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Django Unchained

Quentin Tarantino and Jamie Foxx redress the horrors of American slavery.


With Django Unchained, Quentin Tarantino finally comes of age as a filmmaker. Tarantino's brilliance as a writer and craftsman have always been clear. But even his last picture, the Holocaust revenge fantasy Inglourious Basterds, was overwhelmed by his geeky obsession with vintage genres (in that case, old war movies). When he showed us a group of Jews huddled in a basement being shot through the floorboards above, but declined to go below and show them actually dying (it might have clouded the film's comedy), he shortchanged the movie's putative subject.

With Django, the director has brought off a perfect marriage of style and history. He has appropriated the universe of another beloved genre, the spaghetti western (in particular Sergio Corbucci's brutal 1966 cult film, Django), and set within it an unsparing tale of American slavery. The movie is outrageously funny, but it's also unflinchingly committed to a full exploration of the horrors of its subject. Where many movies about black bondage are diluted by liberal hankie-wringing, this one feels fueled by a black rage that still simmers today. It might be the most savage cinematic depiction of slavery ever made.

Some early reviewers have expressed dismay about the movie's extensive deployment of the word "nigger." ("It's a nigger on a horse," says one marveling cretin as a black man rides by on his mount.) It's hard to know what to say about such a reaction, except to point out that, hey, it's a movie about slavery.

The story is set just before the Civil War. It begins in Texas, with a group of chained slaves being herded through a parched landscape by odious white overseers. Tarantino shows us the raw lash marks on the black men's backs, and we feel their beaten-down spiritual weariness. Then a small horse-drawn coach approaches. There's a huge wobbling tooth mounted on its top. It's driven by Dr. King Schultz (Christoph Waltz, who won an Oscar for his performance as the sinister Nazi in Inglourious Basterds and is unimprovably excellent here). Schultz is a German immigrant and itinerant frontier dentist. He tells the puzzled overseers he wants to buy a slave, but they quickly learn that he has something else in mind. Schultz's sideline is bounty-hunting—apprehending wanted criminals and bringing them back dead or alive. Mostly dead, it appears. After making quick work of the overseers, he picks a slave named Django (Jamie Foxx, magnetic throughout) to join him in his quest for a fugitive gang called the Brittle Brothers. The slave finds this to be an attractive offer: killing white oppressors and getting paid for it? Excellent.

The movie may be a slightly overlong at two hours and 45 minutes, but Tarantino has packed it with great scenes and wild dialogue, and it pretty much flies by. Django has a quest of his own to pursue: finding his wife, Broomhilda (Kerry Washington), from whom he was separated when their sadistic master purposely sold her separately to another slaver. (Broomhilda was given her name by an immigrant owner, who also taught her to speak German—a point that pays off later in the film.) Along the way on their individual missions, Schultz and Django have many colorful adventures, most of them presented with a breathtakingly inventive comical flourish.

Passing through a frontier town, Schultz takes Django into the local saloon—a major violation of the prevailing racial code. The sheriff is summoned, but before he can deal with the interloping troublemakers, Schultz spots him as an outlaw with a generous bounty on his head. This is really too bad for the sheriff.

The journey proceeds. There's an eventful stopover at the plantation of a white-haired slaveholder called Big Daddy (Don Johnson) before Schultz and Django finally arrive at Candie Land, a feudal estate run by one Calvin Candie (Leonardo DiCaprio, digging into a juicy part). Candie amuses himself and his guests with exhibitions of "Mandingo fighting"—a vicious pastime in which two male slaves are brought into an elegant drawing room to beat each other senseless while the white men look on appreciatively. Complicating this household is the presence of Candie's head slave and butler, Stephen (Samuel L. Jackson, a wonder beneath a spackling of old-man makeup). Stephen has a complex relationship with Candie, whom he's known since the younger man's infancy, and his devious machinations on behalf of his fond owner become a lethal threat to the two new visitors.

It's odd to find yourself laughing so hard at a movie that shows us so much that is hideous: black people being whipped and savaged by dogs and locked into a metal "hot box" for days on end under the broiling sun. It's a measure of Tarantino's ferocious talent that none of this feels like travesty. Throughout the film, Foxx's character acts as an angel of retribution, violently righting all wrongs, and we cheer him on.

The cast is characteristically rich in vintage faces: Michael Parks, Bruce Dern, Russ Tamblyn—even Franco Nero, who starred in the original Django. I always feel it's a mistake for Tarantino to appear in his own movies—this time with an Aussie accent, yet. His famous face is a distraction. But as quibbles go, this is a minor one.

The movie is further enriched by the raging eclecticism of its soundtrack, which ranges from spaghetti vets Ennio Morricone and Luis Bacalov (the composer who scored the 1966 Django) to Jim Croce, Rick Ross, and John Legend. Only Tarantino, I think, could mash all this stuff together and make it work—saluting both the genre glory of the old Italian westerns and the electric throb of an enduring black rage.

The iniquity of slavery is nothing to joke about, which is why it has usually been approached with careful gravity. Tarantino's genius here is to allow his star to take vengeance on the institution's long-departed practitioners, and in the process rouse us (and the two black people sitting next to me at the screening I saw) to a harsh and cleansing laughter. 

Editor's Note: This article has been updated.

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  1. So Reason likes a movie where a black guy “gets to kill all the white people, how great is that?”. Surprise, surprise.

    1. And that differs from “every Blaxplotation movie ever”, how?

      1. No pimps.

        1. Leonardo DiCaprio is dressed like a pimp.

      2. so previous stupidity is justified by more of it?

        1. If it’s funny enough, yes.

          1. Who knew Death Wish was a comedy?

    2. Is your butt hurting?

    3. Just because SNL isn’t funny doesn’t mean it should be taken seriously.

  2. After Jamie Foxx’s participation in this farce:

    Demand a Plan to End Gun Violence

    He has joined my list of persona non grata Hollywooders. No more money for you.

    1. His recent public comments make it hard for me to watch this flick at the theater and not have it ruined, too.

      1. He doesn’t seem to mind making significant scratch off glorifying gun violence.

    2. Demand a Plan to End Gun Violence

      End all “gun-free zones.”

      Comments are disabled for this video.


    3. Perhaps he’d be willing to have his bodyguards disarm themselves – just as a show of good faith?

      1. People calling for more taxes can send a cheque to the IRS as show of good faith, yet they don’t. I bet you his answer would be that first everyone else has to get rid of theirs guns before his bodyguards do.

        1. Jerry on the road| 12.24.12 @ 5:07PM |#
          “People calling for more taxes can send a cheque to the IRS as show of good faith, yet they don’t”…

          No they don’t.
          They send them to organizations which actually require results from the donations.
          And those “results” are not UAW or SEIU voting blocks.
          Warren Buffett is a world class hypocrite.

  3. I just watched an Eddie Griffin comedy special and every other word out of his mouth was “nigga”.

  4. Wow, the social significance just…[snore] wait, what?

  5. The yokeltards are coming out of the woodwork to bash this movie. Huh, Wonder why?

    1. Embarrassment? Cognitive Dissonance? Don’t like that Eye-talian talkin’ ’bout great-grand pappy that way?

      1. Leftists make hay out of racial politics, so Rightists and their Yokeltarian brethren come out of the woodwork to troll them as retardedly as possible.

        Hey, it explains Lew Rockwell.

        1. does is make a difference which side of making hay of racial politics? Sometimes, buffoonery is just buffoonery.

          1. does is make a difference which side of making hay of racial politics? Sometimes, buffoonery is just buffoonery.

            Indeed. It would be a shame if this film becomes the next culture war battleground. It’s just another Hollywood empowerment fantasy. Just like Batman plays with the idea “Hey, wouldn’t it be great if a superhero fought crime.” Inglourious Basterds asks “Hey, wouldn’t it have been great if we actually got to kill Hitler?” Just as Django does for the injustices of the pre-bellum USA. No one confuses Gotham for the real New York, just as we shouldn’t confuse these films for anything other than pulp fiction.

            1. My boyfriend, who is not a fan of Tarantino for other reasons, was wary of this one for the same “another Hollywood empowerment fantasy” reason, worrying that people would confuse the film for history. I haven’t seen this one or Inglorious Basterds, so I don’t really have an opinion on the likelihood of that. He has Tarantino Derangement Syndrome anyway.

              1. Why should we judge film’s merits by the lowest common denominator? The person who goes into Django thinking that Reservoir Dogs was an accurate portrayal of police work is already beyond saving.

                Just as appreciation of Kill Bill requires knowledge of the Shaw Brothers, an appreciation of the tropes and schemes of 70’s blaxploitation is a prerequisite to “get” Django .

                1. For sure. To be fair, we weren’t talking at the time about the film’s merits, but trying to explain the Drudge-gasm that happened when it was released (or whenever it was).

                  The flip side, though, is that that’s also why the bf actually dislikes Tarantino. You know, “it’s totally unoriginal, and I like the source material too much to want it to be messed with.” Me, I just like virtuosity, and perfect things even if they are small and precious. I like (what I have seen of) Tarantino for the same reason I like (most of what I have seen of) Wes Anderson: because when Uma Thurman steps off that bus and “These Days” starts playing, everything is completely perfect.

                  1. That was Gwyneth Paltrow, not Uma Thurman. You’ve confused yourself.

            2. Inglourious Basterds asks “Hey, wouldn’t it have been great if we actually got to kill Hitler?”

              And Sniper Elite V2 lets you do it. Fucking great game.

            3. The word for “pre-bellum” is “antebellum”. HTH

            4. What’s really obnoxious about this movie is that Tarantino’s been reduced to ripping himself off at this point. This is, what, his third major revenge flick in a row? The man is literally bereft of ideas now.

              I guess the next Tarantino movie will be called “White Buffalo,” about a noble Native American boy who grows up to raid white settlements on the Plains. Maybe he can get Elizabeth Warren to make a cameo.

    2. Fuck You and all your Cosmotarian kind.

      1. By “Fuck You” Chris means that he currently has his cock in his daughter’s mouth right now. (He refers to his daughter only as “you”) By “Cosmotarian” he means anyone who drives a better truck than him, because the 15-year-old truck he drives so that he can afford the private school that knows not to risk their tuition money by reporting Mallory’s molestation of his daughter.

        1. By “he currently has his cock in his daughter’s mouth right now”, Mulatto means himself, as his habit of using the word “he” instead of “I” is old and becoming boring to many. Substitute as required though the rest of Mulatto’s post.

          Drink! Arse! Feck! Girls!

          1. To play this game, you got to come up with something better than “I am rubber and you are glue…”

    3. Hey what’s more libertarian than stylized violence to stir up racial hatred.

      1. Yes, a White guy and a Black guy working together as team of bounty hunters is stirring up “racial hatred”.

        C’mon son!

        1. Seriously, if you’re a white person who looks at this as racial enmity against you, then I suggest you put down the Go-Go Culture War Juice and shut the fuck up.

          1. Yep, and only black rapists should have been offended by “Birth of a Nation

            1. It’s not 1914, and it’s not 1970-something for that matter. It’s a completely different context, a context where Tarantino can make an homage to films like http://www.youtube.com/watch?v…..oss Nigger with a wink and a nudge.

              1. Boss Nigger

                Goddamn you, you diabetic daemon!

              2. Yokels like VG don’t unnerstan’ this complicated stuff. “Homage”? Sounds gay! you queer?

                1. It’s great that an action director gets Rex Reed and the like to dance like puppets, but just how much do you buy into Tarantino’s auteur schtick? Just enough to tweak a troll like Chris Mallory?

                  1. but just how much do you buy into Tarantino’s auteur schtick?

                    For me? Not much. I like that Taranatino takes my guilty pleasures 70’s Kung-Fu, blaxploitation, etc. (The fucker needs to punch JJ Abrams in the nads and do a Godzilla/Gamera homage) and turns them up to 11 with a big Hollywood budget. I go to his films to have fun, not to see cinematic art.

                    1. I feel the same. As a mesh up artist, he is no Ishmael Reed making high art from middle brow source material. Inglorious Basterds should clue one in on QT’s severe limitations. But it is damn fun when he is on his game. I wished he had picked anyone but Jamie Foxx for that role, but that is part of the calculation he made isn’t it? Everyone hates that rat face fuck.

                2. It’s gay only if you pronounce it the French way.

                3. Someone get more vodka for that Cosmo stat!

                  1. I know when I think “Quentin Tarantino”, I think “cocktail party”.

                  2. Rubbing alcohol for the butthurt yokeltarian, stat!

          2. A portion of the population won’t get that the South depicted in Django is, intentionally, not the South of history, just as the Nazi Germany of Inglourious Basterds wasn’t historical.

            1. why let facts get in the way of a favored narrative?

              1. Really man? C’mon! Did you think the Blair Witch Project was a documentary?

                1. I’m agreeing with your comment; why are you arguing about that? There will be plenty who leave the theater believing “yup, that’s exactly who it was; all them crackers owned slaves”.

                  1. Ah, sorry.

                2. It… Not… WHAT? O.o

            2. why let facts get in the way of a favored narrative?

        2. By “C’mon son!” Mulatto means to place your member within his bowels.

          Drink! Feck! Arse! Girls!

          1. By “Mulatto”, Jack means himself, as his habit of using the word “Mulatto” instead of “I” is old and becoming boring to many.

          2. My ‘Mary Stack’ sensor is pinging.

      2. They killed slaveowners. I fail to see what’s unlibertarian about it.

        1. It’s as libertarian as blowing up kids in the ME, right Randian.

          1. Ha ha ha. You’re a fucking clown.

            Tell more jokes, clown.

            1. The South will retard again!

          2. So you’re equating killing innocent people with retribution against slavers?

      3. Is there a Retard Button on the HitnRunpublicans that Tarantino has managed to push with Django?

        1. No, its been full retard around here for about three days.

          1. What gives?

    4. Because everything Tarantino does sucks?

      1. You poor, tasteless man you.

        1. Thank you (darius).

    5. Damn! When Randian misses his morning enema, he’s just no good for the rest of the day, is he?

    1. Dieter| 12.24.12 @ 12:54PM |#
      “America, Fuck Yeah!”

      Dumb fuck pushing agenda, Fuck Yeah!
      I presume, you dumb shit, that the favored tactic of outlawing guns was ALREADY IN PLACE here, right? I mean any ignoramus can see that, and you are an ignoramus, right?
      Oh, and go sit on the pointy end of a steel fence post; it’ll keep you from making a fool of yourself for a while.

  6. Tarantino hasn’t shown any evidence of talent in several years. OOoo, he is an edgy risk taker, he makes movies attacking Nazis and slave holders. What next? A Tarantino take on Dick Nixon?

    1. Shut up Mallory. Why don’t you go back to molesting your daughter and spare us your idiocy?

      1. “Why don’t you go back to molesting your daughter”

        Im assuming there most be some history here ’cause that seems kinda harsh even for this board.

        1. Obsession with “genetic purity” and “3rd World Savages” is a tell for that special kind of bat-shit insane narcissism that leads one to lock one’s daughter in a basement for decades while incestuously producing a “master race” of rape children/grand-children.

          1. I don’t see any evidence that Mallory isn’t molesting his daughter. Until we see some, I think we should assume he is.

            1. He doesn’t deny it in his posts, so it must be true.

          2. Ya. And America’s gun culture is what led to all those shootings.

      2. By “Why don’t you go back to molesting your daughter and spare us your idiocy?”, Mulatto means that his name, while similar in sound to fellatio, shouldn’t necessarily mean that you should simply walk up to him and place your member within the confines of his mouth. But you can.

        1. is your hard-on for HM literal or figurative?

        2. Mulatto means that his name, while similar in sound to fellatio

          In what moonspeak, mush-mouthed dialect of English are those two words similar in sound?

          1. Heroic Mulattio?

            1. Heroic Fellatio!

    2. Inglourious Basterds was excellent. For some reason, it seemed more subdued to me despite the Nazi death scenes. I thought he handled the humanity and strength of the Jewish characters really well.

      1. Christopher Waltz was a god in that movie.

        1. The opening scene at the farm is about the most suspenseful 5-10 minutes I have seen this century.

          1. I believe it’s more like 15-20 minutes, which makes it extra remarkable, because it really does fly by.

        2. His Chudnofsky was the only thing worth watching in the hideous Green Hornet, and he was particularly amusing as Richelieu in the weak 2011 version of the Three Musketeers. But he seems to be incapable of speaking English without a pronounced German accent. It’s going to limit his career in big Hollywood movies.

          1. Tim Curry is the ultimate Richelieu!

            1. Another stand-out in a terrible movie.

            2. He’ll also always be Long John Silver to me.

            3. he’s just a humble butler.

            4. “Tim Curry is the ultimate Richelieu!”

              Charlton Heston has them all beat.

        3. His appearance on Jimmy Kimmel:



  7. http://www.mediaite.com/online…..d-through/

    Calling it “slavery” is a bit too hyperbolic for the sake of metaphor, but it’s nice that Tarantino sees the War on Drugs and mass incarceration as the danger to the black community that they really are.

    1. too bad he can’t see the War on Poverty as more of the same.

    2. What a load of crap. I oppose the WOD, but even if we got rid of it “Black Males” would still be incarcerated at mass rates. They commit 52% of the murders in this country. Cosmatarians love to use liberal propaganda to advocate their issues. What the liberals really want is racial redistribution of wealth, which they promise will cure all these “gaps” and “disparities.”

      1. What percent of those murders are part of the drug trade?

        1. “What percent of those murders are part of the drug trade?”
          Not as many as you would think. Anyway, are we really to believe that should drugs be legalized, all these criminals of the underclass will become doctors and lawyers and upstanding citizens?

          1. So you don’t know how many are part of the drug trade.

          2. I believe they might show up for their job at McDonald’s and I won’t have to wait twenty minutes for my iced coffee, which is all I really care about.

  8. Yeah, I stopped reading when the article started going through the movie scene by scene. Don’t really want to read the entire script before seeing it.

    1. But now you’ll have to watch the movie to get the plot!

    2. I hate that kind of ‘review’. It’s a review not a preview!

  9. My sister drove a Dodge Django. Couldn’t get rid of it fast enough.

  10. Oh, YAY!

    More yokel vs cosmo circlejerking.

  11. this one feels fueled by a black rage that still simmers today.

    I’ll go on a limb and suggest that this film will do nothing to turn down the temperature. Because, you know, America is such a racist nation that a black leading man can be paid millions to run around pretend killing other actors when not genuflecting to a black president.

    1. All the black rage I see these days has a very manufactured, for profit feel to it.

      It is a shame that our American forefathers weren’t equal opportunity slavers like the Romans, Vikings, and Arabs.

      1. Slavery was attempted on the indigenous population (Indians, for short), but they knew the terrain better than those who attempted to enslave them and all of whom were members of tribes that did not view it very favorably (inter tribal slavery was pretty much a ward based system of kidnapping like you see in GoT).

        Arabs in Saudi Arabia kept black slaves until the early 60’s. Supposedly ended through diplomacy with the Kennedy Administration.

        1. Either Mail or Mauritania still be slaving. Can’t remember which and I’m pretty sure it’s non-racial so liberals are okay with it.

  12. I know he won an Oscar for the role, but, sorry Jamie Foxx, I hated pretty much everything about Ray.

    1. That Oscar should have gone to Clint for Million Dollar Baby.

      1. Either Eastwood, or DiCaprio for The Aviator.

        1. The one role that should have given Leo his Oscar was The Departed, and they didn’t even nominate him for it, they did Blood Diamond instead.

          I don’t really like it when people win Oscars for playing historical characters, I like it better when actors create genuinely original characters.

          1. I just thought it was impressive for a liberal to sympathetically portray a billionaire, who was hounded by corrupt government officials, during the middle of the Bush presidency.

            1. I actually didn’t see The Aviator when it first came out. I only bothered to watch it after CATO mentioned it as an example of libertarianism in popular culture:


      2. Don Cheadle.
        Of course he played the wrong kind of black guy.

        1. The poor guy will probably receive a lifetime blackball from the Academy for playing that horrible Cockney character in the Ocean’s movies.

          1. Oh Galt perish the thought.

        2. A black guy that saves other black people from other black people? Yeah that didn’t go over well with the Academy.

  13. This is refreshing! Hollywood is willing to step over the Team Blue line and demonstrate an actual conscience instead of the usual status signifying ribbon wearing that turns one cynical.


    Never mind, its a re-edit.

    1. Thanks. Now, I know that the original cut exists. This is the second political video that Jason Bateman has starred in (after the 2009 “I Pledge” video). I guess the genius of Arrested Development was the writing after all.

      1. This is why I never even click through on these videos. Then again, even watching a David Cross standup special couldn’t make me think anything bad about that show.

        1. If you just accept that your favorite actor/actress is most likely functionally retarded and completely illiterate when it comes to liberty and economics then you won’t be disappointed when they take part in moronic videos appealing to emotions. Basically, just watch their shows and movies and ignore them elsewhere.

          1. Basically, just watch their shows and movies and ignore them elsewhere.

            maybe it’s a function of age, but I find it increasingly difficult to subsidize the lifestyles of people who, in their free time, tell me how fucked up and evil my belief system is.

            1. I never said pay to see their movies…

              I get what you are saying and there are definitely actors I refuse to support but if I started doing that with all of them I wouldn’t have much to watch.

              1. I mean who do exactly do we have on our side? All I can think of are Clint Eastwood, Denis Leary, Drew Carey, and that’s about it.

                1. Clint Eastwood, Denis Leary, Drew Carey

                  The Dispensables?

                  1. I’m pretty sure I remember Leary criticizing Bush from the left a couple of years ago.

                  2. Penn and Teller. Parker and Stone.

                2. Penn Jillette and Teller.

                  1. Possibly John Malkovich.

          2. Downey Jr. isn’t retarded! I read an interview where he came across as very intelligent.

        2. You what’s interesting? I don’t see any actors from multi-cam, live studio audience sitcoms. All of these actors are from well-written, single-cam shows.

          Could it be that whatever charm the Chuck Lorre tripe on CBS have is all due to the actors?

    2. Oh, crap, is that Nick Offerman?! [Caleb stumbles to the floor, hyperventilating] What, where am I?

      1. You didn’t know Offerman was a lib?

        1. I always assume an actor is a liberal. But Offerman seem(ed) too smart to resort to this kind of idiocy. I mean, the man makes wooden boats for a living! He has actual skills!

        2. My guess is his wife, Megan Mullaly, (who appears with him in the video) forced him to take part.

    3. The specific plan of “Demand a Plan”:

      Require a criminal background check for every gun sold in America.
      Ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.
      Make gun trafficking a federal crime, including real penalties for ‘straw purchasers’.

      Until these idiots make themselves aware of how the real world works, the top demand would have racist results. The disparity of minority treatment in the criminal justice system would result in the disarming of an already vulnerable population.

      Racist, liberal celebrities, all of them.

      1. “Require a criminal background check for every gun sold in America.”

        See: “WEBSTER, N.Y. (AP) ? An ex-con gunned down two firefighters after luring them to his neighborhood by setting a car and a house ablaze early Monday, then took shots at police and committed suicide while several homes burned.”

        Pretty sure the current limitations (background checks) would keep ex-cons (ex-con? Naah, he was convicted, so he a convict) from getting access to firearms and you can see how effective they are.
        I’m waiting for the lefties to start piling on the corpses of firefighters this go round.


      2. Good satire.

  14. A 35 KILOGRAM ovarian cyst has been removed from a New Zealand woman who thought the growth was due to overeating.

    Read more: http://www.news.com.au/lifesty…..z2G0IxZ09Y

    1. Oh Archduchy, I can always count on you for a nice breather and interesting link.-D

      Most impressive!

    2. Oh hey! Cow for dinner – or is that beef? 🙂

      1. …is she just going to throw that cyst-meat out?

  15. I wonder when Loder will learn how to write a review without spoilers. Granted, I’m assuming here – I didn’t read the article. I never read his reviews if it’s a movie I’m really interested in.

  16. Fun fact: Chris Tucker was under consideration for the role of Django.

    1. With Jackie Chan as his mentor?

      1. Leeeeeeee!

  17. I saw the kill bill movies and Inglorious Basterds, which were supposed to be some sort of avant garde masterpiece, but turned out to be action adaptation of your most typical anime. Fighters spending 3,4 minutes before each fight making a lot of cryptic, megalomaniac remarks, elaborate action sets where moves are essentially cool poses.

    I won’t be seeing this movie.

    1. I’m sorry you have no taste for dialogue.

      1. I have taste for dialogue, not showy exposition.

      2. So Tarantino’s the Kerouac of the movies?

  18. Merry Christmas everyone!

    1. +100

  19. Paging Jezebel:

    POLICE in the small African kingdom of Swaziland have banned women from wearing miniskirts and midriff-revealing tops, saying they provoke rape.

    Offenders face a six-month jail term under the ban, which invokes a colonial criminal law dating back to 1889.

    1. Does their Police for the Prevention of Vice and the Promotion of Virtue have any openings? I could grapple with this scourge.

    2. Uh, oh. Looks like white males must have taken up residence since only white males trivialize and objectivize females.

    3. It’s their country.

  20. Spike Lee is boycotting Django Unchained, saying “slavery was not a spaghetti western.”

    1. Isn’t he the clown that criticized Clint Eastwood’s Flags of Our Fathers for not featuring any black Marines, when in fact it DID?! And then, after Eastwood (rightfully) told him to “shut his mouth”, Lee said something “First of all, the man is not my father and we’re not on a plantation either.”

      My point is, Spike Lee can shut his mouth.

      1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dina_Eastwood

        By the way, Clint Eastwood’s wife is part African-American.

        1. That only demonstrates that he’s fucking over the black race.

          1. Cytotoxic| 12.24.12 @ 6:17PM |#
            “That only demonstrates that he’s fucking over the black race.”

    2. Spike Lee is boycotting Django Unchained, saying “slavery was not a spaghetti western.”

      A hack “boycotts” the work of a superior director. I find that funny.

      1. One poster on Breitbart mentionned an interesting comment as well as another one on IMDB.

        I agree with the IMDB poster, looks like Spike Lee might be a little jealous of Quentin Tarantino.

    3. Spike Lee is a clown. To him it’s not the content of a movie about slavery that matters, it’s the color of the director’s skin.

      1. Although to be fair to Spike, he had one of the best summations of a movie I’ve ever heard, about American Pie:

        “You stick your dick in a pie and that’s a movie?”

        1. No, that’ amore.

      2. Spike Lee is the clown who picked a random George Zimmerman out of the Florida phone book and told his twit followers to go pay a visit to the house to torment and perhaps assault the innocent people that lived there that happened to share the same last name.

      3. He’s been behaving like Tarantino stole his thunder since ’94. Whiny little bitch.

        1. People still give a shit about anything that little fucktwerp has to say?

          1. Like you, I thought that would end in 1999 with the death of Gene Siskel.

    4. “American Slavery Was Not A Sergio Leone Spaghetti Western. It Was A Holocaust. My Ancestors Are Slaves. Stolen From Africa. I Will Honor Them

      Oh, is that so? Where was your “outrage” when Inglourious Basterds came out? Or was the Jewish Holocaust actually a Lee Marvin WW2 action flick?

      1. The Jews aren’t his tribe. Only whites get mad when some else’s tribe is offended.

    5. I wasn’t inclined to see the movie, but now……..

  21. FIRST!

    Hey, wait a minute, these aren’t P.M. Links.

    1. Welch and Gillespie apparently gave the Reason staff not only Christmas off, but also Christmas Eve too.

      No gruel for them!

  22. Happy Holidays, America!

    1. Happy Diwali, India!

    2. Happy Dongzhi Festival, China!

      *notice at around :07 when the attacker knifes the little girl in the arms and shoulders and then runs off. The girl calmly picks up her bookbag…LIKE A BOSS!

  23. Well I’m off to go find some orphan children from the workhouse to work in my chimney sweep business. Merry Christmas everyone!

  24. This is all NORAD is good for.

      1. That was awesome.

  25. “this one feels fueled by a black rage that still simmers today”
    Yay, let’s celebrate black rage! ‘Cause we’re “respectable” libertarians.

    1. Lets be grumpy about things no one’s doing!

    2. “Back”? Were you banned? Otherwise, why bother?

      1. He’s back….in black?

        That doesn’t make sense.

      2. Yeah they banned my account and my IP address.

        1. American Is Back| 12.24.12 @ 11:27PM |#
          “Yeah they banned my account and my IP address.”

          Got my doubts. Reason bans those who, what, threaten buggery in the Platz at high noon?
          I’m guessing someone as dumb as you forgot how to log on. Your posts so far suggest that if you aren’t the dullest knife, you’re only waiting for one more slice through the loa.

          1. It says “You’re IP address has been banned” whenever I try to post a comment of my IP address. I use my alternate IP for this..

        2. I’m sure your clever disguise will keep them fooled.

    3. American Is Back| 12.24.12 @ 6:48PM |#

      How can we miss you when you won’t stay away?

  26. Wow, I never thought about it liek that before. Wow.


  27. I’m sure he’s praising the 5th and 14th amendments right about now.

    1. how did this get on the wrong thread?

      1. The squirrels hide comments like they hide nuts: everywhere.

  28. At this risk of drawing the yokeltarian label, I do find it somewhat disturbing that a black actor, out of character, can go on national TV and say “How great is that?” in reference to his movie character getting to “kill all the white people”. I suspect if Christoph Waltz has gone before an audience and said “How great is that?” in reference to his character getting to, say, “call all the black people niggers”, the response from the Reason commentariat would not be nearly as favorable, and we’d have several stern lectures from the editorial staff on America’s ugly history of racism. Not acting like a racist cunt goes a long way, regardless of your race or ethnicity.

    1. Not having seen this on TV myself, I don’t have an opinion of it, but it sounds disturbing the way you describe it.

      1. Conveniently forgot to mention that he was on SNL…

        1. I actually posted a source link, but the squirrels ate it. Doesn’t change the point one iota though. Michael Richards was at The Laugh Factory, so it’s all good?

          1. Source link finally posted

          2. Yup, it is all good. I don’t see the problem with either person making racial jokes.

            1. Although it’s unclear that Richards was making a joke. He seemed to be just calling some hecklers niggers.

  29. The Civil War has always been divisive territory for modern libertarians, because if you anachronistically send one’s views back then without the benefit of hindsight, their solution would likely be to allow the South to continue slavery and to not use aggression to make them stop, but protest against it in vain and elaborate some convoluted economic argument that it can’t last much longer anyway. In essence, opposition to collective efforts in general is the doom of wide swaths of the people.

    John Brown’s raid is an area that, I think, would sharply divide modern libertarians between the Yokeltarians and (some) Cosmotarians. The spirit of Tarantino’s flick is very much the same as Brown’s raid.

    1. The idea that the Union could have just bought the slaves or otherwise have abolished slavery peacefully at that point in time, has always seemed unrealistic to me. Regardless, I think conflict would have been necessary to end slavery at that point in time.

      My feelings about the war are that the reason the Union declared war was a bad reason for doing so, and the end of slavery because of the war was a good thing, but seems to me to be a historical fluke: if things had gone differently, no Emancipation Proclamation may have been made. One of the end results, ending slavery, was a good thing to happen though. I separate my feelings about the reason for the war from my feelings about that consequence of the war. I don’t have to like the reasons the War was declared to be glad slavery is gone, and being glad that slavery ended doesn’t mean I have to like the reasons war was declared.

      1. The Emancipation Proclamation freed no slaves. The 13th Amendment did.

      2. Good summation. I’d only add that it’s a myth that Britain peaceably abolished slavery. The 2nd Boer War was fought in part ever ending slavery.

        1. Most other countries in the Americas abolished slavery without having to go to war.

  30. “Where many movies about black bondage are diluted by liberal hankie-wringing, this one feels fueled by a black rage that still simmers today.”

    It is well beyond time to get over that rage, although the left loves nothing better than stoking the fires of racial animus for its own goals. Slavery was outlawed in Saudi Arabia and Yemen in 1962, in Oman a couple years later and in Mauritania in the 1980’s, although they just passed another act against it a few years back. It has been a long time since I read the “Autobiography of Malcolm X” , but I don’t remember reading a thing about slavery in the country he visited just months after it was outlawed there.
    We hardly ever hear about the million or so Europeans who were enslaved by North Africans during the same years that the Middle Passage was in full swing. We get scant mentions of “indentured servants” in history textbooks, but no real exploration of the fact that perhaps hundreds of thousands of kids were kidnapped off the streets of Europe to be sold as slaves. No mention of the fact that there were blacks who owned slaves in the US. No mention of the Redlegs, Irish and Welsh brought to the Caribbean as slaves in the 18th century.
    Lots of people are descended from slaves, not just blacks. And it wasn’t just an American thing, it happened in all corners of the world. Why not direct that “black rage” at the slavery that still exists in parts of Africa?

  31. Candie amuses himself and his guests with exhibitions of “Mandingo fighting”?a vicious pastime in which two male slaves are brought into their master’s elegant drawing room to beat each other senseless while the white men look on appreciatively.

    So Candie was a boxing promoter?

  32. “Only Tarantino, I think, could mash all this stuff together and make it work?saluting both the genre glory of the old Italian westerns and the electric throb of an enduring black rage.”

    Making films is a process. It’s methodology. That doesn’t mean there aren’t geniuses, and there are no new processes or innovations.

    But it isn’t the product of shamans who have magic powers that *no one* else possesses. And rapt ejaculations, like the one quoted above, makes the reviewers who issue them sound like the worst kind of fan; like tourists of cinematic craft, having a conversation in an open doorway that someone else is trying to get through.

  33. I wonder, in its expose of the horrors of slavery, does Django even touch on the fact that most black Africans shipped to North America as slaves were sold into slavery by other black Africans?

    1. It’s a Western. And what would the point of that be, when the slave protagonist and his wife were both born in America? To make white people feel better?

  34. I like things that are great!

  35. No one cares about slavery anymore, and it serves NO legitimate purpose to smack us in the face with it. Why doesn’t Tarantino just move to Germany and make Hitler movies instead?

  36. Race war fantacies are justified by slavery? Reason certainly has gone over the edge in their hatred of white male Christians.

  37. Django beats Les Miz, but can’t quite overcome Mr. Baggins.


  38. I like this writer, and it is so charming.

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  40. Django Unchained is the movie of Quentin Tarantino. The story is set just before the Civil War .and Django has suffered so much .finally he escaped and the movie shows us so much that is hideous

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