Police in Schools

Boy, Not Making Bombs, Arrested for Having Things Cops Think Could Blow Up (And For Drawings That Spooked a Teacher)


The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund is publicizing an interesting little story out of Galloway Township in New Jersey:

The front entrance of Cedar Creek High School in Galloway Township, N.J.

When a 16-year-old New Jersey boy doodled in his notebook on Tuesday, December 18, he probably didn't expect to be arrested by the end of the day. However, when school officials saw the sketches, which they state appeared to be of weapons, and the boy "demonstrated behavior that caused them to be concerned," the police were called.

A subsequent search of the boy's home led to his arrest because they found several electronic parts and chemicals. He was charged with the possession of an explosive device and put in juvenile detention.

The details on what was precisely in the drawings are sketchy, as are the details on the behavior that caused concern. The school claims the drawings were of weapons, but the boy's mother told various press outlets that, "He drew a glove with flames coming out of it." If true, then the drawing wouldn't be out of place in the notebook of any teenager who loves comic books.

At no point in time did the boy threaten the school, school officials, or his classmates. He cooperated fully with authorities, and a search of the school itself found nothing dangerous….

Lest you think it is inherently suspicious a young man would have chemicals or electronic parts, note that his school is, according to a Press of Atlantic City account, "a magnet school with programs focusing on engineering and environmental sciences and specializing in hands-on learning." And his mom told MyFoxPhilly.com that her son had a "passion for collecting old stuff, taking it apart and rebuilding things."

Also of interest from that story, a school superintendent says he's:

 "thankful that we had a staff member that (saw something that) caused her some concern, and that she had the sense to report it to school officials. These are things that teachers receive training on all the time."

Most interesting detail from that Press of Atlantic City story:

Police Chief Pat Moran stressed Tuesday night no threats were made by the student and there was no indication there was any danger posed to anyone or property at the school.

"There was no indication he was making a bomb, or using a bomb or detonating a bomb," he said.

Sounds like a good collar to me, boys!

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  1. Sue them until they fucking bleed. Just sue, sue, sue.

    1. Qualified immunity says hi.

      1. Judge says “What qualified immunity?”

        1. The unqualified immunity he qualified for when he was issued his “I’m above the law” badge.

      2. Schools have qualified immunity now?

        1. As stupid as the school personnel were, they didn’t arrest the kid or search his home.

          And yes, QI for the win!

    2. The terrorists retards have won!

  2. You know who else was artistically inclined before people started worrying about him being a threat?

    1. Your mom?

      1. There’s no end to his mom. Like wiping your ass with a hula hoop.

        1. When she sits around the house, she sits a r o u n d the house.

          1. Your momma’s so fat, even Chuck Norris couldn’t kick her ass…

            This is fun!

  3. “thankful that we had a staff member that (saw something that) caused her some concern, and that she had the sense to report it to school officials. These are things that teachers receive training on all the time”

    Stasi Bitch.

    1. Welcome home.

  4. And a libertarian is born!

    1. Holy shit this could be the meme to end all memes.

    2. Well, almost killed, but yeah.

  5. “There was no indication he was making a bomb, or using a bomb or detonating a bomb,” he said.

    FWIW, I tried to make a bomb when I was in high school. (I just wanted to make an explosion, I had no plans for anyone or anything in particular.) I wonder how many nerdy teenagers have tried the same thing.

    Unfortunately, there was no internet in those days, so I didn’t know about the Anarchists’ Cookbook or the uses of fuel oil and fertilizer.

    1. That was one of the advantages of being growing up as a redneck. One of your idiot cousins always knew how to blow up a stump or something. Explosives, guns, cheap beer, moonshine and ditchweed!

      1. Or as I called it: Tuesday.

      2. Ha Ha Ditchweed. I remember people trying to get a buzz off that stuff…with no success.


    2. When I was a kid, we had illegal fireworks(at least they would be illegal today), I think they were just little sticks of dynamite that would blow a 5 gallon metal bucket 100 ft into the air and shred it to shrapnel.

      We would tie a rock to them and throw them into the water to watch the huge explosion of water that would result.

      We blew up practically everything we could get our hands on that we wouldn’t get beaten by our parents for blowing up.

      One time we blew up a can of gasoline and the flaming projectiles from it caught my uncles barn on fire. Luckily we were able to put it out before it did much damage, but that was close. Can’t even remember the times that I came close to blowing off fingers or getting injured by flying debris. Good times they were.

      1. I can remember going fishing with M-80’s. I can also remember watching my grandfather throw small sticks of dynamite into the gravel pit lake and paddle out to collect the fish.

        1. Same here. We also all owned rifles and dirt bikes, when I was 7. The things that we did, if parents today were to witness any of it, they would fall over dead of a heart attack.

          1. Yep. My niece wasn’t allowed to see Wizard of Oz till she was 10 because my sister thought the flying monkeys were scary.

            Of course, if my mom had known some of the things I was doing when I was 7, she would have fallen dead back then too.

            1. The flying monkeys are terrifying.

              We used to run around along the inter-urban and shoot each other with BB guns. Stupid? Yes. But fun as shit.

              1. Been there, done that. I’ve been shot with BB guns so many times I lost count.

                1. Rocks, blades, bats, BBs, pellets, and .22 rounds have all left their marks on my physique.

              2. As I recall, hits from a BB gun arent so bad unless you get one on the skull where the skin is thin. That makes quite a thump. And a bump.

                1. They hurt like a sumbitch and leave a nasty mark; maybe even break the skin if you are hit directly on it.

                  But they won’t do any real damage unless you get hit somewhere in the face.

                  1. Friend of mine lost an eye in middle school that way.

                    Other than picking up a “cyclops” nickname it didnt do him any harm.

              3. You grew up around a shortline electric railroad?

                1. Had to look it up?

                2. Close, but not quite.


                  Abandoned rail bed, stretching through the countryside of rural Indiana.

          2. Did anybody else here carry a shotgun or rifle to school during hunting season and leave it in the gun rack of your (or your friend’s) truck in the parking lot? Gun-free zones my ass.

            1. My dad was a teacher. We would deer hunt before and after school. Had guns in the truck all the time.

              He also taught hunter safety. IN SCHOOL during school hours (activity periods). He had guns and ammo in the classroom during school hours. Let the students, 11 and 12 year olds, handle the guns as part of their training.

            2. No. I saw what happened to a kid who just JOKED about it, and I decided keeping my head down was a better option.

            3. Yup. Used to hunt before school and change/shower in the locker room before class.

              We kept our guns in our trunks though (or stashed under the bench seat of the truck. We also all had buck knives in our pockets throughout the school day too.

              1. My dad claims that when he was in school they used to stand their guns in the corner of the classroom during hunting season.

            4. Only from late September to early March.

        2. Interestingly enough I’m currently looking at three M-80’s sitting on my coffee table. My old man found them at his house cleaning out our old stuff and he figured I could use them to scare away the coyotes that won’t shut up every night on my property. Instead I’ll probably blow something up to relive those glory days.

          1. Be careful, the proglodytes and greenies will want to arrest you for causing stress to the coyotes.

            1. Surprisingly the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania lets you hunt the yelpy pricks all year around with few exceptions. Apparently no one cries for the coyote.

              1. When I lived in Howard County, MD in the Patapsco forest, there was a ravine behind our house and we had to close our windows at certain times of the summer because you couldn’t stand the awful howling from the packs of them that prowled the ravine.

                And I am sure you can’t touch of one of them here, it’s commie MD, so no use to even wonder about it.

                1. “…you couldn’t stand the awful howling from the packs of them that prowled the ravine.”

                  What are y’all talking about? I had to live in town for some years. thumpy-bumpy jive-ass music all night, gunshots and shady characters walking up and down the street all hours….fuck that.

                  We bought a house in the country and moved back to the woods. The nightly howling of red wolves/coyotes is sweet music to my ears.

                  1. I lived in the country most of my life, the rest in the burbs. Never lived in the city. But I can tell you that driving to work, in the city, and having a car pull up next to me with that rap shit some people call music, does make the coyotes sound like music.

                2. Prior to 1995 there was no mention of coyotes in Maryland statute or regulation and it was unclear what, if any, management options were permissible for this species. Realizing these inconsistencies, DNR supported legislation that provided for the legal classification of coyotes as a “Fur-Bearing Mammal”, subject to several sunset clauses. This authorized the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to independently develop management strategies and harvest regulations for this species. Subsequent amendments prescribed certain management options to be instituted by DNR.

                  Specifically these amendments allow for the incidental take of coyotes while a hunter is legally pursuing other game species, and a year round harvest season by predator calling. The amendments further authorized DNR to establish a trapping season for coyotes with harvest regulations determined by DNR. Trapping seasons are established annually by regulation and are concurrent with fox trapping seasons in individual counties.

                  During the 2000 legislative session the General Assembly repealed the sunset clause provisions, thus affording the coyote permanent statutory classification as a “Fur-Bearing Mammal”.

                  Hunt away, my friend. Look in your state’s annual hunting guide for seasons, if there are any. I’ve yet to see a state in which the coyote isn’t an open season game animal.

                  1. Sunset clauses? Like, at some point in the future, coyotes would be bare?

                    1. No, bare. After the law sunsets, they would no longer be fur-bearing mammals.

        3. what’s the fun in that? Oh, right.. dynamite.

      2. Were you one of my childhood friends? Sounds like we know each other.

        1. Me and my cousins and friends were total hellions. Somehow we survived. Back then boys were boys, full of piss and vinegar as my dad would say, and girls were girls, soft and feminine things in skirts that you just wanted to get your paws on.

        2. I think that’s just what stuff kids did in the old days.

      3. We loved to put aerosol cans by the dozens inside a barrel with a lot of tender and set on fire to watch it explode. One barrel even got seriously air borne.

        There was an industrial dump several miles from the neighborhood that we would trek too and bring back supplies to an abandoned tobacco barn we renovated as a club house. We built a hang glider out of sheets of plastic and other supplies and jumped off the roof of the building. Almost got killed, but the fun I had as a kid was off the charts Tom Sawyer.

    3. I saw a PSA on blasting caps when I was 4 and immediately hopped on my tricycle and went looking for blasting caps. I didn’t find any but a few years later I found out my brother was setting them off with a dry cell battery(just like in the PSA!). By the time I reached the IED-experimenting age I had to use Estes rocket motor igniters in my own projects because they started carefully accounting for blasting caps and you couldn’t easily find them just lying around anymore.

      1. The one thing we were too pussy to do was steal sticks of dynamite out of a shed owned by a gentleman farmer neighbor a few miles away from us. We would climb the side of the building to peak at the dynamite from a loft window, but left that shit alone.

    4. tried? WTF?

      High School? What took you so long?

      Let me guess…you rode to school on a smaller bus than most of the kids.

    5. I remember reading the cookbook in the 1980’s. Everything in the book was bad advice. The recipes for bombs were very dangerous to the one building it. Growing weed in a trash can with a 60 watt incandescent bulb? Not gonna work. Smoking banana peels? Not gonna work.

      The cookbook is still good for nostalgic laughs, though.

      1. I got a basic education in explosives from a 1950s “Book of Knowledge” encyclopedia. The local public library branch filled in much of the rest. The USDA and US Army also published excellent information that was readily available for free to pocket change from the county extension agent or Army surplus store. Old magic books used to have detailed recipes for contact explosives and flash powder. I still have all my fingers, eyesight and hearing too. If the DHS/BATFE is reading I haven’t practiced the “hobby” in almost 35 years.

        1. I, personally, was fascinated with the idea of building an atomic bomb. Design was in World Book Encyclopedia. I was ready to do it, but found out that weapons-grade Uranium isotopes are not readily available. Dammit.

    6. I can’t believe nobody else made tennis ball grenades. My cousin and I would poke a hole in a tennis ball and fill it with black powder. Then we would plug the hole with a firecracker (usually a black cat, but an M80 was better when we could get one).

      It’s kind of odd, because now I have a great aversion to setting off fireworks. Seeing the aftermath of do-it-yourself 4th of July displays in the hospital has shifted my opinion of the entertainment value of explosives.

      1. That’s why I didn’t start serious firework making until I was well into adulthood.

      2. Remember Mensan, ER’s depend on the stupidity of people’s choices.

        As per Iron Law:

        You are not free unless you are free to be wrong.*

        *Or stupid.

        1. Wrong and stupid don’t matter as long as you’re “lucky”.

          1. And learn from your wrong and stupid mistakes, of course.

        2. Yeah, and I volunteered to work New Year’s Eve this year. Typically New Year’s has fewer fireworks injuries than July 4th, but more MVAs and other ETOH related injuries.

    7. FWIW, I tried to make a bomb when I was in high school. (I just wanted to make an explosion, I had no plans for anyone or anything in particular.) I wonder how many nerdy teenagers have tried the same thing.

      Me too. Fulminate of iodine. Hell of a report. Leaves a big purple stain and a nasty cloud.

    8. My friends and I *made* bombs in high school, went to the high desert, and blew the holy hell out of shit. Launched a full size fridge we found 30 feet into the air.

      Hey, look at that! We’re all productive members of society now. Not even a lost finger.

      1. You probably had the dumb kid go light the fuse, too. And I’ll bet you’re still his boss today!

  6. The really scary part is that I’ll bet you can find chemicals and electronic parts in virtually every home in this country.

    1. Which, in the mind of these people, only shows the extent of the threat and the need for immediate legislation.

    2. “Guns and computers were seized”

    3. Bar soap, C-cell flashlight, gasoline and batteries makes a pretty decent incendiary device. I’d hazard a guess that 99% of all American households have those four things somewhere in the house and yard.

      1. Terrorists, subject to indefinite detention without charge.

  7. Thought crimes, coming to have arrived in the USSA.

  8. Lest you think it is inherently suspicious a young man would have chemicals or electronic parts

    Oh, give me a break. When I was sixteen I tore crap apart to have a look at the circuit boards all the time.

    1. yeah. i used to do that to hookers for a while. it was a phase

      1. Amateur surgeon, eh? I’ve dabbled a bit myself.

        1. I was an amateur gynecologist for a while.

          1. I’ll just leave this here.*

            *H/T Heroic Mulatto

  9. If he had doodled titties they could have gotten him for rape, too.

  10. Wow, people taking this terrorist nonsense WAY too seriously. It must really suck to be a kid now days!


    1. Anonbot ran on a 386 when it was a kid.

    1. Bake him away, toys.

  11. but were there any mass shootings in Galloway Township? No?


  12. when i was a kid i drew skeletons with M60s shooting people running out of a burning school

    i drew it on the front of my junior high school binder

    the art teacher asked me if i liked drawing, and did i want to spend more time in the studio

    i was like, “fuck that. im not an artist. I’m Metal!”

    1. I had a “Death From Above” shirt with a skeleton carrying an M14 while walking atop piles of dead bodies because my uncle was an airborne Ranger. I never heard a word from any of my teachers. But now, my kids can’t ever wear a red or black solid t-shirt to school because they may cause gang violence.

      We’ve lost it as a society. Fucking lost it.

      1. The basic problem, imho, is the feminization of our society. It has ruined practically everything and made our citizens into frightened sheep.

        1. Calling this shit feminization is an insult to females. This is just pure stupidity with a dash of hypocrisy thrown in.

          1. It might be an insult, but it’s true.

            1. Perhaps Tulpa is confusing feminine with feminism.

        2. Ding ding ding.


  13. This kid is gonna get paid.

    I hope he requires, as part of the settlement, every officer that was a part of this fiasco to kiss his bare ass.

    1. That might be a turn on to an unacceptably large percentage, given some of your PM links…

    2. Unsanitary, and it doesn’t promote change in attitude.

      I hope he requires that every officer involved gets his testicles drive-stunned for five minutes.

  14. OT:
    “Obama says immediate action needed on fiscal cliff”

    Pretty sure this means if the repubs don’t give him everything on his wish list, he’ll ignore the Constitution again and “declare” a new law.
    Myabe one day his supporters will get tired of the Louis XIV act.

    1. Well, he could definitely issue an executive order requiring the IRS to refund any payments over and above the Bush tax rates.

    2. What’s the statutory penalty for disobeying an illegal order?

  15. And his mom told MyFoxPhilly.com that her son had a “passion for collecting old stuff, taking it apart and rebuilding things.”

    Well, there’s only like one degree between collecting old stuff and wanting to blow up stuff!

    The state-paid social worker with the dolls told me so!

    1. The kid was learning on his own time. That’s anathema to the principles of state-run education.

  16. one day his supporters will get tired of the Louis XIV act

    As long as the free stuff keeps flowing, there is not any chance of that happening, and he knows it.

  17. The pants shitting happening right now is fucking amazing.

    The legislation that legislators are going to get from this is making the likes of Pelosi and Feinstein wet.

    1. ‘Taint been wet since the Carter administration.

      1. Depends.

        1. I see what you did there.

          1. Lucky him._((((

    2. They’re not gonna get a bit of legislation out of this. And iff’n they do, a Federal Judge will slap an injunction on them so fast it’ll make their heads spin.

      And on the off-chance they get something passed, this is going to the SC before any guns are taken away or registered.

      1. I hope you are right, sloop. Anyway, the odds are stacked against them, too many pro-gun folks with weapons and AR-15 type weapons are very popular for the same reason that lots of other products are popular, because people love the way they look.

        I can’t buy my AR-15 now because no one has one at a price I am willing to pay. Hopefully this all blows by so I can buy the most radical and deadly looking AR-15 that I can find, and one for the wife in hot pink and black.

      2. I’m not as worried about the blanket bans or the like as I am about the wish list of things that the gun grabbers that have nothing to do with stopping a massacre. Or any other kind of crime.

      3. this is going to the SC before any guns are taken away or registered

        I first read the SC as “South Carolina” and let out with a rebel yell.

  18. a school superintendent says he’s:

    “thankful that we had a staff member that (saw something that) caused her some concern, and that she had the sense to report it to school officials.

    This is why I am reluctant to unreservedly support any plan which advocates arming teachers.

    1. Arm some, incarcerate others. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. This one should be sent to Gitmo.

  19. Peak Retard?

    Every time I call it, someone tops it.

    1. Maybe you should stop calling it. They seem to take it as a challenge.

      1. That’s not new. Every time a foolproof gadget has been invented throughout history, fools have taken it as a challenge and bred a better quality fool.

  20. Holy shit! I just realized that I can type ampersands again! & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & &
    When did this happen?

    1. Two months ago, or so.


      1. Oops, I guess less than and greater than are still out.

        1. I thought you were going “Also, fried chicken”.

          Also, fried chicken.

          1. and my axe!

          2. and my axe!

            1. Double-bladed axe, I see!

    2. Where you been, man?

  21. I toured a juvenile detention facility during my senior year in high school. Granted, it was in north Alabama, so it’s probably worse than most other areas, but children were treated like garbage. They actually began their stay in the facility with a strip search and de-lousing.

  22. Every time I read one of these articles I think, I did that kind of stuff all the time when I was a teenager. I’m fairly certain that if I had been born twenty years later I would have a prison record.

  23. I did that kind of stuff all the time when I was a teenager.

    No shit. We used to have bb gun wars all the time. Imagine what would happen if some hyperventilating old biddy spotted a kid lurking behind the woodpile, pistol at the ready, waiting for somebody to come blundering around the corner of the garage.

    1. I had bb gun fights in the woods BEHIND THE SCHOOL all of the fucking time.

    2. I visited my brother to see what my niece and nephews got for Christmas. The boys got bb guns. I asked if they had received a safety lesson. My nephew said no.

      I love my brother.

      1. Heh, I got an air rifle for Christmas and I’m almost forty five. I love the thing! It has a scope and a silencer.

        Also got a Nook HD (I have a Samsung tablet, so its a bit redundant but my sister means well), loaded with Angry Birds. Now, whenever I close my eyes it looks like Angry Bird physics.

        1. Air rifles are extremely popular in UKR, Killaz. For one, the ammo is much cheaper than shotgun or long rifle ammo.-)

          Also, the paperwork associated with registering (should one choose to do so) is less red tapey.

          1. I just noticed that “red tape” is only three extra letters away from being “rape”.

            Coincidence? I think not.

  24. For the record

    No eyes were shot out.

    1. It’s all fun and games until “I” lose an eye.

      1. then it’s a sport

        1. Which is why curling will never, ever be a sport.-D When was the last time someone lost an eye curling?*

          *The only thing I can think of is if someone pokes out his or her eye with the butt end of the broom whilst scrubbing the ice.

          1. But it has cute girls screaming. What’s not to love?

            1. Big deal. I can witness that at a rock concert. Or even (and you owe America and apology for this) a Justine Bieber concert.

              Opinons vary on whether the hammer is smarter than Squire Biebs…(or his drenched-panties-having pubescent fandom.-)

              1. I must say, that Martin Short himself makes up for a billion biebers.

                1. Denied. Explain both Avril Levigne and Deryck Whibley. And (shudder), they married… Also, David Frum. Shall I go on?-D

                  Seriously, Archduchy, as amazingly talented as Second City Troupe alum is, Squire Biebs effectively nullifies. He’s a pestilence and a plague.

                  Also, you FAIL Canuckistani Culture forever, as I heard nary of a mention of KIDS IN THE HALL!!!!!

                  1. KItH was going to be one of my trump cards.
                    Along with TPB.
                    and the greatest rock band of all, The Northern Pikes.

                    1. Wrong again. You are SO full of FAIL! Clearly your best export was/is Our Lady Peace. Jem Taggart is an amazing drummer! Also, it is impossible to go to any wedding and not hear Kon-Kan.

                      Though I did like TNP.-D

                      “She ain’t pretty she jus’ looks that wayyy…!”

                    2. Trick Question.
                      The real greatest canadian band ever is the Tragically Hip.

                      And oh yeah

                      THE SHAT

                    3. TPB are Newfies. They are the parve of Canadialandia, meaning no points awarded or deducted.

                      Oh, and my trump card before I head out for the day…


                      **Lays open cards on table. Folds arms.**

                    4. Two words: Celine Dione.

                      I don’t care how many Shatners or Rushes you produce, it’s going to be a LONG time before you make up for that one.

                    5. TPB are not Newfies, they are from Nova Scotia.

                    6. HA! My trick question, and you fell into my trap! I knew they hail from Novelle Skosh, and a reason why they will be eliminated in my Maritime Annihilation Project (sans PEI) along with Newfoundland and Montreal, Quebec, CAN.

                      Newfies are slobbering beasts, incapable of human speech and must be destroyed. I will of course spare the dog breed.

                      I’m not too, too far from the Carpathians, and could easily set up a Doctor Evil!-type stronghold. Everyone knows The Carpathians are well-suited for Lairs of Diabolical Evil!

                2. And Rush covers both of them in your dirty Canuckistani soil to be forgotten forever.

  25. For the “Home of the Pirates”, these Cedar Hills people are sure a bunch of pussies.

    1. Well, they didn’t specify what kind of pirate.

      1. I’m thinking “butt”.

        1. The clinical term is “proctologist”.-D

        2. You are thinking of Butte County Idaho

  26. OT: http://freethoughtblogs.com/di…..more-14134

    Ed Brayton pleads with liberals to maintain their intellectual integrity when it comes to the matter of the filibuster. His commenters side with liberal hypocrisy.

    1. It’s too nice of an evening; log on the fire, you know. I’ll pass on clicking on that.

    2. Much more enjoyable: O’Rourke on Obama’s econ ignorance.
      “Dear Mr. President, Zero-Sum Doesn’t Add Up”

      1. How could the world be so obviously better off now than 100 years ago if economics were zero-sum?

        Go back in time to 1912, and the average modern-day American would be god-like.

        1. “Go back in time to 1912, and the average modern-day American would be god-like.”

          Stretch a bit. In oh dark XX, there were 10,000 humans eating lichen and boiling rocks for dinner.
          The world’s population is now ~7Bn and we’ve never had it so good.
          I’m pretty sure Obama ‘didn’t build that’.

          1. Actually, it’s insulting when statists claim that non-statists wish to revert human civilization back to hunter-gathering.

            Actually, the first governments were formed to siphon the value-creating power of the hunter-gatherer population. Basically, the pyramids of Egypt are a lasting testament to this.

            1. “Actually, the first governments were formed to siphon the value-creating power of the hunter-gatherer population”

              I’m sure the first was an attempt to suck value from those who did h-g, but it got a shot in the arm once humanity became sedentary and started farming; got more expensive to run from the tax man.
              Since that day, reasonable humans have tried to tame the thugs who *will* form a government. The US founders did a pretty good job, but it’s obvious that it’s a work in digress.

              1. The more you’re able to produce, the more the government wants to steal.

                You also pointed out that farming and industry made us sedentary, making it easier for governments to control us.

                It would seem tyranny is all but inevitable.

                1. Caleb Turberville| 12.28.12 @ 9:36PM |#
                  “You also pointed out that farming and industry made us sedentary, making it easier for governments to control us.”
                  Any time it gets harder to run from thugs, the thugs gain advantages. But those (sedentary economic activities) are also the qualities that provide human welfare.
                  “It would seem tyranny is all but inevitable.”
                  I’m an optimist, pretty sure there is a structure that will prevent the shitheads of the world from killing the host on which they feed.
                  They need to be fed since with whatever slops decent society provides since they’re pathetically unable to feed themselves, but only with slops, and never under their control. Sorta like never letting the dog get on the table.
                  Again, the US founders did a hell of a job, and it’s worth using as a basis. Given that the shitheads of the world are very talented at appealing to emotion, even the next try isn’t likely to be the final one, but you keep kicking at that sleazy parasite and parasites lose over time.

                  1. but you keep kicking at that sleazy parasite and parasites lose over time.

                    The monumental growth of government in both size and scope would suggest that you’re wrong.

                    Government is getting bigger everywhere, and the monumental failure of the total state everywhere it has sprung its ugly head has not deterred statists; it has only strengthened their resolve in the idea that the system is not at fault, but those who run it, and if only The Rest of Us would get on board, we’d all be bathing in the waters of Utopia Beach for 36 weeks a year, 6 hour work days the rest of the time, and nary a care in the world except for making sure that the racists of the world don’t return.

    3. “…Ed Brayton pleads with liberals to maintain their intellectual integrity.”

      You cant maintain what you dont have.

      1. The closest you can encounter an intellectually and morally consistent liberal in real life is probably Ed Brayton.

        The closest you can get for a conservative is probably John Milius.

        1. Walter Russell Mead is also a readable liberal.

          Unlike Chait.

  27. I remember the first time I FINALLY decided to pull apart bullets to make a giant pile o’ gunpowder. Set if off right in the driveway – we lived in a nice, typical 1960’s neighborhod of ranch houses, so this was in full view of…everyone.

    WHOOOOOSH! It was tremendous!

    Also, Estes rockets. And, dousing everything we owned with lighter fluid to see how long it burned before deforming.

    Good times….how I’ve lived to 50, I’ll never know. The toys get more expensive, faster and more accurate, but it’s still all about blowing up shit and driving like you’re already dead.
    Also, fuck tha poe lease.

    1. I was hacksawing open shotgun shells I found in someone’s trash and hit a quartz rock with the blade. Lost a bit of eyebrow but even at 10 I was smart enough to have isolated the rest of the powder. I had the shell on a piece of wood but the wood was on a quartz outcropping.

  28. More OT: Not knowing what they are exactly, I’m guessing Chicago’s gun control laws are doing exactly as much good as Feinstein’s “assault weapon ban”:
    “McCarthy issued a statement Friday calling the milestone a “tragic number that is reflective of the gang violence and proliferation of illegal guns that have plagued some of our neighborhoods.””
    I’m sure the solution is a gun control law; always works.

    1. Shocked. Some of the most-idiotic, useless strictest gun lawz in the cunt tree, and yet so many deaths of “school aged children”. THAT IS UNPOSSIBLE!

      Market failure. Also, needs moar lawz.

      Fuck Chicago. And Rahm Emanuel. And the President, and congress, and all the bitch ass motherfuckers everywhere crowing for more “do something”.

      1. Well, the ones of us who are not sheep and can think clearly with reason and logic and not just pure emotion, know that when they ‘do something’, it will not be a fix for anything, but will only cause more problems.

        That is why I am so happy that I got my wifes Visa process over with before they ‘do something’ about immigration.

        Comprehensive Immigration Reform = Fuck up the already fucked up immigration process beyond anyones worst possible nightmare.

    2. Yes, of course. The tragedy is only made worse by the fact that the murder rates in comparable cities in shall-issue states are way lower, which is kind of ironic since that’s where these illegal guns supposedly originate.

      1. As hostile as you are to Iron Law, more than a few apply to Chi-Town’s ridiculous (and IMO morally indefensible) gun policies.

  29. Hey, sloopy, emjoying “Pitch Perfect” yet? I think they filmed that at Wright State University…maybe it was Bowling Green.

    1. According to Wikipedia, it’s The Louisiana State University. IMDb only says Louisiana.

  30. When the fuck is the Obama admin going to send in the jackboots to end this MJ legalization fiasco in WA and CO?

    Come on O, you fucking pussy, you just gonna sit there lookin like a big eared doofus while we laugh at you?

    Hmm, I am getting this idea. The states overwhelm the feds with passing new laws in opposition to the feds, at a pace that they cannot keep up with.

  31. Is this the same guy that holds Hugo Chavez in such high regard?

    USA is Orwellian State

    Not that I disagree with him on this, I am just questioning the motive of the source.

  32. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/…..41809.html

    You mean this guy?

    Bonus, Michael Moynihan’s take: http://www.thedailybeast.com/a…..um=twitter

    1. Oops, that was meant for Hyperion.

      1. I got that.

        1. But I wasn’t talking about Penn, I was referring to Oliver Stone.

          Penn is a douchebag, I don’t think anyone on the right will question that.

          1. Stone’s films are stupid, but they’re redeemed by their feverish insanity.

            1. I don’t know how many times I started to watch that film he made about Chavez, but I just couldn’t do it, knowing that it had to be stupid. I really cannot even stand the site of that little fat head dictator.

              1. I still love Salvador. I don’t know if it was what Stone intended but my takeaway was for all the death squad hell James Woods only runs into real trouble in the USA before and after his trip. In El Salavdor he could talk or buy his way out of trouble but it was totally inescapable in the US.

            2. I have a friend who thinks JFK is the true story.

              1. It’s the best comedy of 1991. Everything about it is silly.

    2. Jesus, don’t read the comments.

      1. He doesn’t.

  33. In former Soviet Ukraine, bomb blows up YOU!*

    Good morning, Reasonoids!-D

    *Yes, I posted this yesterday, but seem appropos today for this Reason post.

    1. Good evening, GM! Up pretty early, are you? Sparkly morning there?

      1. I have to do some traveling today (shudder, the Hyundai bullet TRAINZ are notoriously unreliable D/T the cold snap).

        I usually wake up ~04.00 or so. (I only sleep 4 hours/day. Oversleeping for me is rare).

        -1C and kinda overcast. I want to get to the cafe and chat with that nice cashier whilst I eat my breakfast.-)

        1. GM, if it’s not too much to ask, WIH are you in the Ukraine?
          And, hey, -1*C is, what, 31*F? Even SF is only 18*F above that right now: http://weather.sfgate.com/US/CA/San_Francisco.html

          1. It’s not too much to ask. Medical expatriation. I am practicing medicine for a private hospital outfit, and they needed an extremely qualified surgeon. I happen to be one (FACS). Bonus points were awarded for language skills. Extra bonus points were awarded for an extended contractual stay. Doubleplus bonus points awarded for experience with rural medicine and complicated cases. Needless to say, they bent over backwards to meet my requests, including shielding me from FATCA as much as the law allows (possibly then some). Under UKR medical law, my malpractice insurance is peanuts compared to what I was paying in the states (110k USD/year).

            Without going too much more into it, it’s more beneficial for me, overall, to have fled the USA and ObamneyCare.

            Yeah, -1C is ~31F. It was much colder earlier this month ~(-32C), and it’s very windy in Donets’k and the surrounding area oblast’. Normally this time of year, it’s around 20-25F, so we have a bit of a warm spell.

            I also hope to maybe find the future Mrs. Groovus here, if Fate permits.

            1. So you’re basically a mail order husband?

              1. No, Tulpa (though when I went to Kiev to finalized all my paperwork and licensing, this was specifically mentioned and was given a packet of info on marriage to a UKR wifey). I am still a citizen of the US (need that for my medical license) and considered legally a tax resident of UKR.

                One of my instant deal-breakers is if the words “green card” are mentioned at any time in conversation.

  34. When a 16-year-old New Jersey boy doodled in his notebook on Tuesday, December 18, he probably didn’t expect to be arrested by the end of the day. However, when school officials saw the sketches, which they state appeared to be of weapons, and the boy “demonstrated behavior that caused them to be concerned,” the police were called.

    A subsequent search of the boy’s home led to his arrest because they found several electronic parts and chemicals. He was charged with the possession of an explosive device and put in juvenile detention.

    Thoughtcrime does not entail death: Thoughtcrime is death.

  35. Mankini Golfer on the lose.

    1. loose?

      1. You were correct the first time. That choadster definitely lost when they were passing out peckers.-D

  36. Effective thought crime policing begins in primary school..pre-school…in the womb.

    Always remember, citizen, preventing thought crime is YOUR responsibility. Violators shall be punished.

  37. Man it msut really suck to be a kid now days!


    1. Particularly with all the pedobots running around.

  38. “These are things that teachers receive training on all the time.”

    I see that the “how-not-to-be-a-dick” training didn’t work very well.

    And that’s why we can’t trust teachers to be trained to handle firearms!

  39. The State likes to stifle individuality. This is just another example of it. Using “terrorist” avenues, they can make any kid who doesn’t fit the mold seem dangerous. I suspect the teacher (who needs to get out more) is overly paranoid and should not be rewarded for this knee-jerk idiocy. Of course, since this is what the teacher is supposed to do (even in a “magnet” school), I guess we’ll never get to hit the teacher on the nose with a newspaper.

    You just can’t be a good Obamite drone when you draw flaming gloves.

  40. I bet it would be a hoot to try explaining the “social contract” to this kid with a straight face

  41. As a kid in school, I drew countless doodles of guns, planes, tanks, and bombs blowing stuff up. This is, to me, a normal thing for boys to do.

  42. I was called to a conference when my son was in third grade for a drawing he made of two soldiers firing guns. You should have seen their faces when I started laughing. He’d been at a sleepover the weekend before where his friend’s older brother had been playing CoD and had been jabbering about it non stop to me. When I told them that, they said, “That’s what he told us, too”. And I am here again why?

    BTW, need I remind you that over half your student body are military brats. And this is Virginia.

  43. Teach your children, and teach them well. Schools are places of danger and political repression. They must always guard their thoughts from the Thought Police, and learn to parrot back the political nonsense demanded by their Gauleiters, er, teachers, while holding the Truth in their hearts.

    They must be subtle as snakes, for the School will crush them if they aren’t.

  44. So six year old boys who draw planes with guns that shoot bullets which are guns shooting bullets (and the whole plane is a gun) are now suspicious? Because I’m only 23 and nobody thought anything of that when I was a little kid.

  45. This exact same thing happened to me in middle school. Shortly after Columbine. I didn’t get a Brickbat!

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