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Harry Belafonte Suggests President Should Jail Opponents "Like a Third World Dictator"

Welcome back to the news cycle, Harry


What do you do when it has been a while since you made headlines? If you are Harry Belafonte, apparently you say the president should jail Republicans.

The American singer-songwriter, once considered the "Kind of Calypso," this week ignited outrage – and plenty of eye rolls – after speaking with MSNBC's Al Sharpton and saying President Obama should rule like a third-world dictator and toss his GOP opponents behind bars.

"That there should be this lingering infestation of really corrupt people who sit trying to dismantle the wishes of the people, the mandate that has been given to Barack Obama, and I don't know what more they want," he said. "The only thing left for Barack Obama to do is to work like a third world dictator and just put all these guys in jail."


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  1. “King of Calypso?” Maybe here, but not in the Caribbean, where Arrow and King Obstinate have ruled for decades.

    And there aren’t enough tallymen in the world to tally how bananas Harry is.

  2. There’s that mandate word again. To the half a percent popular vote victory goes 100% of “the will of the people”?

  3. …”saying President Obama should rule like a third-world dictator”…
    Uh, he already does.

  4. Mandate? About as much of a mandate as W got. The last mandate I recall was when Bush trounced Dukakis. Since then, the results have been cautionary at best.

  5. And I’m sure comrade Belafonte will be consistent if, say, comandante Rubio or Ryan wins in 2016 and sends HIM to the gulag for speaking ill of dear leader?

    1. It’s only not a civil rights violation if the jailed are yucky people we don’t like.

  6. … but then, you know, we’d live in a third world dictatorship, which has shittier malls (unless you’re the dictator) and no parking.

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