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Brickbat: In the Closet


James Cagle and his wife panicked when their 5-year-old son didn't come home from school. They rushed to Idaho's Washington Elementary School, where they found the boy alone in a small dark room. A teacher had placed the boy in the room for misbehaving earlier in the day and apparently forgotten about him.


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  1. “I know that if I locked my child in a room long enough for him to urinate on himself, I’d be going to jail or child protective services would dang sure be here taking him out of my house that night,” Cagle said.

    Sounds like he needs a better union.

    1. If only he would have had advil on him, the drug-sniffing dogs would have found him toot suite.

    2. If you get the right one you could have tasered him too.

  2. Well sounds more like the kid’s got a football future with Texas Tech.

  3. I wonder if the kid saw R. Kelly while he was in there.

  4. “I’m not saying I want to get her fired. I don’t want to ruin her career,” Cagle said.

    “But in the very same breath, it’s my kid,” he added.

    GAAAAHHHH!!!!! YOU STUPID FUCKING ASSHOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. It gets better, $park?.

      Cagle said he has had other problems with the school, including three incidents where the boy didn’t get home on the bus as he should have. Twice he was placed on the wrong bus, and once he wasn’t placed on the bus at all.

      1. clearly, a case for more funding for schools.

  5. ‘The teacher “should not have done that,” said District Superintendent Tim Rosandick.

    “That’s not a preferred practice,” Rosandick added. “That is not what we would have wanted her to do.”‘

    Wow, way to go out on a limb there, Rosandick. I’m glad you were here to tell us it’s ‘not a preferred practice.’

    1. Ah the passive voice of a spineless fucking bureaucrat.

      “That probably wasn’t the course of action that we may have wanted her to potentially take when considering a course of possible punishment.”

  6. If the parents of this child were to smack the offending teacher upside the head several times until the apparatchik began to bleed from its ears, and they were brought up on charges for doing so, the prosecutor probably wouldn’t want me on the jury.


  7. I’m sorry, but CPS needs to take this kid away from these parents. If they’re dumb enough to endanger him by sending him back to a school that put him on the wrong bus twice, lost him once and then imprisoned him in a room for over two hours, then they’re unfit parents.

    Were this my child, I would have gone ballistic after the first wrong bus incident. On the second one, I would have been filing a criminal complaint. As for the incident where they imprisoned him, I would have been arrested on the spot for beating the shit out of whoever was responsible.

    1. Come on sloop, the father didn’t want to ruin the teacher’s career or anything.

      1. Another reason the kid might as well be handed over to the state. If this guy didn’t want to ruin the teacher’s career, he’s an unfit parent.

        1. I wouldn’t want her fired either. I’d be much happier if she were just shot.

    2. it’s good to have more dads in the comments section.

  8. Sometimes dude you jsut have to roll with it.

    1. Dog, I fucking hate this particular anonbot. When do we get a new one?

      1. At least it’s not asking to see the tits on this one…

  9. “That’s not a preferred practice,” Rosandick added. “That is not what we would have wanted her to do.”

    “Our teachers had been instructed to chain children to a toilet to prevent them from urinating on themselves.”

  10. So when the boy left the small dark room did he take an overdose of Benadryl like Barbie-Boy?

  11. What no strip search followed by expolsion based on an anonymous tip? Obviously they need to update they’re procedures.

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