Report Details Hundreds of Child Sexual Abuse Cases by BBC Host

Alleged perpetrator managed to escape prosecution and died in 2011


Jimmy Savile's brazen manipulation of his celebrity status to become Britain's most prolific sexual predator was laid bare today as authorities faced criticism for missing opportunities to bring him to justice during his lifetime.

A report into the late presenter's crimes revealed that his youngest victim was an eight-year-old boy during 54 years of abuse that peaked during the height of his fame at the BBC.

He carried out 34 rapes among 214 crimes that spanned the country, according to the report, Giving Victims a Voice, by the Metropolitan Police and the NSPCC.

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  1. And yet, it’s hardly made a ripple here in the US media. Not like say, the Catholic Church or Penn State…

  2. The only place I’ve ever seen this story is Mark Steyn’s column:

    Rather than a celebrity who happens to be a pedophile, he seems to have been a pedophile who became a celebrity in order to facilitate being a pedophile. Robbers rob banks because that’s where the money is. In the Sixties, Savile became a star disc jockey in Britain’s nascent pop biz because that’s where the 14-year-old nymphettes are. In the Seventies, he became a kiddie-TV host because that’s where the nine-year-old moppets are. He became a celebrity volunteer with his own living quarters at children’s hospitals and homes because that’s where the nine-year-olds too infirm to wiggle free or too mentally ill to protest are. He persuaded various institutions to give him keys to the mortuary because that’s where the nine-year-olds unable even to cry out are. (Stoke Mandeville Hospital is now investigating whether he “interacted inappropriately” with corpses.)

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