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Brickbat: Deadly Weapon


Pennsylvania police say they will charge a 13-year-old boy at Tamaqua Middle School with disorderly conduct for pointing his finger like a gun at other students. The boy, who wasn't identified by local media, has been suspended by the school.


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  1. Yay, I get to start the day by contemplating suicide again.

  2. Remember that time you got suspended for playing cowboys and indians as a kid?

    Me neither.

  3. It’s almost as bad as forgoing alt-text!

    (In some cultures, pointing a finger at someone is considered pretty rude, but that has nothing to do with guns.)


  5. God bless those vague, catch-all charges. What would LEO do without them?

    1. Uh huh, looks like we have a little breach of the peace here. What’s that? Are you arguing with me? Ok then, resisting arrest and assaulting an officer. I’m assuming you are also a felon in possession of a handgun. What’s that green leafy substance in your pocket?

    2. Stop resisting, Fist.

  6. That’s not enough! We need a ban on assault fingers.

  7. I wonder if the finger was black… that would have made it even SCARIER!!


  8. Man it must really suck to be a kid now days, cant have any fun at all!

    1. Just when I start to think this is the worst anonbot ever (I mean, it doesn’t even have a funny name or anything), it says something true.

      Then I realize that makes me hate it even more.

  9. I was a kid during the ninja craze of the 1980s. Half the school had nunchucks or throwing stars or something. And the other half had pocket knives.

    We’d all still be in jail, if schools then were like the ones now.

    1. Me too, I remember winning a pair of nunchucks with a bunch if skee-ball tickets at the arcade.

    2. I was a kid during the ninja craze of the 1980s. Half the school had nunchucks or throwing stars or something. And the other half had pocket knives.

      There was a martial-arts store across the street from my bus stop when I was in junior high, so I had a nice little throwing star collection, too. If the teacher had caught me with one in class, he/she would’ve taken it till the end of the day, and that would’ve been the end of it. Being that this was Los Angeles, some of my classmates also brought loaded guns to school. Of course, even in the ’80s, that might’ve bene dealt with a little more harshly . . .

      1. A kid a few grades above me brought a gun to school and managed to shoot himself in the leg. The only school days he missed were the ones while he was out recovering and he didn’t get in that much trouble with the police. If that happened today the whole district would be on lockdown and the kid would probably arrested and subsequently tried as adult.

        1. You went to school with Plaxico Burress?

  10. Alt-Text: “Don’t point that thing at me. It has a nail in it!”

  11. Yup, as a country we’re officially fucked now. I hope my obedience collar comes in chrome.

  12. The article doesn’t say, but I’d like to think that the parents have been taken in for questioning and that DCF (or whatever it’s called in PA) has been alerted.

    1. Maybe they’ll be tortured, and held indefinitely in some third world prison in a jungle somewhere. And the kid should be taken away and given to a child molester/wife beating alcoholic. And should definitely have that finger cut off.

  13. Absolutely do everything you can to keep your kids out of public school. Only the most destitute and constrained parents should even contemplate putting their kids in public school.

  14. As an alumni of is particular school district, it’s rather sad that it has dipped to these lows. However given the path it was following while I attended, and has been continueing to follow it is not surprising, especially since the superintendent seems to think of the students more as inmates than students.

  15. No, really, this happened in Nazi Germany in the 1930’s, right? Or, communist China, or, in some third world country, long ago…..right? Like, Pennsylvania Somalia, right? “Disorderly conduct” is arresting someone by making stuff up, to arrest someone. A crime requires a victim, who has been harmed by someone. It’s clear who the criminals are in this, and who the victim who was harmed is. It’s also clear that insane people, who are apparently a danger to the public, are allowed to run free there.

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