Jacob Sullum Debates Gun Control With Robert Wright


Today I did a Bloggingheads.tv discussion/debate about gun control with Robert Wright in which he got me to admit that I also oppose drug control. OK, he did not really have to twist my arm on either score, but it was a lively exchange with a smart guy who understands that "assault weapon" bans are bogus but whose idea of serious gun control—which he argues would be constitutional, though politically impossible—seems designed to irritate fans of the Second Amendment. Thrill as he presses me on Stinger missile bans! Stand aghast as I ask him why police should have guns the rest of us are not allowed to have! Applaud as I tell him that I never really use my "large-capacity ammunition feeding devices," but I'll be damned if I'm going to turn them in after the Wright Bill passes! Wonder why I am licking my lips so much! 

Go here to see the segments that Bob chose to highlight, including "Why Jacob opposes gun control" and "Could any law have prevented this tragedy?"