Speed Cameras

Manufacturer: Speed Cameras Wrong Five Percent of the Time

It's like throwing dice


Over the past two decades, advocates have argued the main advantage of a speed camera is that the machines never lies. Most states codify this belief with a legal presumption that the automated citation is accurate and it is up to the defendant to prove otherwise. In Baltimore, Maryland last week a leading speed camera vendor made the unprecedented admission that the technology frequently lies, but obvious examples of false readings slipped through the process due to "human error."

Photocopy giant Xerox, which recently acquired Affiliated Computer Services, has been rocked by accusations that motorists who diligently observed the speed limit were nonetheless receiving photo radar tickets in the mail. Xerox had no choice but to conduct a review under heavy pressure from local politicians.

"In a limited number of cases, radar effects can occur," Xerox regional program manager Ryan Nicolas wrote in a December 11 letter to the city. "Radar effects are caused by reflection, refraction and absorption, and can be identified and eliminated during the review process. Based on a review of the images alone, we identified five locations that demonstrated higher incidents of radar effects than is typical and need further investigation to determine the root cause. All of these errors are identifiable by reviewing the images, which means they can be addressed as exceptions during the review process."


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  1. So, lets be sure we all understand this. Xerox and the City of Baltimore now acknowledge publicly what many of us have known for years. The claim that ticket cameras are always accurate is a lie, and always was a lie. The lie was to cover up the money grab scam.

    SOME of the errors supposedly get caught by Xerox or Baltimore reviewers and those are not issued as citations. BUT, some are issued and people have had to go to court to challenge them — some of the challengers win and some lose, depending on the understanding/integrity of the judge/magistrate that day.

    BUT, some of the errors get issued as citations and get paid by the safe driving ticket victims who did NOT violate the rules.

    How can this possibly be considered an acceptable outcome?

    ALL the ticket cameras need to come down, permanently. Baltimore voters need to repeatedly contact all the city council members to demand a complete end to the use of speed and red light cameras.

    Ticket cameras are a money grab scam that must end. Start calling the officials and don’t stop until the cameras are history.

    James C. Walker, National Motorists Association (frequent MD visitor)

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