Chicago School Closing Decisions Pushed Back

Maybe the world will end and nobody will have to make an unpopular choice


Gov. Pat Quinn today signed the bill that will give Chicago Public Schools officials another four months to come up with a list of school closings.

The Democratic governor made the move as the clock ticked down to Saturday, the deadline for when the list was supposed to be released under current law.


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  1. November 26, 2012
    Chicago Public Schools (CPS) CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett today made a public commitment to implement a five-year moratorium on CPS facility closures starting in fall 2013, should CPS be granted the extension to announce proposed school actions that it has requested from the Illinois General Assembly.

    IOW- We aren’t seriously considering closing any schools now and we damn sure aren’t closing any schools for 5 years. You think we held a strike just to turn around and lose a single job just because we have 20% fewer students than we used to? Government only ever gets bigger, it never gets smaller.

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