Fiscal Cliff

Jindal: GOP Not Positioned Well in Fiscal Cliff Fight

Being portrayed as protecting the rich and throwing the elderly to the wolves


In his first detailed comments on the fiscal-cliff negotiations, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal says Republicans are being portrayed as fighting "to protect the rich and cut benefits" for seniors. "It may be possible to have worse political positioning than that, but I'm not sure how," Jindal wrote in a column in Thursday's Politico.

"Elections have consequences," Jindal wrote, "and the country is going to feel those consequences soon." Jindal, a Republican, said that with President Barack Obama winning re-election and "our hand of cards in the Senate weaker not stronger," it's inevitable that a final deal will "contain elements that are detrimental to our economy."

He is clearly alluding to the higher taxes on the wealthy that Obama has said must be part of any deficit reduction deal.