Outrage in India over Gang Rape of Woman on Bus

Brutal incident leads to public protests over lack of women's safety


The gang-rape of a 23-year old medical student in a New Delhi bus on Sunday night has outraged India's otherwise apathetic middle class against the increasing lack of safety for women in the nation's cities.

The horrific details of the crime — the young woman and her male friend were brutally beaten with an iron rod inside a private bus as they were returning home after watching a movie in a mall; she was then raped by four men before being thrown out and left to die on the street – has caused an uproar on the streets, social media, television and in Parliament.

The incident has highlighted, once again, the utter disregard for women's safety in India and how politicians, police and powerful community leaders often blame the women for venturing out late in the night, visiting pubs or for even dressing in a certain way.