Nanny of the Month

Busting Bikinis and the Cop Who Wants to Fine Cursing! (Nanny of the Year 2012)


Kick off awards season with the only show that shines the spotlight on those who make it their business to mind your business. Live (to tape) from Hollywood, it's the fourth annual Nanny of the Year Awards!

Who will claim the Nanny this year? Might it be the Arizona pol who's cracking down on advertisers who photoshop models to make them more attractive? (We assume she's preparing campaigns against other deceptions like makeup and lighting.) How about that New Jersey crusader who's itching to bust bikinis? Or thepolice chief from Massachusetts who refused to let obstacles like the First Amendment deter him from championing an ordinance that fines folks for public profanity?

The Nannies have been as male-dominated as the Academy Award for best director, but for the first time in history most of the nominees are women! Will this be the the year that Nanny gold finally ends up in a woman's hands?

A little over two minutes. (If only all awards shows were that quick!)

"Nanny of the Year," is written and produced by Ted Balaker, who also hosts. Shot by Paul Detrick and Alex Manning. Motion graphics by Austin Bragg.

Correction: Ted Balaker should have referenced the Sylvester Stallone epic Demolition Man rather than the Sylvester Stallone epic Judge Dredd. We regret the error and Balaker has already been sentenced to watch the Sylvester Stallone epic Spy Kids 3D: Game Over by a just and angry god.

To watch previous Nanny of the Month (and Year) episodes, go here:

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  1. Why were all those celebrities wearing last year’s fashions? And did I see Andy Griffith in the audience?

    Also, the audio clip was from Demolition Man, not Judge Dredd.

  2. Sylvester Stallone epic Demolition Man rather than the Sylvester Stallone epic Judge Dredd.

    They really are the same movie.

    1. Don’t even joke about that. One had Rob Schneider in it, the other had political prisoner Wesley Snipes,

  3. WHY AM I DENIED A HAT TIP OR SOME FUCKING THING FOR POINTING OUT THE ERROR IN CINEMATIC REFERENCING? Is it because you think it would swell my head? Because I can assure you that that is no longer possible.

  4. I could do without the celebritrash.

  5. If I didn’t know better, I’d say that Reason used a screen grab of a half naked girl to encourage more clicking/reading of this story………

    1. I encourage more of that kind of encouragement.

  6. Here in North Dakota the people who rammed through the smoking ban have actually bought time on radio/TV POST-ELECTION to tell us all what a wonderful thing they did for us: “North Dakota is now free from the threat of seond-hand smoke…” AHs…

    1. That only proves that not all of the idiots are in California or DC.

  7. I don’t see why banning bikinis on a public boardwalk in unacceptable. If it’s publicly owned, shouldn’t the public have a right to determine how it is used? True, in a perfect society it would be privately owned. In that case, the private owners would probably also ban bikinis, for quality of life and property value reasons.

    1. Nothing brings down the quality of life or property values than bikinis. Just ask those who own property in Malibu or Ipanema.

      1. If it’s an upscale, family friendly business it sure does. I wonder how many private malls let people walk around in bikinis?

    2. “I don’t see why banning bikinis on a public boardwalk in unacceptable.”

      Because you are mentally ill. Your oppositional-defiant disorder is on constant display here and it does get boring quickly.

  8. The comments on Youtube are vomit-inducing. The gun-control crowd is simply incapable of producing anything more than ad hominem attacks in defense of their irrational fears.

  9. And this year’s Nanny lifetime achievement award goes to (drumroll) – Mayor Bloomburg….

  10. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

    Am I opposed to have a law on the books against public swearing? H%!! no.

    I am being facetious yet…

    I don’t take my kids to the state fair because of all the 13-18 year olds that, very loudly and repeatedly drop f-bombs. My money goes to funding the state fair, yet my family can’t enjoy it. These laws have been on the books for the majority of the history of the country and have been used discriminantly to reign in unruly drunks, etc.

    There are certainly much more egregious cases of nannyism, starting with the Queen Nanny herself pushing arugula to the school kids and the court jester, Bloomberg, limiting soda pop but advocating drug legalization.

  11. Your decision to omit NYC’s Nanny Bloomberg lessens your credibility.

    1. Sorry, my comment should begin with “Erahhh,”…

  12. Merry Christmas,NBA ,NFL 2012

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