Gun Control

In Wake of Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting, Some Sober Talk About Gun Control


Earlier today, a 20-year-old named Adam Lanza* entered Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut and killed 27 people—six adults, 20 school children, and himself. He also killed his mother**. 

Americans are rightly horrified by the news, and many people are calling for a fresh debate about America's gun control policies. Reason has been participating in that conversation for decades.

(*Based on news reports, we initially and erroneously identified the shooter as 24-year-old Ryan Lanza. **The AP is reporting that Lanza's mother, who he also killed, was not killed at the school, and may not have actually been a permanent teacher there.)

Below are a collection of stories, editorials, and videos that address the most common arguments for gun control, and the case for preserving Americans' Second Amendment rights: 

– Don't Let the Aurora Shooting Curtail the Right of Self-Defense: Even if gun control could save one life—or a hundred—in one place, that would not justify putting other people at the mercy of criminals somewhere else.

Futile Remedies for Mass Shootings: The urge to find a cure is powerful. As a rule, though, those that emerge are sugar pills. 

Outrage Is Not an Argument: Politicians should resist demands to do something about guns in response to the Aurora massacre.

– Controlling Guns, Controlling People: A new history shows how gun control goes hand in hand with fear of black people—and The People.

The Second Amendment Goes to Court: Civil libertarians respond to D.C. v. Heller (featuring Jacob Sullum, Brian Doherty, Joyce Lee Malcolm, David B. Kopel, Randy Barnett, Glenn Reynolds, Alan Gura & Sanford Levinson).

Civil Rights and Armed Self-Defense: Understanding Clarence Thomas' concurring opinion in the gun rights case McDonald v. Chicago.

Gun Control, Ad Infinitum: Gun control is something Americans almost never stop talking about.

Gun Control's Twisted Outcome: Restricting firearms has helped make England more crime-ridden than the U.S.

Reason TV on the gun control debate: 

"Guns, Laws, and Panics: How Fear, Not Fact, Informs the Gun Rights Debate"


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  1. Too SOON You Insensitive CLODS! The blood of those children isn’t even dry.


    1. No, it’s not. Muzzling yourself out of some miguided sense of propriety is just stupid.

      1. BTW when my young son died, nobody put flags at half mast and I didn’t expect anyone to throw away their fundamental human rights to make me feel better.

        1. Sorry about your boy. I can’t imagine the pain.

    2. Were you addressing Reason, or the multitudes of soulless, depraved lefty/liberal/prog statists who are already baying for gun control. Hate to let such a dandy crisis go to waste, donchaknow.

      1. It’s sad that they put us in a position where we have to respond to them so soon, but they have.

      2. Don’t let the deaths of 20 toddlers get in the way of your gun fetish, you dickless wonders.
        When you look at your sick selves in the mirror, do you see a human or something else?
        Because trying to defend Amerrrrrika’s out-of-control love of killing one another is the sign of sick mind.
        just sick.
        You people need to re-evaluate your priorities.
        King George III dies 250 years ago. He’s not preparing an invasion.

        1. I don’t even own a gun.

        2. 1. So every tragedy should be an excuse to remove our rights? You do realize it was this same rational that resulted in the implementation of the TSA and patriot act right? We’re replacing “TERRRORRISTSSS!” with “DEAD CHILDRENZZZZ”

          These both are the usual culprits in implementing terrible policy.

          2. So because I use a gun legally and have no intention of mowing down a bunch of toddlers. I am less of a human?

          3. Love of killing each other? Now you’re just being ridiculous.

          4. And this is where liberals completely miss the point. It’s not other governments this right is used to defend against. It’s our own.

          1. “1. So every tragedy should be an excuse to remove our rights?”

            To a certain class of people to whom he belongs, yes, absolutely!

        3. Twenty toddlers and six adults are dead, not because of any “gun fetish” but because a young man with severe mental problems chose to kill them.

          Applying your nonsensical knee-jerk response, 9/11 should have resulted in the banning of airliners.

          1. For those of us who do not absolutely NEED to fly, for business or whatever, the response to 9/11 essentially has done just that. Airlines serving my local international airport has been cancelling flights to cities in the region that are far enough to be worth flying to, but possible to drive to. They cite a dramatic dropoff in demand.

            Obvious conclusion: while it may have been well worth flying a few hundred miles some years back, now, it’s really not. Between the extra costs, extra time, and overall hassle, people would just as soon drive. Then they needn’t wait around and pay more to rent a car at their destination.

            Of course, these trips have their cost. I know a young couple who was killed on the highway making such a trip, this year. These deaths, though, aren’t so dramatic, and they don’t happen all at once like 9/11, so nobody notices. Or maybe they don’t give a shit.

        4. And if the school had not been a gun free zone, would somebody with a CCW have shot the swine before he got to 20? a cursory examination of the statistics seems to support the idea. And, how astonishing, the LAST mass shooting that made a big splash?.was also in a designated gun free zone. How peculiar!

    3. I saw this story as it was breaking and the first response was from some liberal calling for gun control.

      What is it the libs say? Never let a good tragedy go to waste?

  2. The useless fuck who did this is dead. Won’t have to live with the results of his actions. What a pussy. Fuck you!

    1. It is unfortunate that he wasn’t culled from the herd before reaching the age of majority.

      1. Make abortion retroactive.

  3. I’m steering clear of the major news outlets on this story. For one thing, I don’t want to see pictures of witnesses covered in the blood of children. Second, the Aurora shooting, I think, demonstrated that all of these spontaneous, violent events need about a week of coverage before the major news source get their facts right.

    1. I’m with you on this. It is hard to stay away from it, but deep down I know that only about 10% of today’s news is the truth.

      1. You’re being generous.

    2. What Caleb said.

    3. Not even then.

      I made the mistake of watching the O’Reilly segment in which he grilled Costas, and the only “fact” they could agree on was that the Aurora shooter was wearing body armor. Turns out that I don’t watch television for a very good reason.

  4. TOO SOON!

  5. Many people are calling for a fresh debate about America’s gun control policies.

    I’m pretty sure that there are quite a few vultures that take a crisis, the bodies not even cold, to make a political statement about restricting people’s freedom.

    The fact is that school shootings are more rare than catastrophic airplane accidents. Three (3) airplanes were used as weapons of mass destruction, yet are we talking about not allowing people to fly airplanes?

    – Controlling Guns, Controlling People: A new history shows how gun control goes hand in hand with fear of black people?and The People.

    That, in a nutshell, is the real reason for pushing gun control: not to control guns but to control people.

    1. I’m guessing that Reason is reacting to the ghouls who immediately starting making their case for their political goals as soon as word got out about the shooting. And I understand the need to react, especially from a the non-kneejerk, pro-liberty faction, but in all honesty, I just want to cry about this story. I don’t care about the politics right now. I just want to cry.

      1. :\ Sorry bro, we all understand.

    2. “Many people?”


      Some vultures on the MSM who have been waiting for something like this, and are positively salivating at the moment?

      Listen to, say, ABC News on the radio. Salivating for gun control, and metaphorically sucking Obama’s dick.

      1. How many people have to die before you people stop fetishizing your guns?
        Does fapping on your bullets at night give you that much pleasure?
        Is proving that you have a dick – even if it’s made of polished metal – more important than taking action to reduce gun deaths?
        What are you people afraid of?

        1. What are you people afraid of?

          In all sincerity, I’m afraid of the megalomaniacs that your ilk keeps electing. I’m not budging on gun rights, fuckface, and neither are my well-armed friends.

        2. I am afraid of a government that looks at a Constitutional Amendment that says “The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”, and finds some excuse to infringe it anyway. A nut with a gun can kill some dozens of people before he gets taken down, but a government that holds itself above the law is a serious menace entirely capable of murdering tens of millions.

          You want gun control? Pass a Constitutional Amendment. At least try to. Because otherwise, you are in favor of government by whim, and I want a gun to be protected from YOU.

        3. I’m afraid of the person who came to my door one afternoon as I was napping and attempted to force my door open with a pry bar. I was calling 911 with one hand and holding a pistol in the other.

          When I went to the door and shouted that I had a gun and had called the cops, he decided he didn’t want to break in after all.

          Imagine that!

    3. School shootings are larger in scale and their victims are more “innocent”, so they’ll draw media attention.

      I’ll never a own a gun, and I talk my friends and relatives out of buying guns. But gun control is like 50 years too late. We have printers who can print out gun parts.

      Where will guns come from, if the 2nd amendment is effectively neutered? Mexico, and probably the middle east.

      1. I’ll never a own a gun, and I talk my friends and relatives out of buying guns.


        1. Because guns scare me, to be honest.

          My friends and relatives are mostly Asian folk, I don’t trust them with a weapon. If some midwesternish guy I know says he wants to buy a new gun to add to his collection, I’ll say more power to ya.

          I just came back from flame war in the comment section of a local Asian online news site. You would never know that gun laws are already strict and this kind of incident is isolated. “Why don’t we just get rid of all laws if you think criminals ignore laws” was the derpy response from the reliably statist Asian netizens.

          1. “My friends and relatives are mostly Asian folk, I don’t trust them with a weapon.”


      2. On what basis do you talk people out of buying guns?

        I’ve owned guns since I was a teenager, and thus far they haven’t shown any signs of sinister intentions — nor have they caused me to suddenly forget about the value of human life, or want to hurt anyone.

        Just took one of my gundogs out pheasant hunting and got a couple of birds for dinner next week. It was a busy day, since the season is coming to a close and the weather was uncommonly nice in one place. Remarkably, with guns everywhere, nobody started shooting children, and nobody fantasized about killing children either. Nice people out there, armed to the teeth…

        1. Barry,
          You can buy a box of Extenz off late-night TV for about $20. It would be a cheaper way for you to prove your manhood than buying more guns.

          1. Wouldn’t buying that product disprove his manhood?

            1. Golf clap…

              not, the clap

        2. Same thing here. I grew up on a ranch in Texas and we always had a deer rifle, a .22, and a couple of shotguns.

          I learned to use them in the same way I learned to build fence and drive a tractor.

          Dangerous activities? Yep, they all were. That’s why my father taught me safety rules for all of them and didn’t tolerate any infractions of those rules.

          But then again, my father would probably be arrested today for the spankings he gave me. (Funny thing though…I never had an accident on a tractor or with a gun, so I guess his method worked!)

  6. Just heard the newswhores of ABC on the radio, waxing sentimental about how President Obama, “who really has it together”, was “visibly shaken” by this tragedy (as he ALREADY used the opportunity to start pushing to take guns away from Americans).

    My headline: “Obama Visibly Shaken as Innocent Children are Killed Without Consulting Him First.”…

    1. My headline: “Obama Visibly Shaken as Innocent Children are Killed Without Consulting Him First.”

      Bravo, sir.

      1. – bow –

    2. When is ol’ Jug-ears going on vacation again? I’m sure the beaches of Hawaii are just the thing to bring him peace in this troubled hour.

      1. Can’t watch video of our ambassador being killed, while ordering SpecOps guys who are in position to stop it, to stand down, from the beach.

        I think Obama has finally “grown into the Presidency” and may find more joy in feeling his power over others’ lives, than going to the beach, even. Someone should have taught him to surf. We’d have a better country today.

  7. There are literally hundreds of millions of guns in this country. Anyone who really wants a gun (or three) is going to be able to get it, no matter what laws are on the books. People who push for “gun control” and actually think it will stop criminals and murderers are not living in reality.

    1. If I were a teacher, I’d be thinking, “I really want to have a gun on me, when I’m teaching.”

      I wouldn’t be thinking, “We can magically make all violence disappear by making a few laws!”

      But then, I’m not a teacher. I’ve met teachers, and I know what a lot of them are thinking.

      1. Most teachers I know don’t think, they emote.

      2. That is exactly what came to my mind. Hell, was telling my wife at dinner, that I want to get her a gun and conceal carry.

      3. Barry,
        With each thing you post, your dick shrinks another inch.
        Do you really think arming teachers is a solution?
        You’re sick.
        And I feel bad for your family and neighbours that they have to associate with such a dickless loser.

        1. You have, thus far, demonstrated a complete lack of ability to make an intelligent point.

          The Internet isn’t a place to prove one’s manhood or womanhood. It is, however, a place that exposes one’s stupidity.

          Good job doing that.

        2. You sure seem to be obsessed with other men’s penises.

          1. Not that there’s necessarily anything wrong with that.

  8. Brady campaign to prevent gun violence gives Connecticut 58 out of 100 points. It is apparently 4th most stringent in the US. FWIW.

      1. But the fuck who did it was from New Jersey, which the Brady Bunch scores 72.

        1. I know. What it would take to make this impossible, is either a. impossible, or b. unpalatable.

    1. What about NJ, where the shooter was from (I think)?

      1. 72, “best” state apart from California according to the Brady Bunch, AFAIK.

    2. It’ll never be enough for the gun control lobby. The government needs to wage a war on guns regardless of the cost to liberty and its inevitable effect on black market crime.

      1. It’s not about “enough” anyway. It’s “any excuse to suppress individual rights.”

        Did slave owners one day say, “You know, we’ve really got enough power over our slaves. Let’s back off now?”

        1. How is your gun fetish infringed upon by the govt, Barry?
          Has Teh Boogerman ever popped out from under your bed?
          Because it’s more likely the “bad men” are just a figment over your fevered brain.

          1. Not me, but my parents, have experienced the bogeyman in real life.

            My family narrowly survived the Holocaust.

            The only one mentioning fetishes is you, BTW.

            1. If there is another Holocaust you should just call the police.


              Notice that the only person sexualizing guns, and to a great degree, is the troll.

              1. “If there is another Holocaust you should just call the police.”

                That’s just what the Hebrews thought.

                1. Well that sucks. No angle brackets. Damn thing swallowed up my joke. Here is it without angle brackets…


  9. Many people are calling for a fresh debate about America’s gun control policies.

    I guarantee you nothing fresh is going to be said.

    1. Who?

      Some douchebags on cable TV and a few left-wing pundits who call for more gun control damn near every day?

  10. And the fuck who did it was from New Jersey, which the Brady Bunch scores 72.

  11. The right to bear arms has not been recognized in Puerto Rico and almost 1,000 people are murdered there every year.

  12. Get ready for the Facebook douchebags calling for gun bans. They’ve been waiting for an opportunity like this, and that sick fucker Obama is warming up to sing the gun ban tones.

    1. Facebook, using technology to leverage stupid.

      1. That is a fantastic slogan. We need that on a banner.

        1. right next to “fuck you, cut spending”

          1. I could see a modified Gadsden, or better yet a Gonzales flag, with that inscription.

            Definitely Gonzales.

            1. As a Texan, I agree with Gonzales

    2. My fbook feed blamed cuts in mental health funding, capitalism, and guns. In descending order.

      1. Get new friends.

    3. I sort of feel the need to ask, what sort of stuff do you guys have in your Facebook feeds? Because mine is full of stuff that says the exact opposite; they’re a bunch of pages about capitalism and freedom and anti-gun control (“Gun Control Kills”).

      Most of the people I know who talk about political stuff on FB are more libertarian, freedom-loving, or at least right-wing in the first place. Most of the people I knew from high school don’t post political stuff for the most part.

      1. I hope some other respond, too. It’s interesting. I have fb friends from one end to the other. I know most of their politics from outside of fb, however. Some of them post political statements – some very virulently – but most do not. Probably most of my oldest and dearest friends are liberal. I have a few who are real neo-cons. I can only think of one who is libertarian, and he does not post political things on fb (although he’ll “like” what I say). I’ve had people threaten to unfriend me over sports more than politics!

        1. I am getting alot of gun control posts, yet, nobody knows the facts of what happened and are behaving in a reactionary manner. There are also others who are talking more access to firearms. I am purposely withholding any judgement.

          I am deeply concerned about any legislation written in the next several months regarding firearms…

          People are going to have to follow the first maxim for debate: Never accept the premise of a question.

      2. I have a lot of commie friends. People I went to school with or worked with who went on to get PhDs and jobs in government and academia. I know a lot of hippies of all ages too. Quite a few LGBT as well My libertarian fb friends are almost all people I’ve never actually met. My “right-wing” friends are the usually confused sort who veer between sincere constitutionalist/small government leanings and plain ol’ partisan hackery.The quasi-libertarian ones I actually know are kinda Paultard/Occutard hybrids. Most don’t post much if any political stuff.

        I know a lot of people who aren’t on fb or who have inactive accounts too.

      3. The people I DO know who are into politics on FB are, predictably, people I’ve met as part of the libertarian movement. I went to one of the IHS Summer Seminar’s this past summer and met a bunch of cool people. Friended almost all of them, and converse pretty regularly with some of them.

        They run the gamut, too, from more lefty-liberty types to more righty-liberty types; from people who just want a bit less governmental involvement than what we have now, to full-on anarchist sorts. A pretty neat bunch of people, even when I don’t see exactly eye-to-eye with some of them.

      4. [Ted S. gets up on his more-virtuous-than-thou sopabox]

        I don’t do the Facebook thing.

        [Ted S. gets down from his more-virtuous-than-thou sopabox]

  13. The more the Progressive/Statists call for “gun control”/disarmament, the more I want to learn gunsmithing.

    1. No point to it! After complete disarmament fails they’ll just move along to banning machine tools.

      1. or potassium perchlorate

    2. I want to learn more about the maker technology; I see it as being an appliance most households will eventually have, like with refridgerators and washing machines. The home-made weapon prototypes we’re seeing today are just the beginning, I think.

  14. Anyone pushing for “reasonable gun control” in response to this should realize we already HAVE “reasonable” gun control.

    Citizens are not allowed to own or train with weapons that would be useful to a militia. No explosives, no automatic weapons, many places put limits on magazine size or ammunition types.

    What anti-gun nuts want is a total ban. The problem is, that would effectively be a ban on self-defense. We don’t call people criminals because of their profound respect for and obedience to the law. The only people who would obey such a ban are the ones who would never go on a shooting spree in the first place.

    1. Seems so very obvious but that doesn’t really change the minds. Brings back to mind the study that “smart” people reason to convince not to learn facts.

    2. Gind,
      Who are you defending yourselves against?
      Teh Boogerman?
      King George III?

      1. Uh, crazy people like the ones who kill classrooms full of children, perhaps?

        Or was that just imaginary?

  15. What the discussion needs to be focused on is the failure in identifying these individuals that, after the fact, are so easy to see as potential mass murderers.
    The events that transpired this morning could have just as easily been perpetrated by a machete wielding psychopath, an item easily obtainable at most hardware stores. The outcome would have been similar but with even gorier pictures.
    Every single one of these mass shootings over the last decade plus has been committed in a “gun free” zone. What does this tell us about the effectiveness of legislative gun control?

    1. Your solution just sounds icky :/

  16. Everybody needs to read this (which a colleague posted on FB a few hours ago). It actually makes sense. A sociologist who knows that gun control will have no effect on this kind of ghastly event:


    1. This is incredibly interesting. It’s about much more than gun control, it goes deeply into the sociology and psychology of mass-shooting and the shooters. It’s really long, though; I don’t think I’m even halfway through. Thanks for posting this Geoff, I’m probably going to share this elsewhere as well.

    2. Awesome link. A bit different from the soundbite-driven pop psychology that we’re normally exposed to in the light of these events.

      Good read.

    3. That was a very interesting read. I only wish the mainstream media (and many of my FB friends) could be 1% as thoughtful.

      1. I’ve looked for an article like that for awhile now. In fact, every time one of these sick fucks shoot up a bunch of people I try to find info on what the hell they were thinking.

        What happens in their mind? How does a person get to that point?

        I’ve had my own pet theories, and the article reinforced some things I was thinking and dispelled others.

        I am reading the article on politics and self-interests on the guy’s main page; it’s pretty good, so far, too.

        1. Check out Dr. Helen Smith, Glenn Reynolds’ wife. She is a prominent researcher in the “why do young psychos kill people?” field (forensic psychology with an emphasis on the young).

          1. Going to the range right now, as is my right as an American (to the chagrin of many psychos-see above), but I’ll check it out tonight.

            After I get home from my paper and cardboard massacre!

            1. Shoot straight. Who let the eff’n troll in the door?

    4. Excellent article, thanks. It’s not a coincidence that so many of these rampage killings occur in public institutions, aka schools, where children are stripped of their individuality and generally neglected.

  17. Just found out the guy stole his mom’s guns. So the raging gun control kinda seems irrelevant.

    It seems inevitable that a future shooter will have legal pot in his (or her, OMG) system. That’s when the debate becomes more tiresome.

    1. “Stole”, or did indulgent Mom buy them for her evil little killer in training?

      1. I guess she didn’t expect him to turn on her and dear old dad

  18. merry christmas to u,thank you so much.

  19. – Controlling Guns, Controlling People: A new history shows how gun control goes hand in hand with fear of black people?and The People.

    This might explain why we heard not a peep from Cuntilyn McCarthy concerning Amadou Diallo, Patrick Dorismond, or Sean Bell.

  20. Effin Serious! You and your pub POS

    1. Yeah! Fuckers!!

      Wait, what are we mad at?

  21. Is this where the gun fetishists/dickless losers come to fap about their guns?

    1. This is where people come to defend the second amendment. They have a fetish on defending individual liberty.

      Which is unlike people like you, because you’ll want to have a “debate” every time you don’t quite agree with freedom. You wonder if the first amendment is “abused” when Muslims rioted over a trailer.

      The guy stole his mother’s guns. How’s the gun control debate relevant here? How’s Lanzar any different from a gangster who purchased guns off the black market?

      You say all assault rifles should be banned? OK, maybe. But Cho Seung Hee killed scores of people with just 4 handguns. An armed pyscho before 20 kindergarteners can inflict max damage even with a low caliber weapon.

      Were you gnashing your teeth as hard the feds gave out free guns to Mexican Cartels?

      1. But Cho Seung Hee killed scores of people with just 4 handguns.

        We need to ban handguns, duh.

        But Cho Seung Hee killed scores of people with just 4 handguns. An armed pyscho before 20 kindergarteners can inflict max damage even with a low caliber weapon.

        Why are “low caliber weapon[s]” legal again? Ban them. Ban crossbows, too. And anything stabby. In fact, we should probably ban anything sharper than a butter knife. Duh.

        Were you gnashing your teeth as hard the feds gave out free guns to Mexican Cartels?

        That was for a good cause, duh.

        1. then why not ban Kool-Aid, fertilizer, and airplanes since each of these was used to perpetrate mass murder, too? Let’s continue the mindless focus on things while ignoring the behavior of people.

          More will be learned about Lanza in the next few days, but this much is known: the Aurora movie shooter, Loughner, the VA Tech gunman and on and on all share a common trait – documented or suspected mental instability.

          More people will die driving home from holiday parties than were killed in this horrible event, but no one is moving to ban holiday parties, alcohol, or vehicles. It’s not about things; it’s about people.

          1. Without Kool-Aid, what would people like that drink?

          2. then why not ban Kool-Aid, fertilizer, and airplanes since each of these was used to perpetrate mass murder, too?

            Exactly. Ban them all. Or only let them in the hands of Trained Professionals.

      2. Who let the troll in?

        He/She is obsessed with your guns.

        and apparently…your dicks

  22. Sometimes dude you jsut have to roll with it!

  23. Here are two things that the major news outlets will fail to mention as they do their best to support the political theater that will come from this tragedy. First, China has suffered a string of murderous school rampages over the last several years including one which happened on Friday as well. Gun restrictions and tight government control over people’s lives have done nothing to stop this. Second, in Switzerland, several hundred thousand assault rifles are present in the homes of many Swiss citizens and yet they have not had these kinds of rampages. I’ve seen people stupidly cite the low number of Swiss gun deaths as proof for the need for gun control.

    1. The Swiss have the best gun control known to man. Give everyone a gun and then make them learn how to control it!

  24. The Second Amendment Goes to Court: Civil libertarians respond to D.C. v. Heller (featuring Jacob Sullum, Brian Doherty, Joyce Lee Malcolm, David B. Kopel, Randy Barnett, Glenn Reynolds, Alan Gura & Sanford Levinson).

  25. I like the valuable information you provide in your articles. I’ll bookmark your weblog and check again here frequently. I am quite sure I will learn many new stuff right here!

  26. Thanks for the article.

    Libertarians support addressing root causes, protecting gun rights, and in creating weapons free zones seeing they should be adequately protected. Many countries and some US counties arm teachers or have guards. A Federal program to that purpose was ended shortly before the massacre.

    For info on people using voluntary Libertarian tools on similar and other issues worldwide, please see the non-partisan Libertarian International Organization @ ….

  27. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has personally and repeatedly criticized the U.S. over its detention facility at Guantanamo Bay.
    U.S. operatives in Afghanistan managed to trace the cellphone used to send the photographs, officials said. But the http://www.cheapbeatsbydretrad…..dio-1.html owner had nothing to do with the photos, and the trail went cold.

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