NRA Ups Recommended Minimum Age for Shooting Game from 4 to 12

NRA previously blamed video games for violence


A new shooting game for mobile devices tied to the National Rifle Association is no longer being labeled suitable for preschoolers. "NRA: Practice Range" changed its age recommendation Tuesday from 4 years and up to at least 12 years of age, with an added warning that the game depicts realistic violence.

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  1. Wouldn’t want kids to get used to handling guns properly, would we? What could go wrong with that?

  2. Someone needs to tell these morons to stop trying to conciliate people who are utterly uncompromising and instead trot out the historical, statistical, and moral truths that demonstrate the benefits of an armed society.

    This is a great opportunity to educate the average American who doesn’t know a street sweeper from a .22, and the NRA needs to take the lead in offering information rather than just digging in defensively. It doesn’t even have to cost them money; they could coordinate with ranges across the country to offer low-cost beginners weekends or begin a series of free lectures on the history of firearms. Saturate the internet with videos and instructional info and we might begin to beat some sense into the ignorant hoplophobes who are controlling the narrative via better propaganda for a century now.

  3. From the headline, I though that the NRA had updated its age guidelines for shooting game. Four years old seems a little young to be going duck hunting to me…

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