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I Wish I Had Used My Retirement Money to Buy Guns


On Saturday The New York Times noted that gun sales, which have been on the rise since Barack Obama was first elected to the White House, are booming in response to all the talk of new restrictions following the Sandy Hook massacre. In particular, rifles with military-style features and magazines holding more than 10 rounds are flying off gun store shelves, pushing up prices in anticipation of federal bans on "assault weapons" and "large-capacity ammunition feeding devices." Just talking about reducing the number of scary-looking weapons in circulation, it turns out, has the opposite effect:

December set a record for the criminal background checks performed before many gun purchases, a strong indication of a big increase in sales, according to an analysis of federal data by the National Shooting Sports Foundation, a gun industry trade group. Adjusting the federal data to try to weed out background checks that were unrelated to firearms sales, the group reported that 2.2 million background checks were performed last month, an increase of 58.6 percent over the same period in 2011. Some gun dealers said in interviews that they had never seen such demand.

"If I had 1,000 AR-15s I could sell them in a week," said Jack Smith, an independent gun dealer in Des Moines, referring to the popular style of semiautomatic rifle that drew national attention after Adam Lanza used one to kill 20 children and 6 adults at a Newtown school. "When I close, they beat on the glass to be let in," Mr. Smith said of his customers. "They'll wave money at me."

Mr. Smith said many people were stocking up on high-capacity magazines in anticipation that they might be banned. Two weeks ago, he said, a 30-round rifle magazine was $12, but it now fetches $60. Popular online retailers were out of many 20- and 30-round rifle magazines….

Dale Raby, who manages one of two Gus's Guns shops in Green Bay, Wis., said his inventory of guns and ammunition was almost cleaned out, and that most of the interest was in AR-15-style rifles….

Joel Alioto, 44, an Iraq war veteran who lives in the area, said he recently sold an AR-15 rifle at a gun show for $1,700, more than three times what he had paid for it.

Maybe Alioto should have waited. Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-Conn.) is proposing a $2,000 refundable tax credit for people who turn in their "assault weapons." That is twice what brand-new AR-15-style rifles are selling for at Cabela's.

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  1. How the hell did Ron Wood get to be so influential in US politics? I really hope the Stones tour this year so he will have something else to do.

  2. That photo….How did Elton John get in our Congress?

    1. Was Roy Orbison exhumed?

    2. I’m still going with Paterno in drag.

  3. Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-Conn.) is proposing a $2,000 refundable tax credit for people who turn in their “assault weapons.” That is twice what brand-new AR-15-style rifles are selling for at Cabela’s.

    So, a person who undoubtably considers people who own military-style guns to be dangerous lunatics thinks it’s such a good idea for said lunatics to walk to government officials armed with said military-style guns?

    1. Can they bring that to Nevada. I have a used AR-15 I’d be happy to hand in for $2000. It would go a long way in funding the remaining parts I need in order to finish my scary looking AR Pistol and move on to my scary looking AR Rifle build.

  4. Stimulus!

  5. I was on a couple of large gun dealer websites last night. All of their semi-auto rifles were out of stock. I was online looking for a Sig Sauer 716 .308 Patrol rifle. I was not able to find one anywhere. I did notice the list price had gone up $300 since I put it on my Christmas wish list a couple months ago. This sucks.

    1. I was at a gun shop the other day and his walls were full of bolt-action rifles. So you can get one of the fudd guns.

  6. Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-Conn.) is proposing a $2,000 refundable tax credit for people who turn in their “assault weapons.”

    I assume that’s attached to a ban on new sales of these weapons, otherwise Holy Arbitrage!

    1. Yeah, do that without a ban and I would definately take up that offer.

  7. Does anyone have any definitive information as to whether Lanza used an AR or not? What u heard was that he had two pistols and the rifle was in the car trunk. How come after all this time we still don’t know exactly what was used in Sandy Hook?

    1. The last version I heard was that he had a shotgun in the trunk, killed the principal, teacher, and kids with the AR, and shot himself with the Glock. And also had a Sig on him but didn’t fire it.

    2. I heard the AR was the primary weapon, but I also understand he shot the kids 5-11 time, yet the rounds were all found in the kids’ bodies.

      I understand the AR has some interesting and sometimes counter-intuitive ballistics, but never thought that it would fail to exit a small unarmored body.

      They ignore that he had two pistols and only needed a few spare magazines to do as much damage as he did with the rifle.

  8. Seattle is doing it’s first buy-back since the 90s. I’m stoked, I can finally get rid of that old non-working Marlin for $100. If I can convince the idjut behind the counter it’s an “assault rifle” (high capacity magazine, semi-auto), then I get $200.

    1. Paint it black with a rattle can.

      1. Install a shoulder thing that goes up.

  9. Semi OT:

    Members of Save Our Streets (S.O.S.) hold a rally and vigil on the sidewalk near where a 16-year-old boy was shot last Tuesday evening in the Crown Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn. S.O.S. holds gatherings at all shooting locations in Crown Heights to draw attention to gun violence and to encourage a community response

    I thought guns were damned near illegal in NY?

    1. Here in Idaho, we also encourage a “community response to gun violence.” As a result, almost nobody gets shot.…..llies.html

      A tally of deaths from firearms in 2010 show that, of 199, only 12 could be classified as homicides. Most were suicides — which can be accomplished just as easily by driving in front of a mile-long high-speed freight train, anywhere in the state, but if someone uses a gun on himself, it’s a hell of a lot easier on the Union Pacific engineers’ mental health.

  10. Republican Assemblyman Marc Butler warned last week that a more restrictive assault weapon ban could cost the factory 300 jobs.

    And cost us our 2nd amendment rights.

  11. Maybe Alioto should have waited. Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-Conn.) is proposing a $2,000 refundable tax credit for people who turn in their “assault weapons.”


    That is twice what brand-new AR-15-style rifles are selling for at Cabela’s.

    So? It’s not like she’s buying them with her money! Right???

    1. I seriously doubt Cabela’s has them in stock at that price.

  12. Interesting gun control strategy. Tell enterprising thieves where they can get guns, and offer a huge bounty for whatever they get.

    1. Whatever it takes to get guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens.

    2. People don’t seem to be too interested in trying to steal guns in Idaho, either.

      I’ve seen ARs in window-mounted gun racks in cars, parked unattended outside stores in the city.

      An armed society is a polite society (with very few thieves). Concealed weapons licenses are rather popular here…

  13. Rep DeLauro looks like Joe Paterno in drag. The correlation between gun grabbing leftistm and hideous appearance is somewhat troubling.

  14. Soudns like some pretty crazy stuff to me dude.

  15. If people were serious about stopping mass-shootings, then they need to dispense with “gun-free zones” rather than get rid of guns. I don’t recall ever hearing about a mass-shooting at a gun show; they all seem to happen in places where guns are not allowed.

  16. We laughed at the guy who bought an entire pallet of P-mags after the last panic.

    He probably made $87,000 in the past month.

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