Young People Will Pay More Under Obamacare

Accounting firm runs the numbers and says twenty-somethings' wallets will get a lot lighter


Are you a fan of "Jersey Shore"? Do you like "Keeping Up With the Kardashians"? Can't get enough of HBO's porn light series "Girls"?

And are you single?

Chances are you'll be paying more for out-of-pocket health insurance premiums, according to a new study.

(If you like anything with  "CSI" in it, or "Dancing with the Stars" you're probably OK, by the way).

A new study from global actuary firm Oliver Wyman finds "young, single adults aged 21 to 29," with annual income roughly of $25,000, "can expect to see higher premiums" under the Patient Protection andAffordable Care Act. That's the age demographic most interested in realty TV shows like the Kardashians, and the age category that could be most impacted by the new health care law critics have dubbed Obamacare.