Hundreds Line Up for LA Gun Buyback Program

Though only a small number of them are from those large-scale assault categories people worry about


More than 575 guns had been collected by mid-day Wednesday in L.A.'s gun buyback, as people waited for up to two hours to turn over firearms—no questions asked—in exchange for gift cards.

While police say the bulk of the guns are "mom and pop guns"—hunting rifles and shotguns—the haul includes a handful of larger-scale weapons, including at least 15 assault rifles.

At the Van Nuys buyback station—one of two in the city of Los Angeles—one of the first guns to be collected was a Bushmaster rifle that was the same type used at this month's massacre at an elementary school in Newtown, Conn.

Other guns collected included semiautomatic handguns typically associated with gang violence and street crime.


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  1. Ah, it makes me so proud of my native country that the U.S. (well California at least) is emulating Australia’s gun buyback scheme. Of course, we banned the guns and then bought them back, so it really was more stealing and compensation on the part of the government than anything voluntary. So yes, at enormous public cost (sometimes with money taken from the very people they compensating) we reduced the number of gun owners from 7% to 5%, thus making the greenies happy by legislating their enemies closer to extinction while also making the country safer than ever. It’s all there in the statistics. Oh wait…

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