A.M. Links: NRA Confident Congress Won't Pass Gun Ban, Brits Join French-Led Intervention in Mali, NYC to Link Doctors' Pay to Performance, MIT Investigating Aaron Swartz Suicide, Indian Army Chief Considering Retaliation Against Pakistan


  • The Royal Air Force is assisting France with its intervention in Mali. Al Qaeda-linked militants have launched a counter-attack in the town of Diabaly, southwest of recent French air strikes.  
  • Thousands rallied in Paris against President Hollande's plan to legalize same-sex marriage. 
  • MIT has ordered an investigation into the suicide of reddit co-founder Aaron Swartz. 
  • India's army chief is considering a retaliation against Pakistan for the killing of two soldiers in Kashmir. 

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  1. MIT has ordered an investigation into the suicide of reddit co-founder Aaron Swartz.

    Nothing spurs introspection like bad PR.

    1. the academic freedom crowd, shown to not quite walk the walk that it talks.

  2. Whoa whoa whoa. Stop. Hold the phone.

    Jodie Foster is gay?!

    1. this one was like Ellen’s “coming out.” Really? Now Tebow coming out; THAT will be news.

      1. He took it in the ass from Ryan all last season, maybe he developed a taste for it.

        1. Hell, I thought it was a pre-requisite to play for the Jets. Ever since Namath was in those panty hose ads.

          1. If your coach gets a tattoo of his wife wearing another QB’s jersey, its time to go somewhere else.

            1. I don’t know, a skilled tattoo artist could turn a 6 into a 15 pretty easily.

    2. I thought we all knew.

      1. And I thought no one would care. (OK, so I figured some would care, though why they would has never made sense to me.)

    3. You can’t pull links from the 24/7 box up on the right to comment on.

      1. Diplomatic Immunity…ha ha ha ha…

        1. IT’S BEEN REVOKED!

          1. I’m gettin’ too old for this shit.

            1. He’s right you know, you are black.

    4. I was surprised the official announcement hadn’t been made years ago. I mean, its so fashionable now to be gay, I’m sure her PR people have been after her for ages.

    5. I bet Hinckley is ready to shoot himself over this.

      1. “She just needs a dude bad enough to kill the President!”-John Hinkcley

  3. NYC is to tie doctors’ pay to performance in response to changes implemented by Obamacare.

    Finally, doctors will have incentive to make patients better.

    1. If that doesn’t work, Bloomie can just ban being sick.

      1. “””NYC is to tie doctors’ pay to performance””

        “””complaints from patients at New York City’s public hospitals””

        So the patients who don’t get the pain medicine because of the Mayor orders will then complain about the doctors who then will get less pay?

        1. Yeah; we need to be bankrupting the politicians for this.

          1. What’s this we crap. I want my free and perfect health care. It’s my right.

    2. When do we start tying politicians’ pay to performance?

      1. For politicians you would have to have the inverse pay system; the more you do, the less you make.

        1. Yeah, I meant quality (promote the general welfare) not quantity (promote the welfare general).

      2. I don’t think the lobbyists who pay them would go along.

      3. Hopefully never. The mad dash to “get things done” would be unbearable.

  4. Attention Joe Biden: Here’s what happens when you have a gun buy-back – people sell the government their guns and then buy more. Duh.


    1. Every gun bought back is ONE LESS gun on the street!

      1. And on its way to Mexico. Maybe? Perhaps? A little bit.

        1. Pfft. I meant American streets. You know, the ones that count.

      2. Every gun bought back is ONE LESS gun on the street!

        I would never put my guns on the street. They might get run over there.

  5. Vice’s Cry-baby of the week: The farter vs the false imprisonment


    1. This one’s not even close. I mean getting a gun pulled on you in Teaneck NJ is pretty much expected.

      1. Back when concealed carry was essentially banned pretty much everywhere, I was playing pool at a bar with some friends and a few strangers. One thought I had hustled him (I had) and pulled a pretty little Baretta to make his point. Being the sort who wants to live, I didn’t so much as twitch. A regular there said, “Boy, you probably think that’s the only gun in here. Think again before people get hurt.”
        I gave him back his money minus a 10% finder’s fee, covered the table charges and bought him a beer.

        1. You’re a wierd guy.

          I would have followed him home and made him watch me torture his family to death.

          Then again, I suck at pool, so I wouldn’t have been in that situation.

          1. Nah, he was just young and stupid. He needed to grow up, not to die. Besides, he only threatened me, not the people I love.

          2. You’re a wierd guy.

            Sorry, forgot to answer this part, to wit:

            Yes, I am! Very weird. I’m also a bit of a coward. I try to make friends of people who have the conviction to pull out a gun at close range and without cover.

        2. Wait – isn’t that a scene from My Cousin Vinny?

          1. I wouldn’t know. Now I’ll have to watch it soon.

          2. Frank Reynolds: I went on a manhunt once. I just got back from Nam. I was hitchhiking through Oregon. Next thing I know there’s a bunch of cops chasing after me through the woods! I had to take them all out, it was a bloodbath!
            Mac: Dude that’s Rambo.
            Dennis Reynolds: And that’s not the first time you’ve compared yourself to Jon Rambo by the way.
            Mac: You know what? This is making me think I could get on board with a manhunt.
            Frank Reynolds: NO! YOU DO NOT GO ON A MANHUNT!

              1. TV show. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

  6. Jodie Foster comes out of the closet. No one is surprised.

    1. I’m surprised they gave her an award…

    2. Damn it. I had just come up with a great idea to impress her.

      Remind me to cancel my trip to DC.

      1. Don’t give up on it Gbob. I bet if you do a good enough job, you’ll make her straight. You just have to think big.

      2. If there’s one thing I learned in college, Gbob, it’s not about her orientation, it’s about yours. A gay woman can be talked into just about anything a straight woman can. Maybe more.

    3. During that montage of her past roles, I kept thinking “Damn, she’s been in a lot of really shitty movies”.

      1. Tay-hay inna wee-ind.

        Cue Barfman.

        That crap was almost as bad as contact.

        Although I will give her props for having Dave Crosby father her kid. Anyone that can do that much heroin and still be that fat has some damn good genes.

        1. I think they based the entire “lifetime achievement” on Silence of the Lambs (though, of course, I loved Contact, but not because of JF).

          1. Not The Accused or Taxi Driver?

            1. Never saw Taxi Driver – not my favorite genre. I thought The Accused was tedious.

              1. I thought The Accused was tedious.

                Yes, but it’s A Worthy Subject which gets her points with the people who vote for this. See also: Half-Retard

                1. It would have been so much better if they picked an actress that could actually play white trash, like Holly Hunter. I didn’t believe JF as a down-on-her-luck, ill-educated, working-class chick for one second.

              2. Seriously. The Accused was the most boring rape movie ever.

                And she was only in Taxi Driver for like 10 minutes.

                Hell looking at her filmography, Panic Room was probably her best role.

                I would say The Brave One, but good lord was that terrible.

                1. The Brave One looked like a fun idea, but the reviews were so bad that I never saw it.

                  1. It was pretty bad. Good performances by her and Terrence, but it had to have been written by a committee of tenth graders.

          2. I liked her in the Maverick movie too.

        2. I think you are confusing her with Melissa Etheridge. The father of Jodie’s kid is Neil Young.

          1. Q: What do you call an army of angry lesbians?

            A: Militia Etheridge!

          2. Her sons looked exactly like Cynthia Nixon’s partner. I’m so confused!

    4. Is that new news? I thought that happened like a decade ago?

      1. Two decades ago. She broke-a my little heart.

    5. She wasn’t out already?

  7. Was Lincoln racist?

    1. Lincoln made a business decision. He was willing to let slavery stay in place if the South would stay in the Union. Economically, the North needed the South far more than vice versa. The South grew the raw materials that went to Northern factories. You can always build factories; you cannot, however, duplicate growing conditions for certain crops.

      1. No, but you can import them from neighboring countries.

    2. this blasphemy would never be published in US ‘state run’ media.

    3. Of course he was. Most whites were back then. I mean, this isn’t even a question–Lincoln said (and did) some pretty racist things back in the day.

      1. True. Given the fact that the average New Yorker’s response to finding out they were being drafted to “free the slaves” was to beat up a black person, it’s a no doubter.


    4. By 21st century American standards, without question. By 19th century, he was as radical on racial issues as anyone could be and still be lected president.

      So what?

      1. Lincoln supported the law that outlawed black men from immigrating into Illinois at all free or slave, and wanted all black people deported from the U.S.

        He was pretty racist by 19th Century standards too.

      2. So you’ll only see that perspective in the foreign press, since it is taboo to even suggest such a thing in this country.

    5. Was Lincoln racist?

      Not this shit again.

  8. 400lb woman falls through sidewalk.

        1. I tried to resist, but the pull was too great.

          Like the gravitational field of one of john’s girlfriends.

          1. That is just too, too much…kinda like the waistband of one of John’s girlfriends???

    1. [She] claims that her size actually came to her rescue and that a slimmer woman may not have survived the accident.

      See, fatter *is* healthier.

      1. Someone forgot to tell her that a thinner woman wouldn’t have caused the sidewalk to collapse in the first place.

      2. If she’d have been a little wider maybe she would have just safely wedged there instead of falling through.

    2. That’s no woman; that’s Mary Stack.

  9. New Corvette is a gas sipper.

    1. If the car burned too much gas, it would trigger fines from regulators and never get built.
      ‘There won’t be a Corvette if we don’t care about fuel economy,’ said Tadge Juechter, the car’s chief engineer.

      This might turn me into the next Barfman.

    2. GM hopes the styling, performance and updated dashboard electronics will expand the car’s appeal to younger buyers.

      Gotta say, it’s working for me!

      1. Well of course a Corvette appeals to young people. What teenager doesn’t think they’d look good in one? But the reality is only middle aged men with good jobs can afford one. And those men pay high taxes and watched GM get bailed out with their money.

        1. Ding. AKA why Ford is hiring, and GM is still hemorraghing money.

    3. Obligatory: Fuck Government Motors.

  10. 12th annual no-pants subway ride.

    1. Leave it to Australia to redeem the practice.

      1. Considering it’s hot and humid here, my bet is she has no idea it’s No-Pants Day and is just going for comfort

        1. May what gods she believes in bless her nevertheless.

    2. So were they wearing kilts?

  11. This just in:

    Fuck the New England Prima Donnas and their Queen Tom Brady.

    That is all.

    1. No, FUCK ART MODELL. You idiot.

      1. Since he shuffled off this mortal coil, I feel that this statement is not appropriate.

        Piss on Art Modell’s grave may be better.

        A map:


        1. Since he shuffled off this mortal coil, I feel that this statement is not appropriate.


          1. OK OK. I am guessing that the cemetery probably checks for Ohio plates, so if you want to indulge, use a rental car.

          2. Just necrophiliacs with poor taste. I mean you’ve got the whole graveyard to choose from, and you’re going with Art Modell??!!

        2. I like Art Modell, but no way am I going to defend his grave from a pissing Warty.

          1. a pissing Warty

            Nice band name.

          2. I like Art Modell

            FUCK YOU

            1. He probably does deserve to be in the Hall of Fame.

          3. Well, some of us did agree to curb his more… erotic… tendencies

    2. My my those are some sour grapes.

    3. This was a shitty, shitty weekend for football, at least for me. Every team I wanted to win, lost. Next weekend’s championship games will involve four teams I couldn’t care less about, though I suppose I can get behind the whole Ray_Lewis’-last-stand narrative.

      1. One of the best playoff games ever and almost one of the greatest comebacks ever is shitty? You have really high football standards.

        1. One of the best playoff games ever and almost one of the greatest comebacks ever is shitty? You have really high football standards.

          Don’t get me wrong, the quality of play was superb, particulary Baltimore-Denver and Seattle-Atlanta. It’s just that all my teams lost. Once the Packers were out, I really kind of stopped caring.

          1. It’s just that all my teams lost.

            You should try being a Dolphins fan where this is reality by week 10 or so.

        2. It’s getting annoying, the crappy defense that passes for defense these days.

          1. Highest scoring playoffs in NFL history – as if that is a good thing.

      2. How many will die in his last stand?

      3. You liked the Packers over the Niners? I think the 49ers have the best all around team: awesome defense, solid special teams, and ground-and-pound offense that can also make big plays.

        Packers have what? A passing attack that can get shut down by good corner play?

        1. You liked the Packers over the Niners?

          I’m a Packers fan, so yeah, I definitely wanted them to take it all. And I did think they’d pull it out. But yeah, the Niners are on fire right now, and my guess is they’re going to win it all. I don’t really care one way or another about them as a fan, but I will derive a great deal of pleasure and satisfaction from seeing them destroy that Patriots on February 3rd.

          1. I’m a Packers fan

            Remember boys, the only way to kill it is with fire

            1. High five!


      4. Everybody’s favorite athlete/murderer?

        Well, maybe not the Canadians’ favorite; that would be Dany Heatley.

    4. Call the Whaaaaambulance!

      The only thing I care about is that the Packers lost. That was pretty awesome.

      1. Gotta agree with Kristen. Plus the 49ers made it look easy.

        I think the Packers offense is overrated (similarly to the Patriots). It’s a system offense; Aaron Rodgers goes down, plug in Matt Flynn who sets a franchise record. There is nothing inherently great about Aaron Rodgers. He’d probably be an 8-10 win quarterback on another team, not an 11-14 win QB like he’s been with the Packers.

        And Dom Capers defense only cares about the game-changing play. They have more leaks in their front 7 than a New Orleans levee.

        1. Screw all that technical football stuff – I’m from Rochester, MN. My Packers hate is entirely based on emotion, not logic.

          1. I’m from Rochester, MN. My Packers hate is entirely based on emotion, not logic.

            So too is your love for the Vikings 😉

            1. Well, yes – isn’t that implied by my first statement?

              1. Well, yes – isn’t that implied by my first statement?

                Implied, yes. But sheer illogic of being a Vikings fan is something that needs to be stated explicitiy, I’m afraid.

        2. It’s a system offense

          At least they had a system on offense, as opposed to defense. 🙁

        3. I gotta say- the 49ers are fun as shit to watch, especially now that they have Kaepernick in, with his insane running ability.

    5. Yum, yum, yum those tears are tasty, Matrix. Were you presuming Tommy was the Queen because the Texans bent over?

      1. Tommy took a break from milking his wife and had a pretty good outing.

        As to football itself, gotta admire how a team can lose key guys and just plug in new ones. They didn’t even miss Gronk. Or Woodhead.

      2. I’m not a Texans fan. I just fucking hate the Patriots.

        I don’t care much for Baltimore, but I hope Ray Lewis puts the hurt on Brady.

        Broncos loss was my only real big disappointment. I’m pulling for the champion of the NFC in the Super Bowl, just like last year. Hoping it’s Atlanta (which is my secondary team behind Dallas). But I honestly don’t think they can beat the Pats. I think the 9ers have the best shot at beating them.

        1. Here’s a question for the more football astute.

          How big a wrench does the play of Kaepernick throw into a team’s defensive playbook? I assume that a team won’t assign a linebacker to cover/shadow him to prevent his running game from causing so much damage, b/c that will create to many open passing lanes in the secondary?

          1. I think if you run a 3-4 (or have an athletic DE in a 4-3), you could get away with rushing 3 on pass plays and one linebacker playing QB spy.

          2. it’s a pretty big wrench, certainly for this year. Going forward, he’ll either do like Cam Newton and be more selective about running, or get hurt like RG3 which will slow him down.

            If you want to shadow him, you need an extra DB. LB’s don’t have the speed. You have to make him beat you throwing. Any team can be defeated if it is made one dimensional. Atlanta did a reasonably good job of keeping Russell Wilson contained; since the Falcons don’t have a great pass rush, they will have to do the same with CK.

            1. This, I think. The problem is that I think you need to put an LB on him to keep the secondary secure, and because he’s a big guy himself. So it’s only teams with reasonably smart/fast LB’s that have a chance.

            2. Going forward, he’ll either do like Cam Newton and be more selective about running, or get hurt like RG3 which will slow him down.

              Bah. The key is to sign two backups who can run the same offense, if not quite as well, and continue to do it.

              I hear some guy in NJ may be available. And the good thing would be, Tebow knows he is the backup there, but also knows if Kaepernick goes down, he will play.

              Vick might be available too, although he might be pricey. And the thing is, there is a UFA every year you can get cheap who can run the same offense, but isnt “NFL QB” material.

              1. Vick embodies exactly what happens to a running qb over time; he’s a bit fragile at this point. And Timmy can’t throw. Someone suggest he look into a position change if he wants to keep playing. He has ability, just not at qb.

          3. Kaepernick pretty much means you can’t have tight man-on-man coverage down the field. If that’s your go-to pass defense (as it was for the Packers), you are fucked (as were the Packers).

            With a good zone, he won’t get the wide-open running and can be controlled on the ground. He’s still a somewhat inconsistent passer, but only somewhat, so your zone coverage needs to be pretty good.

            1. Nice insight, RC. And thanks to everyone for the comments.

          4. It’s a huge deal. Whether you only rush your front four or blitz, the defense needs someone to account for him; that’s one less defender in coverage, whether man to man or zone. I was impressed by his passing ability. He can make the throws that pick zone defenses apart, if you play man to man, your down to your rushers and a spy to account for him.

            If I were defending against him, I’d consider a 1 or 2 man rush with my Defensive Ends spying him. Fewer sacks, but more of a chance containing him.

            But… I haven’t coached in 5 years and Officiate now rather than coach.

            1. makes ATL the wrong team for SF to play. The Falcons don’t have much pass rush anyway, but do have plenty of LBs and DBs. Best chance is to make him beat you throwing.

        2. I’m not a Texans fan. I just fucking hate the Patriots.


          I don’t “hate” any team in football, but the Patriots have always seemed to me to be like the NY Yankees – more of a corporate machine than a sports team.

          1. I’m confused by that (not the hate, it’s a pleasant sensation for us in New England). The Patriots are unquestionably a machine and are coached by the ultimate drone assassin. But I’d say the other thing they inherit from their coach is an absolute and dedicated focus on football. Their machine-like nature is in evidence when they have players go down and just insert another cog, and they control their message and marketing like any corporate machine. But it seems clear (at least here in New England) that this is in complete service to being a football team, as opposed to being a corporate machine. Does it look different from outside our bubble?

          2. Well, they have the arrogance of Prima Donnas, especially Brady, which is why I can’t stand them.

            And yes, I hate the Yankees.

            I guess what really aggrevates me is how much of a man crush my roommate has for Tom Brady. The Falcons are his team, but I could see him pulling for the Pats over the Falcons if they are both in the SB.

            1. Brady doesn’t come across as a prima donna to me for some reason. I get more of that impression from Aaron Rodgers, who discount double checks every time he scores a rushing touchdown. You know who else has a cheesy celebration every time he scores? Cam Newton, who is unquestionably a prima donna.

      3. The guy behind me hassled my friend and I because his kid couldn’t see with us standing… even though the six rows in front of us were all standing. And the Patriots were on defense. And we were at a football game.

        1. You should have just punched the kid for not being taller, then punched the father for not being man enough to breed a taller kid.

    6. I say this as a Texans fan: Matt Schaub is not good enough to win against elite QBs playing well. At least not when he only feels comfortable throwing to Johnsom and his tight ends. His passing alone was worth at least a 14 point swing in that game.

      1. To be fair (I say this as a Pats fan), his receivers once again dropped well-thrown passes that could have gone for scores.

        1. Yup. Texans receivers constantly do this.

          However, Shaub made many of the mistakes he always makes, mostly due to an aversion to getting hit – i.e. not looking down the field and turning into Matty 5-yard Hot Route. I particularly liked the rollout where no one was around him and he just threw it out of bounds.

          Also, that interception to the linebacker was atrocious. He was right in front of him!

      2. I don’t know. A scoring pass was dropped on the opening drive, then Foster tanked one that would have been a first with wide open space in front of him. The INT was a killer but the defender made a good play.

        1. Don’t forget the throw 3 yards behind a totally open Andre Johnson on the opening play. Also, throw over the top to Johnson before we’re down 3 scores. Fuck. The worst that happens is an INT longer than at least 2 of the punts in that game. Balls, Matty needs them.

      3. Schaub’s a good QB, though more meh this year than in previous ones. The problem is, in this League these days, you need a great one. Or a good one with a world-beating defense/pass rush. (Eli Manning says, “Hi!”) Another problem of Schaub’s is that he’s just not that mobile anymore since the injury. The trend has been towards QBs that, even if they can’t run like RG III or Kaepernick, they can still stretch a play out with their legs for a second or two more if need be. Guys like Rodgers. Or you can just be a robot QB avatar brought to Earth like Peyton, but don’t expect a repeat of him anytime soon.

        Anyway, the Texans had that world beating defense last year, but not this one. Cushing going down really crippled them, as their hybrid 3-4 a lot of times looks a whole lot like a 4-2-5: they need their LBs to cover a lot of ground. Cushing can. Re-treads like Barrett Ruud and Bradie James can’t. I would have really preferred they had drafted Donte Hightower last year over Mercilus. Also, J. Joseph didn’t have the year this year that he had last year. And Connor Barwin had the anti-contract year.

        Short version, they need D help a lot more than a new QB.

  12. Thousands rallied in Paris against President Hollande’s plan to legalize same-sex marriage.

    Oh, Frenchies, is there anyone you’re not prejudiced against?

    1. They hate the North Africans but they keep letting them in.

    2. The Frogs hate everyone that isn’t like them.

      1. But those are the people they should hate the most!

  13. Jackie Chan is a statist slaver!

    1. That’s it, now I’m not going to watch any more of his movies.

      1. Don’t forget to boycott V8.

    2. He may enjoy a Hollywood payday now and then, but that doesn’t stop Jackie Chan from criticizing America.

      As if hating America ever hurt a Hollywood career…

    3. the lack of self-awareness of folks like him is stunning.

    4. If Chan has only been exposed to the US through Hollywood and it’s evil accounting practices, can you blame him, for thinking the US is the root of all evil?

      1. Hey, accounting in Hollywood is where all the innovation and creativity is at. It certainly is not in movie making.

  14. who has threatened to “start killing people” if Obama pushes for gun control measures.

    Well, that helps. Thanks, friendo.

    1. Hey, it works for the Muslims. You only have to follow it up a couple times, and then criticism (and further action) are off the table.

        1. Nothing to fear but fear itself. I doubt these Islamists can even point out France on a map.

          1. Well, since France is already full of them, they don’t really need to.

    2. “Pro-gun hysteria” found on youtube.

  15. Thousands rallied in Paris against President Hollande’s plan to legalize same-sex marriage.

    Elections have consequences.

    1. but don’t our liberals tell us we should be more like the French?

  16. If only guns were banned, stuff like this would never happen.

    1. After he was robbed, Dorsey began running down the street and says two men in a Mercedes asked him what had happened.
      Dorsey told them and they not only caught up with the suspect, but they started shooting at him.
      The suspect fired back. In the end, the two witnesses turned vigilantes won and took down the bad guy.


      1. Did they take down any bystanders’ dogs, too?

        1. They were vigilantes, not cops. Of course the dog lived.

          1. Actually, a German Shepherd was the one who brought down the thief.

            1. I larfed. After escaping from the shooters (only in Texas do you get chased down by two guys in a Mercedes who open fire on you), he jumps a fence and is face to face with a German Shepherd.

              1. “This is not my day.”

    2. The guy acted like they protected him, but as far as I can tell from the story, the transaction had already been completed and the mugger was on his merry way. They caught up with him after the fact.

      1. The guy said he doesn’t believe in guns.

        I’ve talked with many progressive libtards who see absolutely no difference between self defense and vigilante justice.

        All they see is a gun in the hands of someone who is not from the government. To them that person is a vigilante. Doesn’t matter if he’s protecting his family (self defense) or chasing down a mugger (vigilante justice), it’s all the same to them.

        I’m thinking that this guy similarly does not comprehend that distinction.

        1. You know the difference between vigilante justice and cops enforcing the law?

          Vigilantes don’t have immunity for their fuck ups.

  17. Get ready for the next green campaign: Brazilian Bikini Waxes Make Crab Lice Endangered Species

    Won’t someone think of the pubic lice?

    1. “In the case of fairly hirsute men, they will move up the hair of the stomach which connects to the pubes and sometimes get into chest hair,”

      The horror…the horror.

    2. It won’t make lice an endangered species. That’s just a bald faced lie.

      1. What you did there. I saw it.

        *golf clap*

    3. They did the same thing to their rainforests and look at the Climate Change we have now.

  18. Dipshit gang banger stabs deaf dude after mistaking sign language for gang signs.

    Police arrested 22-year Robert Jarell Neal and charged him with assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill inflicting serious injury and felony assault on a handicapped person.

    WTF? Assault on a deaf person is an extra special crime? Some animals are more equal than others, I guess.

    1. I hear about this shit all the time. No it should not be a special crime. But I am all for curb stomping this asshole.

    2. And yet it’s OK for teachers to be frightened by deaf kidns named Hunter.

      1. And for TSA ‘agents’ to rob them.

    3. Attacking someone who is defensless is generally considered a worse crime than attacking someone capable of fighting back. The law was probably more intended for “guy beats up Stephen Hawings” situations than this, and the Prosecutor is just stretching the meaning of handicapped to cover here.

  19. Patriotic Group To Build Armed ‘Defensible’ Neighborhood Fortress
    Bets on how long before Uncle Sam kills them all?

    1. drone strike!

    2. Bring back Mayor Rizzo from the dead, he’ll take care of it without any fancy drones.

      1. still needs a helicopter and an “incendiary device”.

    3. New Hampshire, Idaho.

      How come the community organizers from the Liberty side have like the worst feel for real estate since Alexander II.

  20. The Royal Air Force is assisting France with its intervention in Mali.

    Ferrying in a fresh supply of white flags or flying the troops back home?

  21. He’s got a gun! Shoot! Shoot!

    1. o/~ For your presence of mind, for the deed you have done,
      I will thank you monsieur when our battle is won o/~

      o/~ Give me no thanks, monsieur, there’s something you can do… Give me the spy Javert o/~

      o/~ Do what you have to do, this man belongs to you o/~

  22. Norwegian police drop their investigation into their alleged slow response to the Breivik shooting

    Go on, who’s surprised?

    1. You obviously don’t know the entirety of the fact pattern.

      1. Totality of the circumstances!

    2. A few months ago, I read a very good investigative journalism piece methodically describing exactly what happened that day. It was a very difficult piece to read (yes, I’m aware that it’s from GQ – but give it a shot), yet very enlightening.

      I’m no cop lover, but with the events of the day and the geography involved, I’m not sure that they can be faulted for much.

    1. I wonder how those levels compare to smogs that actually killed people (though if this one is too, no way we’ll hear about it.), like the London Smog of 1952?

  23. A possible ban is worrying the CEO of a Tennessee-based weapons training company, who has threatened to “start killing people” if Obama pushes for gun control measures.

    Matthew Feeney, who I should note speaks with a similar accent as Piers Morgan, is using this link to paint all gun advocates as crazy, I assume so that he will be invited to the right cocktail parties and so on and so forth blah blah you hear me talking you’re picking up what I’m laying down.

    1. Nah, he’s just trying to drive up his comment totals in the Reason Office Pool.

      Or, he could be a statist douche.

    2. Deport Matthew Feeney!

      1. He’s Irish, so no one else wants him and his own Island doesn’t want him back either. We’re stuck with the drunken Mick.

        1. Can we at least make him fight in the underground bare knuckles boxing circuit instead of writing leftist screeds?

          1. No one talks about Fight Club!

  24. my latest book – Nano Zombie – is available for free from Amazon


    1. Fine. But if it’s not any good I’ll want my money back.

    2. Is this a sequel to Nano Barbie?

    3. Congrats on finishing it!

      I’m currently rereading The Eye of the World, so maybe after I finishe A Memory of Light (so a couple months at least) I’ll give this Nano Zombie thing a try. It sounds more interesting to me than historical fiction, no offense.

    4. Is this the one that “everyone” helped write?

    5. I just downloaded it, I’ll save it for Key West in a few weeks. Then I’ll post a scorching review so I can feel superior.

    6. Cool. I downloaded it and will let you know how I like it. Thanks!

    7. Congrats!

      Can we set up a HampersandR Book Club? The commentary would be oh-so-clever. I’ll bring the madelines.

    8. Downloading now. Thanks!

  25. The NRA is confident that Congress will not pass an assault weapons ban.

    I hope that holds true for a ban on hi-caps. I want a Beretta 92F, and I don’t want to have to settle for those cheesy ten-rounders.

    1. I would buy the mags now if you can find them reasonable.

      1. I did some looking online over the weekend. Everything is sold out.

    2. Hi-caps are going down, I’m afraid.

      Have to throw the gun-grabbers a bone to fend off “the big one”.

      1. Let’s just do Fleming’s idea of making up scary-sounding guns and gun features that don’t exist, and then ban them. The anti-gun nuts wouldn’t know the difference.

        1. We need to ban the Night Ranger 6000. That thing shoots seventy .50 caliber rounds a minute at a velocity of 8000 feet per second. A person standing on the top of the Empire State building could kill someone in Yonkers with one of those things.

          1. Night Ranger should have been banned back in the ’80s.

            1. What’s your price for flight?

      2. No magazine ban. They are going for a ban on private sales and de facto registration.

        1. Yep. They want universal registration, with no loopholes. That’s the first step towards confiscation.

      3. What happened to the power of the pro-gun lobby?

        Also the gun-grabbers are idiots. Kind of like how you can’t buy 40 oz malt liquor in Florida, so you have to buy two quarts, thus actually consuming 64 oz of the stuff, people will just start carrying more, smaller spare pre-loaded magazines.

      4. I don’t see how they’re going to enforce it. Other than my pmags, none of my magazines are serialized/dated.

        Gun grabbers can go to hell.

        1. It’s just a way to prosecute unfortunate non criminals that come into contact with the law.

          Unless you work for a media outlet.

    3. It’s easier to hold a two by four than a 92F grip.

      1. I mean why put up with it for only ten rounds?

    4. This is the big one for me too. An assault weapons ban is bad enough, but a hi-cap mag ban is a legal mandate that all homeowners must place themselves at a disadvantage when defending their home and family under color of law.

      It’s fucked up. If I choose to use whatever equipment I feel is most advantageous for me to successfully defend my family, I must knowingly break the law. The pathology behind the thought process which makes that kind of decision necessary (the reasoning for the law) is perverted beyond comprehension.

  26. Obama Blinks: No Emperor’s New Coin

    I linked this mostly for the cartoon.

    1. Cartoon, comic, whateva.

    2. Since they hadn’t said anything endorsing the idea to begin with, I’m not sure how this qualifies as Obama blinking.

  27. So I guess God finally did smite the Mountain People for their treatment of his Tebow.

    1. So. Fucking. Tasty. I love the sad Manning face. Especially in the playoffs.

      1. And so are the tears of all of his bootlikers in the media. Manning has never done shit in the playoffs sans one year and he has never played well in cold weather. Yet every single year the talking heads buy into his hype.

        1. Boot likers disgust me.

          1. What if they’re Ugg boots?

            1. I just bought a nice pair of Cole Haan boots that I like very much.

            1. You bastard. I’ll be in my bunk…all..effin’…day…

            2. Great, and I am now supposed to concentrate on work how?!

        2. And Manning’s playoff win-loss record is now 9-11, so he shouldn’t speak out of deference to that horrendous moment in history until he finishes his next playoff game.

          1. And you can’t say he didn’t have a good team around him. This same Denver team went 7-4 and just as far in the playoffs with, according to the ESPN talking heads, the worst human being and quarterback in human history as its starter.

            1. Sorry, but you can’t put this all on Manning. The Denver defense, which was in the top five of the league, gave up nearly 500 yards of offense, Champ Bailey got burned all day, and the pass rush was non-existent. They basically had no running game after Moreno went out.

              And for all that, they still could have won the game if Rahim Moore had taken a better angle on the ball in the 4th quarter. Hell, they probably could have had a chance to get a field goal at the end if Fox wasn’t such a pussy.

          2. Manning is a great QB. QBs don’t do this shit alone–that’s been his problem. Look at how much he carried the Colts.

            1. He had 2 TDs and 6 INTs the postseason they won the Super Bowl.

              In this game he was spotted 14 points by his return man but still lost. He threw a pick six, and another INT in overtime. He audibled to a run on 3rd and 7 instead of going for the game winning first down.

        3. going to two Super Bowls = never done shit? The HOF is full of qb’s who have done far less than shit.

          1. Beat Rex Grossman in one Super Bowl and lost the second one despite being a heavy favorite. Is he a HOF? Sure. But he is not even in the top three of the last thirty years.

            1. Seriously? Watch him play. He’s the best pure QB since Marino. Who also sucks in some people’s eyes because he doesn’t have ten rings.

              1. I would take Montana, Brady and Elway way before I would take him.

              2. Best QB indoors or in 60+ degree weather, maybe.

              3. Comparing Manning to Marino is not really helping your argument,

              4. He’s also a good part responsible for changing the rules to make offense easier. Look at how much he bitched and bitched after the 2004 AFC Championship Game. And since the Colts had a prominent voice on the rules committee (in the form of their GM, I believe), the rules got changed.

            2. But he is not even in the top three of the last thirty years.

              For a dissenting view, here is PFR’s weighted career approximate value index. Peyton tops the list, tied with Jerry Rice and Reggie White. Favre is the 2nd rated QB by their list, so I wouldn’t put a giant amount of faith in their analysis, but still… Normalizing across eras has got to be one cast-iron bitch of a task. I don’t think that Unitas/Baugh even played the same game as Brees/Brady/Manning do today.

              Has Football Outsiders done a career DYAR/DVOA for players? All I can see is year-by-year, and I’ve better things to do than collate those stats.

              My personal top-3 of the last 30 are P. Manning, T. Brady, D. Marino, in no particular order. I think Marino would be eaten alive though, if he were to come up today in the era of the semi-mobile/running QB.

              1. Favre at least has a winning record in the playoffs. (12-10, in case you were wondering.)

    2. Meh, just another Peyton Manning choke in the playoffs.

      It’s kind of amazing how somebody can be so consistently great in the regular season, and so consistently average in the playoffs. This goes back all the way to his college years, though.

      1. Miracle plays happen. If the Flacko pass had won the game, I wouldn’t blame Manning. But him throwing that int giving the game to Baltimore in overtime was no miracle. That was Manning being Manning.

        Funny how is brother is the total opposite; average during the regular season but gutty as hell during the playoffs.

        1. Flacco shouldn’t have gotten the ball back at the end of the regulation in the first place. Manning audibled to the run because he was playing to not lose instead of playing to win.

  28. http://www.thegatewaypundit.co…..dian-army/

    Americans buy enough guns in the last two months to outfit the entire Chinese AND Indian armies.

    1. that’s almost unfathomable to me … until my dad dropped the news that he was thinking of learning to shoot and buying a gun. I don’t think he’s ever touched one before. I can’t imagine he’s the only one.

      1. If you think rationally about the Newtown shooting, you realize it took the police 20 minutes to get to the scene of a guy murdering kids at an elementary school. How long do you think it will take them to get your house ever you ever really need them?

        1. yep. he’s also a fairly public in the advocacy world (I’d rather not say what industry). to the point where he’s received a death threat or two.

          and, when i pulled up his address and based on a google search in about 30 seconds on my phone, it got his attention.

        2. It took a SWAT team 4 hours to enter that California clothing store with the hostages. After FOUR HOURS they found 1 stabbed, 1 sexually assaulted with all locked in a closet and the perps were long gone.

        3. Spoke with an elderly woman this weekend who called the police a few weeks ago to report a trespasser on hre property. They showed up 2 hours later and had the balls to ask if the guy was still there.

          You’re on your own, people.

          1. You’re on your own, people.

            Which is just as well, since the gang of thugs cops are as likely to shoot you and/or your dog as help you.

      2. My dad, who has never owned a gun, over Christmas said he was considering buying one just to give the finger to the assholes wanting to take them away. Maybe I’ll buy him one for his birthday.

        1. The gun grabbers are so obvious and their “solutions” so tired. It is not about guns or safety or anything except sticking it to the people they hate in the “kulture war”.

              1. Given that line was in the context of suggesting what he’d do if he had magical powers to end all gun violence, presenting that line alone as a summary of Shapiro’s views on gun rights is extremely misleading.

                1. Agree with Stormy. That line is taken out of context. As is the other one. Shame on you, SIV, seriously.

                  I was all ready to pull my donations from CATO, but then I RTFA. Neither the Levy or the Shapiro interviews/columns/posts/whatever were very good, but neither are they even close to awful.

            1. Fuck CATO. I understand that shit from liberals, they are too dumb to know any better. But CATO is smarter than that. They know that banning high capacity magazines would do nothing to lower crime or make the country any safer. It is nothing but security theater and CATO is smart enough to know that.

              They only reason they are saying that is because they are apparently a bunch of ballless cosmotarian douche bags who are worried that their liberal friends might think they are “not reasonable” and one of the hated other.

              Very disappointing.

              1. ballless cosmotarian douche bags


                They are offering concessions and compromises in a debate to limit our rights.

            2. I hope Cato loses some big-time donors. And small-time, like me.

              1. that sucks — i know some of their health care guys. will have to pass along my disappointment.

                1. I know what they’re doing. “Cato has no opinions only members have opinions”.

                  They are generally pro-2nd Amendment but are trying to inject “rational argument” into the debate. Apparently the “scholars” feel it is necessary to other the rednecks and profess their solidarity with the “let’s do something” crowd by agreeing to “reasonable restrictions” Can we expect the next time the 1st Amendment is on the line Cato scholars will write columns and do interviews saying “well you can’t shout fire in a crowded theater”.

                  1. Note reason hasn’t peeped a word about this shit from Cato yet they link to some proggy news site that found some redneck on youtube who made vague suggestions of countering confiscation with violence.

                2. Bob Levy wasn’t speaking for the organization.

                  At least that is what is communicated in this video on cato’s youtube channel.

                  Now I know you guys hate Cato, because of something or other, cocktail parties and such, etc, but at least get your shit right.

                  And fuck, I think John is the only person here that has actually gone to DC cocktail parties. Isn’t that right, John? Seeing as you’re a high ranking government official and all. DAMN GOBERNMENT MAKE ME WIRK FUR YOU!

                  1. Bob Levy wasn’t speaking for the organization.

                    So they bear no responsibility for anything he says even though he is using their name and their website? Would you say the same about everything? What if he put up something racist? Would you excuse CATO then? If not why not?

                    Levy set forth a position that was completely irrational and stupid and both beneath the normal intellectual standards of CATO and against its principles. CATO still allowed such opinions by one of its employees to be put up on its website bearing its name.

                    Sorry, CATO is a think think. Publish opinions is what it does. It is responsible for the opinions of its employees. If it doesn’t want to be responsible, take the opinion down and repudiate it.

                    So again Fuck CATO. And for the record, I haven’t just gone to cocktail parties, I have hosted them.

                  2. I know what they’re doing. “Cato has no opinions only members have opinions”.

                    They’ve highlighted Levy’s opinion at the top of their website

                  3. Mike Riggs smokes dope with Jon Favreau at Beltway cocktail parties.

            3. Disappointing. How hard is it to just point out that none of that shit is going to do anything to stop shootings. That’s all anyone on the pro-rights side needs to say.

            4. The Cato Institute chooses their side:

              A Cosmo sides with media loons.


              1. A Cosmo sides with media loons.

                To say that is inaccurate would be an insult to inaccuracy.

                I’ll never understand this cosmotarian/yokeltarian bullshit. It’s like some of you can’t live without TEAMS.

          1. The gun grabbers are so obvious and their “solutions” so tired. It is not about guns or safety or anything except sticking it to the people they hate in the “kulture war”.

            This is exactly right. Yesterday I received an email from my son’s progressive snowflake twit of a teacher informing us that he has told her class that, amongst other things, hunting and hunting games are “violent” and that any child playing those games on the playground would be punished.

            Forget the fact that I put food on my family’s table from hunting, and that my son has, for months, acted out a hunting scene followed by him rolling my meat cooler around the house to show daddy how much meat he was able to get from his last hunt. That’s fucking violent and worthy of punishment in her mind.

            My wife very quickly decided that a conference was in order to set this bitch straight. She won’t have her son punished for imitating his father putting food on our table. As far as my wife is concerned, that bitch can go to hell.

            And as many of you know, you do not want to deal with a truly insulted mother.

            1. Good for you. What a fucking cunt. And she eats meat I bet. Would she find slaughter house scenes less violent? Is killing animals to eat okay as long as it is done behind closed doors on an industrial scale?

              1. She didn’t solely say “hunting” and “hunting games”, but those were used in a specific set of other games that were also “violent”. Ninja games were also included. As were army games.

                But the addition of hunting as some sort of violence to be feared and banned is absurd. My family eats because of hunting. That my son could be shamed and punished for wanting to be like his daddy feeding our family is insulting beyond anything I believed could happen as a father.

                1. The idea that you could tell a bunch of elementary school boys that they can not engage in any sort of play violence is so stupid that it makes me wonder if this bitch can ever feed herself. She spends her entire working life around boys that age and still thinks that playing ninja and cops and robbers and war is not something hard wired into boys that age. What a stupid, horrible person.

                  1. Dude – she’s a career teacher!

                    Few people have dictatorial power like an elementary school teacher over their charges. It’s a career that excites people that were the psycophantic teacher’s pets.

                    I like my kids’ teachers, and they are very nice people, but their ideas about how society should be ordered are pretty fucking scary.

                    1. She is a career teacher, but she’s very new. She’s in her 20s, and this is the first year that she has sole control over her classroom.

                      The big plus that I have is that being a private school, I have lots of room for recourse. She won’t be able to get away with the shit she could at a public school. Administration generally wants things to remain apolitical because politics causes serious problems in regards to children.

                    2. That is right MLG, Republicans pay tuition too. And don’t think the administration doesn’t understand that. Reason number one million why all schools should be private.

      3. He’s not.

        I am beginning the pistol permit process in NY and am going through a local gunshop. I attended the mandatory NRA safety class on Saturday and it was packed, including I am happy to report several women (none were gingers, thank god for that…).

        The woman organizing the class said they normally have 10-15 people for a saturday class. This one had 50. And the gunshop associated with the class had almost no inventory.

        Preventing private sales has to be a huge priority for the fascist douches in government – they KNOW they are outgunned against a determined population.

        1. They do know it and they hate it. The thing is they know they can’t really use the police to do all of their dirty work. The country is not that far gone yet. But what they can use and all fascists movements in history have used is the mob. As long as the country is well armed, it is very difficult to use mobs to terrorize political opponents.

          1. But what they can use and all fascists movements in history have used is the mob.

            This is a point that is not made enough.

            It’s the appropriate response to lefty assholes saying something like yeah you guys are gonna take on the US army with tanks and fighter jets….

            And it’s not just theoretical either. It has happened here, in the South during Jim Crow when mobs terrorized blacks and “the law” turned a blind eye to it.

        2. I could see the headlines now:


    2. Chant louder, boys! Marcus can’t hear us! GUNS! GUNS! GUNS! GUNS! GUNS!

    3. Dayummmmmm, that’s a lot of guns. That’s amazing. I guess that’s why the streets are running with blood (at least outside of peaceful gun control zones like DC & Chicago) and you can’t get to work without being shot at a few times.

    4. Does this mean society’s about to get a whole lot politer?

    5. I read an interesting take on the huge gun sales over, really, the entire reign of Obama I:

      Essentially, they represent Americans taking a short position on the future social stability of the nation.

      I’m thinking, maybe one more: a home defense shotgun. Still pondering my options.

      1. Get a 12 gauge and one of the smaller ones with a pistol grip instead of a full stock. Winchester makes a 1300 I think it is that is like that. Absolutely devastating weapon. Much better at close range than even the largest bore pistol.

        1. Don’t get a pistol grip. Get a real stock on your shotgun.

          1. A full stock is a pain in the ass in a tight environment like a house. If you are going after Canadian Geese, get a stock. If you are shooting someone in your house, get a pistol grip.

            1. Bad idea. There is no recoil management possible with a pistol grip. Get an adjustable stock (think AR 15 adjustable stock).

      2. I took a look at a mossberg 500 the other day. it had a pressure sensitive light built into the pump.

      3. Get the cheapest Rem 870 with 18″ barrel you can buy. It doesn’t matter which model because you’re going to replace most of the parts anyways.

        Put on this stock.
        Put on this forend.
        Make sure it has an 8 round tube magazine.
        If you want, add a red dot or ghost ring sights.

        Defend away.

        1. You don’t want to get too creative with self defense guns. If you ever get pulled in front of a jury, having a gun that looks too “weird” makes it easier for the prosecution to paint you as a paranoid survivalist.

    6. He’s just counting NICS checks. If you buy multiple guns at a time, one NICS check. Plus, since I have a CHL, I don’t get a NICS check. Actual numbers could be much higher.

    7. My local gun shop is just down the road from my house. It’s a small outfitter that probably sells more bait for the fishermen hitting the local state park most of the time. Over the past few weeks every time I drive by the parking is full and overflowing onto the street. Talking to the owner, he hasn’t had better sales in the 10 + years he’s been open.

      1. Norton’s?

    8. Americans buy enough guns in the last two months to outfit the entire Chinese AND Indian armies.

      Anyone who thinks that a ban requiring surrender of existing guns would ever be complied with is an idiot. Stories like this warm my heart.

  29. http://newyork.newsday.com/new…..-1.4441678

    Gun owner map published by Newspaper used by burglars to target homes. Guns are one of the best most easy to fence items to steal.

    1. But their motives were pure! How could there have been unintended consequences?

      1. No, that was pretty clearly the intended consequence.

    2. Lives may be lost, but it was worth it.

    3. The reporters won’t give a shit. I think their hatred of your average gun owner is so strong they’d actually prefer the guns be in the hands of criminals, rather than law abiding citizens.

      1. More than that. I saw this while visiting the ar15.com GD zoo. This guy apparently is the editor-in-chief of some tech magazine.

        1. But he means well Warty. It is okay when one of your well meaning betters advocates for the murder of tens of millions of Americans.

        2. That’s not “news” News is some guy from TN going on youtube and ranting about shooting people if Obama bans guns by executive order. See the A.M. links.

        3. That must be that new civility the left is always going on about.

  30. We (Top Men) know what to do about gas prices:
    “Jamie Court has what he says is a simple way to prevent the gasoline price spikes that have cursed California drivers for years: Require refineries to keep at least three weeks’ worth of gas in stock at all times.”
    And who might these Top Men be? Why:
    …”Court, president of the Public Watchdog consumer group.”…
    Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/business…..z2HxeknPkU

    Compare and contrast to those who do not favor protecting wolves from hunting. And who would that be?
    “A video ridiculing efforts to protect OR7 in California was recently circulated by the nonprofit group Americans for Prosperity, which is partly funded by the Koch Brothers Foundation, well-known supporters of oil interests and far-right crusades against climate-change legislation.”
    Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/science/…..z2HxfL9KG4

    No bias here. Not a bit!

    1. There are two types of interest groups Sevo; far right wing interests funded by evil corporations and billionaires and unbiased crusaders for the public interest. Didn’t you know that?

  31. Here’s what the UK’s House of Lords does:

    Make legal highs available for sale, government urged… The report published on Monday by the House of Lords all-party parliamentary group on drug policy reform, chaired by the crossbench peer, Baroness Meacher, says it would be far more effective to adopt a New Zealand initiative and ask trading standards officers to test and regulate the supply of low-risk legal highs.


  32. So I guess Jodi Foster came out as a lesbian last night. Isn’t this right up there on the surprise scale as Johnny Weir coming out? Who didn’t know she was a lesbian?

    1. I swear I read about her coming out a decade ago.

      If *I* know a bit of celebrity of gossip, that piece of gossip has to have been widely circulated that it’s about as confidential as something said on air at the Today show.

      1. In fairness, she is still pretty cute. If there is a hotter 50 year old lesbian out there, I can’t think of one. Talk about punching above your weight class.

        1. You know who else was horny for Jodie Foster?

          1. DiRosi is hotter, but not 50. Different weight class.

    2. John| 1.14.13 @ 9:53AM |#
      “So I guess Jodi Foster came out as a lesbian last night. Isn’t this right up there on the surprise scale as Johnny Weir coming out? Who didn’t know she was a lesbian?”

      Doesn’t matter. Narcissistic twit got attention; that’s all that matters.
      I notice they drug Clinton across the stage, I guess to suggest there was some importance to the sales meeting.

      1. Which one am I thinking that was already out?

        Juliane Moore?

        1. no, she’s straight

          Foster has been out for 30 years, give or take, in the sense of not hiding who she is. She just doesn’t talk much about it.

  33. 45-year old Belgian twin brothers murdered euthanised by doctors

    They were already deaf and were told they were also going blind.

    Guess they took the joke too seriously…

  34. India’s army chief is considering a retaliation against Pakistan for the killing of two soldiers in Kashmir.

    “It’s tit for tat when they kill a couple of our soldiers of which we have but just a few million!”

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