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Rand Paul and John McCain: Odd Couple New to Senate Foreign Relations Committee


One wants to shrink the Pentagon's budget and keep America from being embroiled in more Middle Eastern Wars, the other thinks we should be intervening and supplying arms to rebels everywhere and is raring for war with Iran. One is willing to mention the reality of "blowback," the other thinks American righteousness in its use of force is unquestionable. Can these two men–Senators Rand Paul and John McCain–find fulfillment together on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, to which they've both been appointed?

James Antle wonders at the Daily Caller:

McCain and Paul have differed on military involvement in Libya, arming Syrian rebels, the size of the Pentagon budget, warrantless surveillance and foreign aid. Paul also opposed the Iraq War and tried to revoke its congressional authorization. McCain was a staunch supporter of the war.

….tensions between Paul and McCain escalated during the NDAA fight.

"I find it disappointing that one member of the United States Senate feels that his particular agenda is so important that it affects the lives and the readiness and the capabilities of the men and women who are serving in the military and our ability to defend this nation," McCain said of Paul's NDAA filibuster….

"The right to due process, a trial by jury, and protection from indefinite detention should not be shorn from our Bill of Rights or wrested from the hands of Americans," Paul said of the McCain-led conference committee report on the NDAA. "It is a dark day in our history that these rights have been stomped upon and discarded."

Paul's statement explicitly blamed McCain for the stomping and discarding….

Reason clips on Rand Paul and foreign policy.

The Jerusalem Post on Paul's planned trip to Israel next week. Of that Paul says:

 "If you want to be part of the national debate and hopefully part of the solution someday to what happens in the Middle East, having been there gives you more credibility with some folks."

After meeting with Netanyahu and Peres, Paul is scheduled to travel to Jordan on Tuesday and meet with King Abdullah and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. He plans toreturn to Israel on Wednesday and tour the Galilee.

The trip is sponsored by the American Family Association, a conservative Christian group that promotes fundamentalist Christian values. Paul will be travel along with approximately 50-100 evangelical Christians, including politically well-connected figures in South Carolina and Iowa, which will hold early 2016 caucuses and primaries.

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  1. ‘”The right to due process, a trial by jury, and protection from indefinite detention should not be shorn from our Bill of Rights or wrested from the hands of Americans,” Paul said of the McCain-led conference committee report on the NDAA.’

    He just doesn’t understand how things work in Washington. Foolish little boy. Due process? Are you serious?

  2. One is willing to mention the reality fantasy of “blowback,”

    FIFY. Excellent column otherwise.

    1. ???

      actions leads to consequences. that’s blowback. duh

      1. No, don’t you see. They hate us because they’re terrorists and we’re beating them, not because they want to be left alone and we’re blowing up children.

      2. It’s Cytotoxic. He follows the government’s line that they hate us for our vanishing freedoms and Internet videos. Bombs and drones don’t cause hate, ever ever ever.

        1. Which is of course, why Cyto doesn’t think the Taliban should fear the U.S. govt. The Taliban may have allowed Al Queda to operate in their territory, but since there is no such thing as blowback, they have nothing to fear from a vengeful American government attacking them in addition to going after Al Queda.

          1. Personally, I was confused when there was a story a few months back about US soldiers possibly burning Korans. They said that there would be an increased risk of attacks, and possibly an increased chance of terrorism at home.

            But blowback is a fantasy, so how could that be?

            1. Not to mention how friendly the Iranians were to the U.S. govt after Jimmy Carter stopped supporting the SAVAK’s brutal campaign to keep the Shah in power. Why they hardly had a negative word to any embassy personnel; not suprising since blow-back is a complete myth!

              1. Just goes to show we should’ve kept supporting the Shah.

                1. No, it just goes to show that we shouldn’t have overthrown the Mosaddegh government. We’ve had a fifty years of problems because we stuck our noses into a problem that had nothing to do with us just so a bunch of British oil companies could make more money.

                  1. More fairytale history of the peaceniks. America’s involvement was much more limited than the British (who never got the ‘blowback’ America did, oddly) and it was primarily crowds in the street that got Mossadegh overthrown because of what a crappy despotic leader he was. The clerics approved of his being kicked out.


                    1. More fairytale history

                      Aww, I hurt Cyto’s feelings and now he’s resorting to projection to protect his fragile little ego.

                    2. Britain isn’t/wasn’t hated in Iran? You’re an idiot

                    3. Their embassy wasn’t stormed and they have normal dilpomatic relations right now. (Hasn’t stopped Iran from maintianing the Rushdie Fatwa). My opinion your opinion

                      I love being called an idiot by someone who seriously stated that the Cold War was just a bunch of posturing and bullshit.

                    4. Except the British embassy was stormed in 1980, which resulted in them closing it from 1980 through 1990. It was reclosed in 2011 after getting stormed again.

                    5. Are you saying there wasn’t a bunch of posturing and bullshit during the Cold War? Was that all it was? No, but to deny the presence of those things is, in fact, idiotic

                  2. No, it just goes to show that we shouldn’t have overthrown the Mosaddegh government.

                    Maybe the fucking Iranians should study blowback, eh.

                    Like steal our buddies’ shit and we’ll blowback your ass to hell.

          2. You’re right. The US response for 9/11 was ‘blowback’. Pretty direct connection.

            The connection between Bin Laden attacking America and America protecting the House of Saud from a Socialist dictator is far more tenuous to put it lightly. And by tenuous I mean total bullshit.

        2. He follows the government’s line that they hate us for our vanishing freedoms and Internet videos.

          And it’s true.

          Bombs and drones don’t cause hate, ever ever ever.

          Not nearly as much. Doesn’t even compare. Some children from the other village get blown up? That’s a weekday in Pakistan. Insult your prophet? That’s where there pride comes from and that is what their backwards perverted culture centres around.

          1. You probably still think the Libya embassy attacks had something to do with that youtube video


              1. The Libya one was the one where an ambassador, and other Americans, actually got killed

    2. That’s right, our actions never have negative consequences.

      Our cause is just, our hearts are righteous and our sword is miiiiighty.

      1. AMERICA!

        FUCK YEAH!

      2. The army of straw approaches…

        1. I am quite sure you are ready to command a battalion of straw men against the evool forces of blowback.

          1. I cannot command against something so nebulous.

  3. I can kind of sympathize with John McCain. I was also a Cold Warrior a generation after him and it took a while to realize that fight was done. We aren’t facing down the Soviet Union any longer and we don’t have to intervene and block bad guys everywhere in the world any more.

    I still want a relatively strong defense, but enough already with the small wars. At least before WWII we did it for profit. Now they are just pointless.

    1. But…but….DOMINO THEORY!!!

      1. Better to fight them over there and then on Main Street!

  4. McCain: And you know what they call a… a… a Quarter Pounder with Cheese in the Hanoi Hilton?
    Paul: They don’t call it a Quarter Pounder with cheese?
    McCain: No man, they got the metric system. They wouldn’t know what the fuck a Quarter Pounder is.
    Paul: Then what do they call it?
    McCain: They call it a roach with shit.
    Paul: A roach with shit. What do they call a Big Mac?
    McCain: Well, a Big Mac’s a dead rat, but they call it Ho Chi Mac.
    Paul: Ho Chi Mac. Ha ha ha ha. What do they call a Whopper?
    McCain: I dunno, I didn’t tortured at Burger King.

    1. I carried your father’s watch in my ass, so that I could give it to you.

      1. One of the best scenes ever.

  5. It’s Colonel Tigh and Lee Adama.

    1. I definitely have a hard time separating Tigh from McCain. Are we sure that BSG isn’t a creative adaptation of McCain’s autobiography?

  6. There was actually a time in my life that I not only liked, but supported John McCain. God was I fucking retarded.

    1. There was a time when he did a much better job pretending to be conservative.

      1. Someone wrote a book about McCain once detailing that. My Other Maverick or something like that. I think his name was Welsh or Wilch or something.

    2. The larval libertarian is not equipped with mature skepticism and cynicism, leading many of us to become attracted to the empty small-government rhetoric of Team Red. You shouldn’t be any more ashamed of it than you are by that time you pitched a tent in the middle of gym class.

    3. I know that feel.

    1. Paul is already 10x the maverick McCain ever was.

  7. I just totally pwnd this thread.

    1. Self-congratulatory faux tough guy is self-congratulatory

    2. Go jack off to Hiroshima victims

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