Ben Affleck for Senate?

Could be a challenger for Scott Brown's return if Sen. John Kerry joins Cabinet


As you may have heard, actor/director Ben Affleck visited Capitol Hill this week to testify about violence in Congo. But the real news for political junkies was that he didn't totally, 100 percent, flat-out deny that he might be interested in running for the Massachusetts Senate seat that would become vacant if – as looks likely – Sen. John Kerry (D) is tapped to succeed Hillary Rodham Clinton as the next secretary of State.

Asked about the possibility, according to Politico, Mr. Affleck responded: "That's not what I'm here to talk about."

The point being, of course, that he didn't say "no." And in Washington, anything less than a Shermanesque "I will not run even if you promise to somehow round up and destroy all existing copies of 'Gigli' " statement is seen as "leaving the door open." Adding to the intrigue, Affleck met privately with Senator Kerry during his visit.