The Difference Between George Bush's War on Terror and Barack Obama's

Extraordinary renditions ramped down, extrajudicial killings ramped up


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A German Muslim mistaken for a terrorist suspect by Macedonian border authorities in 2003, kidnapped by the CIA and sent to a prison in Afghanistan scored his first legal victory this week. The European Court of Human Rights vindicated Khaled el-Masri's account of events and ruling Macedonia responsible for the torture and abuse he faced. The Guardian summarizes what happened to el-Masri:

He was held incommunicado and abused in Macedonian custody for 23 days, after which he was handcuffed, blindfolded, and driven to Skopje airport, where he was handed over to the CIA and severely beaten.

The CIA stripped, hooded, shackled, and sodomized el-Masri with a suppository – in CIA parlance, subjected him to "capture shock" – as Macedonian officials stood by. The CIA drugged him and flew him to Kabul to be locked up in a secret prison known as the "Salt Pit", where he was slammed into walls, kicked, beaten, and subjected to other forms of abuse. Held at the Salt Pit for four months, el-Masri was never charged, brought before a judge, or given access to his family or German government representatives.

The CIA ultimately realised that it had mistaken el-Masri for an al-Qaida suspect with a similar name. But it held on to him for weeks after that. It was not until 24 May 2004, that he was flown, blindfolded, earmuffed, and chained to his seat, to Albania, where he was dumped on the side of the road without explanation.

Today the U.S. government claims it no longer performs such "extraordinary renditions" (wink wink). It may not matter that you share a name with a terrorist anymore either; the CIA doesn't need a name in order to kill. And there's no Court of Human Rights victims of drone strikes in places like Pakistan and Yemen can exactly go to, if they manage to stay alive. Forward and all that.

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  1. ...where he was dumped on the side of the road without explanation.


  2. "capture shock" as a euphemism for sodomy! Gotta love them spooks.

    1. Why don't we "capture shock" those HSBC officials who laundered money for the Mexican drug cartels and al Qaeda?

      The question answers itself.

    2. I'm glad I'm not the only one who assumes that every jargon term from the military/intelligence agencies is a euphemism for sodomy.

      1. That's all they do, so it's a pretty safe assumption.

  3. But you gaiz, rich peeples don't pay enuff taxxxxxxxxxes!



  5. Obama has a Peace Prize, Bush does not. YOU LOSE--GAME OVER, BITCHES!

    1. You forgot

      *mic drop*

  6. Yeah, there are still some uncivilized frontiers in our world. Have you heard, the Muslim Brotherhood is governing Egypt right now.


  7. Let's not forget that Bush was such a pussy that he actually went whining to the UN and Congress to get permission to kill them ferriners. Obama don't need no damn permission from nobody to do what he want to do. Damn straight!

  8. The difference? Now the Democrats support it.. or just forget about it.

    Imagine Bush signed into law the NDAA? All the progressives would be like BOOOOOSH!!! Obama makes indefinite detention cool. He's bringing back pre-constitution, british empire sorta stuff. Retro is cool again.

    I really think I hate the general population.

    1. Doesn't seem to bother "conservatives" that McCain co authored NDAA.

  9. The difference is that the GWoT has evolved, like Obama's stance on gay marriage and other issues. Unfortunately, it has evolved to a combination of terrorizing murderdrone campaigns against anyone who dares speak ill of America, regardless of their ability to inflict harm on us from 10k mile away, and ferrying arms to barbarous thugs that will turn those arms on us as soon as they no longer need to turn them on their own people.

    Our foreign relations is one of the stick and carrot. Unfortunately, we're using them in the opposite ways that would help us gain friends and/or trading partners with middle east nations and their peoples.

  10. The difference? Bush wanted the terrorists dead or alive. Obama doesn't take prisoners.

  11. If you're against drone strikes then say what you would do otherwise. I think our forces are killing bad guys-fine by me. There will always be collateral damage. And it's the fault of Pakistan and Yemen, not us. It's an immune response to religious-fascism. If the terrorists' family members die too I'm sorry, but I want the enemy defeated. This is the best anyone can come up with so far. The people responsible for the Benghazi attack will be hunted down and I'm glad for that. "Liberals" need to wake up from this delusional "American Empire is the cause of all violence" BS once and for all.

    1. I hope your papers are in order, Janet.

    2. Wait, if this is the case then you would condone China drone striking American soil if terrorists of China were found to be hiding out here? Right? I mean to be consistent and all. What if they thought you were the terrorist? They shouldn't have to prove it to anybody and should be able to drone strike you and your family?

      Do you really believe we do not cause a lot of our own problems over there? You think they hate us because were free, or because we are constantly supporting oppressive dictators and bombing them indiscriminately?

    3. Btw, what I would do otherwise? Stop interfering with the Middle East. Leave the Middle East.

      You think the biggest threat to us is Muslim Radicals. Our biggest threat is ourselves. Have you looked at our debt lately? Have you seen anybody doing anything to reduce it? How long do you realistically think this drunken spending party can last?

    4. With drones we have eliminated a lot of collateral damage. With other methods, civilian targets are killed by accident while trying to destroy military targets. Now with drones, we can target civilians on purpose, preventing accidental deaths.

    5. If the terrorists' family members die too I'm sorry, but I want the enemy defeated.

      Fuck you, you Nazi bitch.

      Good thing Germans have a word for everything. Sippenhaft.

    6. never should have created al cia duh in the first place. Now we are fighting our own creation. You got a clue about how we got here? I don't think you even know the definitions of liberal and conservative. You need to learn the facts once and for all. But you keep on thinking you have it figured out. "Terrorist family members" Wow. What bubble do you live in? No offense, but your comment blows my mind.

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