New York

NY Woman Shoved Man into Subway Train Because She Hates Muslims

Erika Menendez is being charged over the death of Sunando Sen


In a hate crime against Hindus and Muslims, a New York City woman pushed an Indian man in front of an oncoming subway train, causing him to be crushed to death in the second such murder to occur this month.

Erika Menendez, 31, is now being charged for the death of Sunando Sen, 46, who was killed by a 7 train in Queens last Thursday. The woman told police she shoved the man onto the tracks because she believed he was a Muslim or a Hindu. She then fled from the scene.

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  1. A hate crime against Hindus and Muslims

    The man was either a Hindu or a Muslim – he couldn’t have been both. But then I thought a “hate crime” was a kind of crime committed against an individual – not against groups of individuals, most of whom aren’t even involved. Silly me.

    1. Is it a hate crime if the perp is hispanic? Is it a hate crime if the perp is Bi-polar? I think the last one was a black guy pushing an asian in front of a train. Was that a hate crime? Hate crimes are confusing.

      1. She also tried to kill a retired white fireman. Maybe she hates fireman? Or white people? Is that a hate crime too?

        Menendez also has a history of violence and multiple arrests. The 31-year-old was arrested once for cocaine possession and twice for attacking two other strangers. Over the past 12 years, she has had 14 encounters with police. Five of those times, her mother called the police, while two other incidents resulted in assault charges, the Wall Street Journal reported. In 2003, she attacked a retired firefighters as he took out his garbage in Queens.
        “I was covered in blood,” Daniel Conlisk, 65, recalled to the Times. “She was screaming the whole time.

        She’s just fucking nuts, and trying to portray this as a “hate crime” is stupid.

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