely outrageous that the magazine omitted President Barack Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, all of whom have exponentially more control over the execution of America's drug war than a blogger and his friends, and all of whom are on the record as being opposed to legalization. 

Of course, all of them are also Democrats, and the only mention Rolling Stone makes of political orientation is in its writeup of Frum, who

has the potential to use revamped rhetoric to reignite right-wing opposition to marijuana policy. While acknowledging that the old arguments about being "soft on crime" no longer resonate with Americans who do not want marijuana users to face arrest, Frum is offering anti-pot conservatives new language to fight back against the spread of marijuana legalization. And that's something we should all be worried about.

(If by "revamped rhetoric" Gwynne means "the drug policy Obama has been promoting since 2010," then yes, that is exactly what Frum is doing.) 

The work of Project SAM is indeed noteworthy, but the buck stops with Obama. Rolling Stone should get more comfortable admitting as much

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  1. Frum is offering anti-pot conservatives new language to fight back against the spread of marijuana legalization. And that’s something we should all be worried about.

    Oh dear.

    1. David Frum leading the “conservative” crusade against marijuana should be good for recruiting actual conservatives to the pro-legalization side.

  2. “but the buck stops with Obama. Rolling Stone should get more comfortable admitting as much.”

    Sure, and next up MSNBC will note the poor state of the economy during the O! administration and lack of a budget for 4 years…

    1. Just imagine if the media had done nothing else to insult or question Obama but had referred to the stagnant economy as the “Obama economy.” He’d have lost in a landslide.

      1. Nah, Romney would have bitten the head off a puppy on national TV or something. Gotta get that spotlight back.

  3. It’s never Obama’s fault. I bet when his wife has caught him cheating, she just goes, “That’s my Obama!”

    1. Really? I was under the impression that she’d pull his arms out if their sockets.

      1. Only when she loses at chess.

      2. Not when he gives her that aw-shucks grin and promises to try harder next time.

        1. Don’t break the 4th wall!!!!

  4. Rolling Stone considers Obama simply a puppet of bigger players.

  5. as the potential to use revamped rhetoric to reignite right-wing opposition to marijuana policy.

    Except Frum’s constituency is the New York/DC media and political establishment. He is absolutely hated everywhere else.

  6. See if you can figure it out:

    You already gave it away in the headline, Riggs. Thank for ruining the game.

  7. “Obama who?”

    1. Mike Riggs: Dude, don’t you remember who it is?
      Towelie: I can’t remember, it all looks the same. Hold on, let me get high. Then I’ll remember who it is.
      [Towelie smokes the pot and gets really high]
      Mike Riggs: Alright, so who is it?
      Towelie: [Towelie talks slowly and is very sluggish] Who’s what?
      Mike Riggs: [the boys scream] The biggest threat to legalization.
      Mike Riggs: Alright, that does it. Break angrily Kenny.
      [Kenny breaks the car fast]
      Mike Riggs: Now listen Towelie, we’ve just about had it with you!

      1. You’re a towel!

      2. Like.

      3. Yeah yeah, that’s it, that’s the tune to funky town!

  8. Agreed, Obama is the Drug War’s #1 proponent in terms of power. But Rolling Stone is not afraid to print anti-Obama pieces as witnessed by the drivel written by Matt Taibbi.

    1. Drivel? The amazing thing is that Obama-Ass-Tonguing Rolling Stone published it.

  9. Rolling Stone’s editorial staff: “Wait, you mean Obama is president? I thought BOOOOOOSH was still in office.”

  10. David Frum – the true puppetmaster of the 21st century.
    Dance to his tune monkeys!

  11. Frum is offering anti-pot conservatives new language to fight back against the spread of marijuana legalization.

    No he’s not.

    Yet as a parent of three, two exiting adolescence and one entering, I’ve found that the argument that makes the biggest impression is: “Marijuana is illegal. Stay away.” I think many other parents have found the same thing…. “Just say no” is an easy rule to follow.”

    What part of that is new?

    1. Having kids makes most people stupider than dirt. They were mostly already stupid, and then the kids send them over the cliff into retarded.

      1. You sound angry.

      2. If you going to prison for a victimless activity is what it takes to keep my little special snowflake from smoking the evil weed, well that is a price I am willing to pay.

        I you were a parent, you would understand these things.

        1. Maybe it’s all one guy who needs to go. You know, like when Sauron was hanging out in the woods and then the woods went all evil. Take him out, everything gets better.

          1. If such a person exists, it is most probably Episiarch. I would wager most of our problems would be solved by locking him up.

            1. Well, of course, I was thinking the same thing.

              I watched a tour of the ISS earlier today and was wondering whether exiling Episiarch there for a few years might not be a good idea. If nothing improves here, he could come back.

              1. ” watched a tour of the ISS earlier today and was wondering whether exiling Episiarch there for a few years might not be a good idea.”

                It’s a great idea, if you want to fuck-up the entire universe.

            2. Just try and catch me!

              1. Catch you? You’ll go willingly to ensure that zero-gravity pizza is not deep-dish.

                The tour I referenced showed the toilet facilities. It made me wonder, though, how they masturbate in space. Also, the tour was conducted by a woman, floating by a bunch of guys. I figure there is no way sex hasn’t happened on the ISS by now.

        2. If you want snowflake to hate weed, then we have to make it as appealing as going to the dentist, getting a shot, or attending religious school. “Dammit, you’re coming to grandma’s to smoke marijuana with her
          canasta buddies, or else you’re grounded young man!”

          1. I thought getting stoned and playing canasta with the old folks was jolly good fun when I was a boy.

      3. Sure. $10 says his kids smoke pot when he’s not looking.

        Which is kind of my point… if that line didn’t work in 1992 and we wound up here, why should we be afraid it will suddenly work?

        1. If you had David Frum for a father, you would smoke pot too. I have to admire them if pot is all they do.

  12. Anyone else hear a folding sound?

  13. Yeah, Rolling Stone‘s political opinion are downright childish. They’re the printed wing of a music basic journalism that values a president’s ability to namedrop a musical celebrity. MTV News is the televised wing. Watch any of their interviews with Obama. (If you dare, of course.)

    1. *music-based

  14. Like anything evil the former Choom Gang member does, he’s only doing it because the evil Rethuglicans forced him to. Rinse, repeat, etc.

  15. I just posted “Where is President Obama on this list?” and literally in the time it took to refresh the browser, *BAM* the comment was gone…

    I guess a sample size of one is not scientific so maybe others can confirm?

  16. I have to think that including Frum on this list was an act of pity. He’s basically post-death spell gone bad version of Voldemort right now.

  17. Rolling Stone? Didn’t they stop publishing that back in the early 80s, just about 10 years after the last time they published anything relevant?

  18. What do you expect from a rag that judges artistic quality solely upon how into Karl Marx the author is?

    This is the Rolling Stone we’re talking about. They’re not here to inform or tell the truth, they have marching orders and status quos to uphold.

  19. Now four years we’ve been on our own, and moss grows fat on Rolling Stone, but that’s not how it used to be.

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