Fiscal Cliff

House to Return Sunday to Deal with Fiscal Cliff

Plenty of time for media panic in the meantime


The U.S. House of Representatives is set to return on Sunday, paving the way for frenzied final negotiations to avoid the tax increases and spending cuts set to take hold next week.

House Republican leaders outlined the schedule in a Thursday afternoon conference call with rank-and-file Republican lawmakers. The plan, as described by people on the call, means that lawmakers would spring back into action just as the country is on the brink of heading over the so-called fiscal cliff.

"The hope is the Senate will act responsibly and send us back their plan—either pass the bill we sent them or send us back what they pass," said Rep. Blake Farenthold (R., Texas). "We're coming back on Sunday to be ready to address what the Senate sends us."

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  1. So we (the people who have to pay for this shit) are going to get stuck with somebody’s ‘rush-job’ solution, with all the mistakes and just plain nasty crap built into it, all so the politicos can claim they’ve ‘done something’.
    Stick a mickey fin in every water pitcher in the capitol, and make it a double.

    1. You assume that if they spent months writing the legislation that there would be no “unintended consequences”. That is where you went wrong.

      The government has reached a point of almost only writing legislation that does more harm than good.

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