A.M. Links: Boehner May Be Facing Leadership Cliff, Jobless Claims Up 10K This Week, Israel Bans Skinny Models


  • bmi 19ish

    The fiscal cliff deal's done nothing to rein in runaway spending, but it may have made John Boehner's hold on the Speaker's gavel more tenuous.

  • New jobless claims jumped to 372,000 last week.
  • Christina Kirchner, Argentina's president, writes to the British prime minister, David Cameron, demanding the Falkland Islands be surrendered.
  • Chinese censors appear more interested in shutting down social media than websites that sell guns and drugs.
  • Meanwhile in France, the socialist president promises to keep pushing more taxes on the wealthy.
  • Israel has set a minimum Body Mass Index of 18.5 to work as a model in the country.

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