Sandy Hook School Shooting

Unions Unhappy Over Talk of Letting Teachers Defend Themselves

Control freaks are control freaks


The debate continues over whether teachers and other school personnel should have access to guns in an emergency, but the nation's two biggest teachers unions warned Thursday that would be a disastrous idea that sends the wrong message to children.

"Some are actually proposing bringing more guns in, turning our educators into objects of fear and increasing the danger in our schools. Guns have no place in our schools. Period," reads a rare joint statement from the presidents of the National Education Association and American Federation of Teachers.

In their letter, Dennis Van Roekel of the NEA and Randi Weingarten of the AFT called the idea of arming teachers "astounding and disturbing," saying it runs counter to educators' vow to provide safe and secure public schools.

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  1. “…Thursday that would be a disastrous idea that sends the wrong message to children.”

    Yes indeed! This would signal to the inmates of the government indoctrination camps (and their parents) that they own their own lives – that their lives are truly valuable. It would send the message that these “teachers” truly accepted the full responsibility of being temporary “parents.”

    What the good union folks would like to have us believe is that safety, intelligence, morality and the repeal of the law of gravity can be accomplished by legislation to make every single non-aggressive person in the country totally helpless as they choose to be. But the law of gravity will continue to operate, and so will criminals who truly appreciate vast groups of helpless victims.

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