Brickbat: Big Blue Madness


The University of Kentucky has fired police officer David Thompson for pushing student Graham Gaddis. Gaddis objected when Thompson and another officer tried to enter and search his dorm room for alcohol. Gaddis recorded the confrontation with his webcam.


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  1. Blanton said university policy allows a police officer to enter a room

    “Policy”, my ass.

    Did the officer entering Gaddis’ dorm room have a warrant? If not, the kid’s likely to see a settlement that far exceeds the cost of a college education at UK.


    1. Procedures were followed. Amazingly, no dogs were killed.

    2. Actually, university housing policy does allow for the campus police to enter the room without a warrant. It does NOT allow for that room to be searched.

      Authorized university personnel may enter a student’s residence hall room without permission for the following reasons:

      1. To provide routine maintenance

      2. To provide routine inspections to ensure that residents are following health, fire, and safety regulations

      3. To respond to emergency situations; e.g., situations which threaten the health and/or safety of room occupants, and situations which require immediate maintenance to prevent property damage or immediate action to correct the health, fire and/or safety risk

      4. When there is reason to believe that a violation of university policy is taking place in the room and occupants in the room do not open the door when requested to do so.

      Authorization to enter a student’s room under this policy does not constitute authorization to conduct a search of the room.

      1. They weren’t searching. They were just inspecting.

  2. Is this kid’s dad a major donor or something?

  3. Why do I read the comments on these stories? It’s 7:30 in the morning and I’m already feeling stabby.

    1. It could be worse: you could be reading the comments at Jezebel or PoliceOne.

  4. It’s almost 8:30 and there’s no Friday “Funnies” yet. Is it going to show up back-dated?

  5. That was hilarious.

  6. QueenBee73

    Obviously you didn’t watch the video. The police were there because there was a report someone was throwing bottles out the kid’s window. The police went there to investigate.
    It’s pretty obvious too there was something going on with the kid or why else did he have a video of this? The officer should’ve gotten nothing more than a slap on the hands.
    The parents of this kid needs be jailed along with this disrepectful punk for raising a foul mouth punk who was menacing. Then throw out of school for his own protection.

    And then further down:


    Oh we see you don’t beleive in due process. You can bet this set up job by the student is no longer there at UK.

    That’s hilarious.

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