Pot Legalization Has Scientists Interested in Marijuana's Use Alongside Alcohol

Well, aren't we all?


In the debate over what marijuana legalization means for Colorado, the best drug-policy brains in the nation say there is one question getting short shrift: If people can more easily toke, does that mean they will drink less?

It is, for now, a question without an answer. But what that answer is, the experts say, will be a big factor in determining whether marijuana legalization is worth it.

"A small change in alcohol has a bigger social impact than a large change in cannabis," said UCLA professor Mark A.R. Kleiman, one of the authors of the book "Marijuana Legalization: What Everyone Needs to Know." "So it ought to matter a lot whether the change is in the right direction or wrong direction."

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  1. When society puts alcohol aside and takes up cannabis consumption instead the effects will be astounding.
    Incarceration rates will fall.
    Domestic abuse towards women and children will decline.
    Traffic fatalities will decline.
    Abortions may even decline.
    Violence will decline from street violence to international terrorism and wars will end.
    The drug war has had a terrible effect on the world but it is reversible.
    Just end the drug war.

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