France to Vote For Palestinian Statehood, U.S. and Israel Not So Keen

The French government has announced that it will support a resolution that would recognize a Palestinian state at the United Nations in a vote at the U.N. General Assembly this week.


The French government has announced that it will support a resolution that would recognize a Palestinian state at the United Nations in a vote at the U.N. General Assembly this week. Palestine is currently an observer at the U.N. The resolution would recognize Palestine as a nonmember observer state.

The U.K. has said it may support the resolution with some conditions. British officials want Palestinian authorities to stop pursuing Israel for war crimes and resume peace talks.

As it stands the resolution is almost certainly going to pass despite objections from Israel and the U.S. When asked about the issue last week U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Susan Rice said:

Our goal remains a negotiated, two-state solution. A Jewish democratic state of Israel living side by side in peace and security with an independent, viable Palestinian state. The only way to accomplish that in the real world is through direct negotiations, and we continue to urge the parties to come back to the table and to resume those direct negotiations. We view unilateral steps, including the bid for upgraded status to statehood—observer state status at the General Assembly—to be counterproductive and not take us closer to that goal, and, therefore, we strongly oppose it. 

Israel and the U.S. could respond to the passing of the resolution in a few ways:

The US and Israel have both hinted at possible retaliation if the vote goes ahead. Congress could block payments to the Palestinian Authority and Israel might freeze tax revenues it transfers under the 1993 Oslo agreement or, worse, withdraw from the agreement altogether. It could also annex West Bank settlements. Britain's position is that it wants to reduce the risk that such threats might be implemented and bolster Palestinian moderates.

Read more on Israel, libertarianism, and Obama's comments on the recent fighting in Gaza here and here

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  1. The US will exercise its veto on Palestinian statehood again.

    Obama is (rightfully) pro-Israel despite what the wingnuts say every day on AM radio.

    1. Given the fact that he is physically incapable of making a post without referencing some shit he heard from Limbaugh, I can’t help but picture Obama’s Buttplug having shouting matches with his radio down in his little hidey-hole as he awaits the inevitable descending of the Christian Taliban from their hillside compounds.

      1. What is your point?

        The Xtian Taliban won’t confront me. I am white and Southron.

        And PigBoy won’t ever be criticized by GOP party appartchik. He is their leader.

        1. Indeed. You are a self-hating hick, the very worst kind of hick.

          1. He don’t plant taters, he don’t plant cotton…

    2. What a shameless fucking shill.

    3. We don’t have a veto in the General Assembly, just the Security Council. That’s why the vote is in the GA.

      1. You can’t expect shrike to know everything can you?!

  2. Would UN statehood for Palestine now, after the latest fighting, strengthen the idea that armed attacks are the way to get results or would it suggest the opposite?

    1. That’s a problem.

      The push for statehood has been a behind the scenes effort on the part of Mahmoud Abbas and West Bank leadership — an effort on their part to acquire legitimacy and claim the mantle of Palestinian leadership. While I won’t say I’m a fan of recent Fatah leadership, it’s been much better than recent leadership for Palestinians and incentives should be provided for it to continue its current course.

      Unfortunately, with the latest bit of violence a successful bid for statehood in the UN may be interpreted as a victory for Hamas and their violence in the Gaza Strip as the way forward for Palestine.

      The timing was not good, that’s for sure.

      1. Am I the only one who noticed that Morsi fully expected to have no resistance to his coup due to being “the hero of Gaza”?

        Did the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas launch a cynical ploy to launch a few missiles at Israel so Morsi could ride in and put the Israelis in their place? Was Morsi’s angle that he could then use his new “Arab Street” cred to bloodlessly convert Egypt to Islamist dictatorship?

        Even if it’s not true, it’s still a better love story than Twilight.

        1. I think that the western pants pissing media greatly overplayed the clout the the MB has in Egypt. I also think that while the brotherhood has a measure of legitimacy from Mubarak’s on/off attempts to crackdown on the group they believe the hype. That is they believe that they were not only instrumental to the recent coup but were the catalyst of the movement.

          I’m sure that they were fucking shocked when their regional offices were recently being torched by angry locals.

          Notice how they claim to not being out in the streets because they want to keep the peace; I think it’s because they wouldn’t have the numbers they claim and their demonstration would be embarrassingly small.

          1. I hope so. Still, it will be very interesting to see how things turn out in Egypt.

            1. “Interesting” meaning something between really depressing and merely awful?

      2. Yeah, because doing nothing has been so successful for the Palestinians up to this point.

  3. So once that happens, I’m sure all the lefties in the world will focus on granting Kurdistan statehood, right?

    1. I wouldn’t hold my breath.

  4. You know, I think I understand finally why the idiotic Israel-Palestine conflict obsesses so many people; because it’s got a little something for all kinds of asshole. It works for the anti-Semites and the “chosen people” crowd at the same time. It does wonders for the WARBONER crowd; it’s their Viagra. It appeals to the “protest for the underdog” folks. It works for the anti-Muslim people. It works for the interventionists. It works for the Zionists. It works for the imperialists and the anti-imperialists at the same time.

    Much like the TEAM “dichotomy”, it a yin/yang of two very similar sides merely being proxies for all kinds of retard to project their pet issue(s) on.

    Keep it up, retards!

    1. Even better, it’s an issue where true changes are based on incredibly tedious negotiations and legal arrangements that no one gives a shit about. It’s the perfect issue for bullshitters of all sorts — and c’mon, no partisan into politics wants to think too hard or research much on the things they’re talking about; that almost sounds like work!

      1. Every kind of douchebag can work themselves into a lather about some aspect of it because so much disgusting shit has been done by everyone involved in it. It’s like watching the last episode of BSG.

        1. May I suggest…taking off and nuking the entire site from orbit…

        2. Actually, Episiarch, not enough disgusting shit has been done. There are still too many Fuckastinians running around with a boner for the thought of a dead Jewish baby. Faster baby, kill, kill.

          Israel released a shitload of Arab d-bags in exchange for one prisoner when they could’ve pushed them out of a helicopter (one a day) until the palis let him go.

          And until I’m convinced that Israel poisoned that goat fucker Arafat, my position is that Israel is TOO DAMN SOFT.

          False equivalence is for people who have no brains and no balls. Heal yourself.

          1. How do you know all that shit? It’s a foreign fucking country for piss sakes. I like Israeli beaches and drinking partners, but beyond that I’m not getting involved.

            And, yes, I’m very much an anti-Muslim douchebag, but no interest in this conflict. Just wiping the Koran off the face of the planet as anything but the shithole dreams of shithole dwellers thinking the shit slightly upwind of them is coming from heaven.

          2. Maybe Israel should have thought about all that shit before they moved there.

              1. 1895, anno domini, through the present, shit for brains.

                In 1895, at the start of the Zionist movement, according to the latest census, the population of the land that is now called Israel, Gaza and the West Bank was approx. 7% Jewish.

    2. Well, the Bible does predict that all the heathen tribes of the region and beyond will descend on little Israel for the final battle and be defeated. Hundreds of millions of people believe this literally. Lots of them live right here in the USA.

      Then you have the Muslims. I read maybe a 10th of the way through the Quaran just for curiosity and it really got tiresome because most of it seemed to me to be finding as many ways as possible to say that the Jews suck and we are really the chosen peeps as decreed through our great prophet. Hundreds of millions also take this stuff literally.

      So right there you have trouble, and the fact that the most powerful nation on earth is ready to go to full battle to defend little Israel in the middle of a centuries old feud, it’s scary stuff. Just imagine the irony, blow up most of the world with nuclear weapons because of a feud over who the imaginary sky god likes best. It’s almost too surreal to believe it could all end over such silliness. But the possibility is no joking matter.

      1. I’m not really worried about Israel causing WWIII; I doubt the US and Russia are going to get in a massive nuclear war over them.

        “I was the last one left after the nuclear holocaust, eh. The whole world had been destroyed, like U.S. blew up Russia and Russia blew up U.S. and Canada. Fortunately, I had been offworld at the time. There wasn’t much to do. All the bowling alleys and doughnut shops had been wrecked. So’s I spent most of my time looking for beer.”

        1. I hope you are right, I haven’t watched enough episodes of doomsday preppers to get me started yet. Seems like all of them forget about beer though, which I don’t get at all. Who wants to be hunkered down in their bunker with no beer? I would take 30 survival points away from them for no beer, dummies.

          1. How could you not include a still into the doomsday prep supplies though?

            1. If they would combine the moonshiners show with the doomsday preppers, and throw some anarchists into the mix, then that would be teh ultimate show on da tube. Wifey might never get to watch her evening soap operas again.

          2. Hard liquor is more efficient and stores better. I strongly suggest bourbon.

            1. Knob Creek bourbon. I think the main reason to grow up, earn money, and prosper is in order to move from cheap bourbon to Knob Creek.

              A couple of glasses can make an election go away.

              1. William Larue Weller (133.5) or George T. Stagg (141.4). Yummy!

      2. The centuries old feud you refer to was dormant for hundreds of years. Jews lived peacefully in Iraq (until the US invaded), continue to live peacefully in Iran. Not until the creation of the state of Israel has the feud re-erupted, this time over land seized (massive amounts, over a third of what is now Israel)by the new state of Israel that had, in many cases, clear title going back over four hundred years.

        1. Uh… no.

          Jews have been slowly migrating out of the Middle East for years. Seriously, compare the religious demography and immigration patterns of any Middle Eastern nation over the past 50-100 years and you’ll find that to be the case.

          1. Uhh, excuse me? In 1895, at the start of the Zionist movement, the population of the land that is now called Israel, was 7% Jewish. Now it’s, what? 75%?

            1. Kyfho Myoba| 11.27.12 @ 8:40PM |#
              “Uhh, excuse me? In 1895, at the start of the Zionist movement, the population of the land that is now called Israel, was 7% Jewish. Now it’s, what? 75%?”

              Nice try; fail.

              1. Got a cite or site you can point me to? Just, “no”?

                You’re wrong!
                No, you’re wrong.
                No, you are.

        2. Not until the creation of the state of Israel has the feud re-erupted

          But it was prophesized. Some dude was exiled to some island and apparently got hold of some shrooms and wrote it.

          Also, the Jews weren’t getting along too peacefully in some places right before that re-creation, just sayin, not that any of that was because of Arabs.

          1. It’d be more accurate to say the end of Imperialism. Once the Middle East was carved up into new nation-states, different religious factions lost their collective enemies and turned on each other. The Jews were 2nd or 3rd down the list after Nomads.

        3. “Jews lived peacefully in Iraq (until the US invaded)”
          No they didn’t. They were driven out after 1948.

          1. Yes. After 1948 Jews were driven out of every country run by goat fucking sand nazis. Every single one. Property confiscated. Israel took them all in.

            Fuckastinians displaced when their masters tried to finish Hitler’s work in ’48 were not taken in by Arab countries, including Jordan, the country where most of the fuckers came from.

            And the conclusion for a BHL/left-libertarian/Lew Rockwell sucking meth head? “Israel caused it all!”

            1. Ah, the ignorance. You obviously don’t have a clue what sites like BHL actually post about this, do you?

            2. “Every single one.”

              Bull. Shit. Iran now has a Jewish population of several thousand.

              I think that you’re confusing cause and effect here. There are many learned authorities that believe that Zionist agents created terrorist incidents to drive Jews in Arab countries into the newly formed, or about to be formed state of Israel. “In an attempt to portray the Iraqis as anti-American and to terrorize the Jews, the Zionists planted bombs in the U.S. Information Service library and in the synagogues. Soon leaflets began to appear urging Jews to flee to Israel… most of the world believed reports that Arab terrorism had motivated the flight of the Iraqi Jews whom the Zionists had ‘rescued’ really just in order to increase Israel’s Jewish population.” Wilber Crane Eveland, senior CIA officer in his book Ropes of Sand.

      3. I got about a third of the way through recently. I just LOVED every other paragraph being ineterupted with warnings to infidels who doubt the veracity of the work. You know, nothing you are saying you raving lunatic matches what anyone has ever seen the physical world ever do in their lives, but to doubt you is the worst sin imaginable. I have seen monkeys fling poo with more elegance and grace than the authors of the Koran use in the rhetoric of their con. It disgust me that anyone at anytime in human history ever bought it. It makes Jesus look like Houdini in comparison.

    3. I have an opinion on damn near everything. But aside from abortion, I can’t think of anything I care less about than the Israelis and the Palestinians. I truly don’t give a flying fuck one way or the other. I can’t even gin up enough “give a shit” to read about and understand the issues. Both sides hate each other and both sides commit atrocities. Can’t we give both sides tactical nukes and let them fight it out like the children they are?

      Why am I on this thread?

      1. I think it is perfectly reasonable not to give a shit about the Arab-Israeli conflict. It’s a long way from here and even the good guys (Israel) are led by statist shit heads who violate the rights of their own citizens. Let them fight it out.

        BUT – that isn’t an excuse for moral equivalence; the two sides aren’t the same.

        And those who want America out should remember: America out + American $ out = the gloves come off.

        Sounds good to me. Israel can shove ’em all right up Jordan’s ass.

        1. No one said they’re equivalent. You don’t have to think they’re equivalent to find bad things in both.

      2. Why am I on this thread?

        Oh, you just can’t quit us, FdA. -D

    4. And here I am wondering why can’t the Palis produce an “IPP leader” (Independence for a Palestinian state, Peace with their Israeli neighbors and Prosperity for their people)?

    1. The UN has the Jews back (rightly so too).

      1. Fuck (some of) the Jews. Fuck those land-stealing, mass-murdering, apartheid-promoting, weapons-exporting, commie-kibbutz-living, 8-year-old-girl-spitting-on, checkpoint-manning, baby-shooting, West-bank-occupying, false-flag-conspiring, USS-Liberty-bombing, Gaza-starving, blockade-enforcing, flotilla-humanitarian-aid-worker-mudering, US-military-secrets-to-the-USSR-selling self-righteous narcissistic fucks.

        And fuck. You. Too.

        Let ’em all move to America. Preferably some place near me. Funny how peaceful Jews and Arabs are when they’re both here in the US, and real estate law is both clear and fair.

          1. I’m a conspiracy EMPIRICIST.

            Conflating well documented, well witnessed events with the most extreme forms of speculation is the most egregious form of the straw-man argument.

            1. It’s funny how morons like you use the USS Liberty as some sort of modern-day blood libel when America is the world’s leader in friendly-fire incidents, by tenfolds. Most of the victims of our friendly-fire were British and Canadian troops. By your (il)logic, there is some nefarious plot in the Pentagon against the British Commonwealth.

              Go back to taking Turkish cock up your ass, Brown Dawn.

              1. So because the US is the worst at friendly fire “accidents”, the Israelis couldn’t possibly have intentionally bombed the USS Liberty so that it wouldn’t be able to monitor Israel’s massacre of over a thousand Egyptian POWs a dozen miles away that was occurring simultaneously with the attack on the ship?

              2. turkish cock? Brown Dawn? What are you taking?

                1. The shit I’m on isn’t nearly as powerful as the shit you’re taking if you believe in some mythical Israeli massacre of Egyptian POWs.

                  It’s sad that you fell for Pallywood hook, line, and sinker. You probably refer to that one time a Palestinian stubbed his toe in Jenin as a “massacre” as well.

                  I do realize, of course, that you’re just getting off on an unwarranted sense of moral superiority, as if you really gave a shit about the actions of the Israeli army, you’d be sitting in front of a D9 Armored Bulldozer instead of spreading bullshit blood libel on the Internet.

                  1. Rachel…Rachel…RACHEL!…WAKE UP!


                    I can’t hate on any country that kills commies. Well, unless they were my olive trees.

                  2. Let’s see. In that last post we have mind-reading, ad hominem attack, and prior to that, straw man. How long until you get all of the logical fallacies in?

                    All you got is a fact-devoid critique of the Liberty attack? Nothing on the systemic starvation of Gaza? Massive land theft? Unilateral, unprovoked bombing of Syria and Lebanon? Assault on humanitarian aid flotilla? Jonathan Pollard? Beuller? Beuller?

            2. Is Bush a Lizard people? What about Obama? I am pretty sure that Romney is one of em.

              1. Don’t know about them,

                but Valerie Jarrett definitely is.

              2. No, no. Romney’s a robot. Model needs a software patch.

            3. Kyfho Myoba| 11.27.12 @ 8:10PM |#
              “I’m a conspiracy EMPIRICIST.”

              Naah. You’re a run-of-the-mill anti Jewish idiot.

              1. Not anti-Jewish. Anti-Zionist. Learn the difference, idiot.

        1. I am pretty sure most of them already live in my neighborhood. You will need to take the rest.

          1. Send ’em to Naptown

              1. You got it.

        2. “mass-murdering”
          The USA killed approximately 300,000 southern people, 3,000,000 Germans, 1,000,000 Japs, and 2,000,000 vietnams. That’s “mass murder.”

          1. Doesn’t hold a candle to:
            1) Hitler; a piker
            2) Lenin; a good start
            3) Stalin; hey, now we’re hitting out weight!
            4) Mao; target-rich environment!
            5) Pol Pot: The percentage winna!

          2. Oh, and you’re an idiot.

          3. Let’s not forget Madeline Albright and her half million dead Iraqi children:”I think it was worth it.” Bringing the Iraq war well into the 7 figure club.

            1. Surely you realise that the “half-million” dead Iraqi children is a number that an anti-war group from the 1990s pulled out of their ass – as an “estimate” of the effect of sanctions of Iraq’s child mortality rate.

              1. I do not so “realize”. Not just sanctions, bombings. When you research the US military policy, as I saw on the USAF website (shortly thereafter removed), that admits that the consequences of said policy of bombing civilian infrastructure to be widespread civilian casualties, and the nature of said casualties, to be things like cholera, dysentery, etc. and the subsequent outbreaks of cholera, dysentery, and the like, the death count becomes pretty easy: death due to cholera before sanctions vs death count due to cholera after sanctions.

                Nevertheless. When confronted with the figure, Albright did not dispute it, she reaffirmed willingness to make the same transaction again: “I think it was worth it.”

                1. Oh, and have you looked at the study in the Lancet that shows Iraqi deaths due to the US actions in Iraq to be 500,000 to 1,000,000? And read what a memo to Tony Blair said about it, that he shouldn’t mention it at all because “it cannot be rubbished (refuted)”?

    2. “The JOOS are oppressing Palestinians with their infidel malls and hotels!”

      But that IS it, don’t you see? It’s the prosperity and the capitalism that the Arabs hate. Israel took a shitty little desolate area and did what the Arabs could not. They will never forgive them for it.

      Don’t try and explain that to BHLs and “social justice” libertarians. The parts about capitalism and freedom just confuse them.

  5. How about letting the Palestinians vote?

    1. vote for what?

      1. Vote for Hamas, of course.

        1. Well, I meant, don’t they need a country and some type of governmental document(I hesitate to promote any government beyond said document) before they can vote for something? Since they have neither, a vote is pretty irrelevant I would think.

    2. “How about letting the Palestinians vote?”

      You dumb fuck, they did vote. Don’t you remember George Bush getting all wet in the pussy over the prospect of “palestinian democracy” and then looking all butt hurt when the palis voted for Nazi…I mean, voted for Hamas?

      Revised Mencken: “Democracy is two palestinians and a goat voting on who gets raped.”

    3. The Palis seriously fucked up by not demanding a “one state solution”.
      Demography is on their side.

      Particularly if they could flood the place with returning Christian and educated, prosperous Muslim expats.

      1. Because if you are Christian and educated, the first place you want to move is into a fight between Jew and Muslim?

      2. They ARE demanding a “one-state solution”.

        If you’ve been following the issue, they know that the demographics are on their side, which is part of why they havn’t accepted any of the peace deals, and why they insist on the “right of return”.

        The pro-Palestinian side stopped demanding a two-state solution years ago. It is the US and Israel who are pushing a two state solution.

        1. The Palis haven’t accepted any of the peace deals? Uhhh, bullshit?

  6. Which Palestinians and which Palestine? The ones in the Gaza Strip or the ones living in Judea and Samaria? Fatah or Hamas?

    1. Good question.

      Another thought… There really is not much land in Israel, it’s pretty tiny. But look at all that empty Terra in Egypt and Saudia Arabia. So why don’t the Egyptians or Saudis give the Palestinians a little chunk and a little bit of cash up front to get some infrastructure started, and there you go, everyone is happy, right?

      I mean, really, New Palestine has a nicer ring to it than plain ol Palestine.

      Or maybe these folks just want to keep throwing rocks at each others houses.

      1. So why don’t the Egyptians or Saudis give the Palestinians a little chunk and a little bit of cash up front to get some infrastructure started, and there you go, everyone is happy, right?

        Ain’t happening.

        First of all, nobody wants the palestinians. Talk to someone from Lebanon or Syria and ask them what having a shitload of refugees is like. Secondly, the Palestinians and their problems are what we would refer to as red meat for ME pols; a lot of hot air is blown over it but the leaders know they aren’t going to do anything about it. Think of abortion here.

        Thirdly, and most importantly, Israel has a severe demographics problem. In a generation the Jews will be minorities in their own land. The smart Arab money in the region knows that time is the Israelis worst enemy and are happy that Israel keeps electing right wing xenophobes, because they know that a two-state solution is really in Israel’s long term interests.

        Currently there are over a million Arabs in Israel and almost 4 million in gaza and the west bank while there are about 6 million Jews in Israel. One is an aging population and one is a young and growing population; guess which is which.

        1. “Secondly, the Palestinians and their problems are what we would refer to as red meat for ME pols; a lot of hot air is blown over it but the leaders know they aren’t going to do anything about it. Think of abortion here.”


          But as for demography – the Ultra-Orthodox will be an increasing percentage – they have no problem having kids. If they ever get over their reluctance to serve in the IDF, then Israel will be filling up up with heavily armed and religiously strict Jews.

          1. Does any one here know the name of the brand of Judaism that is anti-Zionist? They’re almost An-Caps in their anti-statism, like it’s idolatry or something. It’s some kind of Orthodox or something.

  7. So why don’t the Egyptians or Saudis give the Palestinians a little chunk and a little bit of cash up front to get some infrastructure started, and there you go, everyone is happy, right?

    You mean like when Gaza was occupied by Egypt from 1948 to 1967?

    1. I don’t hear people complaining about the wall between Gaza and Egypt.

      1. It’s different when they do it.

        1. There brown people. In spirit, at least, so they can do as they please.

          1. I’m Brown and I don’t get to do as I please.

            1. That’s because you are posting on a hedonistic anarcho-capitalist site. The current emperor and his minions do not approve of that. Get back on the brown people plantation and then you can do as you please.

          2. Everybody is “brown people” over there.
            If by “brown people, you mean caucasians.

      2. The wall between Gaza and Egypt was only well policed during the Mubarak era, and even then the ubiquitous tunnels were mostly winked at. Now that Mubarak’s gone, well, what do you think the average Egyptian thinks about the state of Israel and maybe helping out some Gazans with some trade?

        1. Kyfho Myoba| 11.27.12 @ 8:53PM |#
          “…well, what do you think the average Egyptian thinks about the state of Israel and maybe helping out some Gazans with some trade?”

          I’m gonna bet the average Egyptian is ‘way more concerned with that power grab.
          Why would they give a hoot about some suicidal cult up there in the boonies?

          1. Probably so, but the current Egyptian administration will not be anywhere near as willing to cut off the tunnels as was Mubarak.

  8. I have one question for bleeding heart “libertarians.” If Mexico was raining down rockets on America, and killing American civilians, what would you want our country to do? Would America have a right to defend itself? You people never answer this question. You just talk about all of Israel’s real and imaginary(mostly imaginary) injustices. But what if the Mexicans say that the southwest is theirs? What if they whine about how America had invaded their country a few times and has oppresed other people around the world. White Americans should be sent back to europe, they will say. And so the Mexican government starts to shoot rockets at America. Would America have the right to bomb the countries missile sights, killing civilians?(civialians would die) Would it have the right to occpy Mexico and depose the government, as Israel did when Egypt tried to destroy it in 1967?

    1. American| 11.27.12 @ 9:09PM |#
      “I have one question for bleeding heart “libertarians.” If Mexico….[…].You people never answer this question.”

      Uh, you probably need to learn a skill called “reading”. It’s really not difficult; most children learn it by age 6 or so.
      Perhaps there’s a ‘adult learning center’ near you.

      Now let’s be clear: No, dipshit, the question you pose has nothing to do with the abuse you get here. You get that abuse because you’re a racist asshole claiming some libertarian sympathy.
      Got it?

      1. One must wonder if the failure of libertarian politics is becuase so many of it’s advocates immediatly yell “commie racist” at anyone who disagrees with them, being so confident that they are right that they don’t need to convince the inferior minds.

        1. Well it’s true, we don’t need to convince you.

    2. Cheesing is bad for you.

    3. What would happen if I pissed in yer cheerios and smacked your wife in the face with my dangling scrotum?

      Why won’t you answer my non-pertinent to the discussion question!?

    4. Bleeding heart Libertarians? Bwahahhaaa. That is a good one, first time I have heard it.

      You see, we have da Aztecas all caught up in this bloody civil war because our biological revenue mills want some dangerous drugs, and we can’t have that. So they are too busy to worry about such silliness as attacking the greatest military power in the history of the world.

      Next question.

      1. I believe he is referring to this site, a nexus of, left-libertarian/liberaltarian dipshittery.

        1. In which case, s/he ought to pose his/her hypothetical question right there. Maybe s/he wouldn’t get such posted abuse.

          1. Fair point.

          2. Sevo, it is a perfectly good question. What a shame you don’t have the balls to answer it.

            And if you’re going to call people who disagree with you “racist” instead of actually responding, maybe this isn’t the site your you. Just sayin’.

            1. Lord Peter Wimsey| 11.27.12 @ 11:08PM |#
              “Sevo, it is a perfectly good question. What a shame you don’t have the balls to answer it.”

              Lord dipshit, I have the balls to answer any honest question asked of me.
              Unfortunately, Lord dipshit, there is no honest question, is there?
              I’m sure you can spend some time to invent one, in which case I’ll make fun of you also. And again.

            2. If you’ve read anything American has ever posted on this site, you’d know that calling him a racist is fair game. Fuck Sevo has been defending Israel in this very thread, his beef with American has nothing to do with him American defending Israel

        2. Those people aren’t libertarians. They’re tenured academic retards who don’t feel comfortable with their own leftism.

      2. Notice it was a HYPOTHETICAL. It’s a big word, I know.

        1. Except it was NOT a hypothetical; it actually happened. The ensuing war lasted a little over 2 years (1846-1848), culminating in the US occupation of Mexico City (The Halls of Montezuma in the Marines’ Hymn). The war ended with the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo which forced Mexico to cede to the US: California, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Colorado, and Wyoming.

          1. What role did Texas play in this?

            1. The Texas annexation was the fig leaf that Mexico used to invade the US. Mexico claimed a border up to the Sabine River. Unfortunately for Santa Ana, Texas actually starts at the Rio Grande.

    5. Don’t refer to them as “bleeding heart.” People who actually felt true compassion and empathy would give their full-throated support to an organization, Hamas, which explicitly calls for the genocide of every Jewish man, woman, and child currently living in Israel.

      A person who is not a sociopath wouldn’t give frothing at the mouth, spit-flecked apologia of a people who teach their children that their goal in life is to strap on a bomb vest and kill yourself while taking out as many innocents as you can.

      A person who was truly a believer in peace wouldn’t falsely accuse one nation of genocide, and support another that ghoulishly, and in the face of all evidence, denies an actual genocide because that historical fact is politically inconvenient for them.

      To call people like Hytho Myoba “bleeding heart” is an insult to those of us who actually have hearts.

        1. To whom are you referring?

          Kytho Myoba.

          1. Oh, it seemed at times that you were speaking of multiple people.

      1. No love for Hamas here. Again, I don’t need to accuse Israel of genocide regarding Gaza, they’ve confessed it. I’ve never denied the Holocaust.

        How many more words you want to put in my mouth? You’ve gone to straw man twice now, can’t you use any of the other logical fallacies? Is straw man your favorite?

        1. Again, I don’t need to accuse Israel of genocide regarding Gaza, they’ve confessed it.

          If you’re going to make an outrageous claim like that, you need to cite some evidence.

          It’s not that I’m building a straw man, it’s that your feet are made of clay.

          1. search terms: gaza israel calorie restriction
            for a good start.

            1. As if they’d ever get that many calories without the American people’s money.

          2. Do you ever actually read any of the Likud/Labor debate? The Likudniks have made numerous statements of genocidal intent, followed by IDF actions in furtherance of that aim. Use a search engine, ferchrissakes, and not to just confirm your bias!

      2. Again with the ad hominem, and implying positions that I do not hold.

        My heart, and I do have one, bleeds, just not for the same reasons and for the same people yours does. I believe the Rule of Law applies to everyone, that Right and Wrong are the same everywhere and that just because screaming, goose-stepping mustachioed meth-head megalomaniacs tried to kill all of your race in one part of the world, that doesn’t excuse you swarming some other nation, stealing land there, and murdering its inhabitants.

        Unless you tell us that you’re God’s Chosen People. Then it’s ok.

        1. Notice you never answered my question. Dipshit.

  9. I’m sure that the whole problem with the Arab/Islamic world is that it’s one flyblown kleptocracy short of the necessary critical mass for success. Once the “Palestinians” get a state, I’m certain everything will fall into place and things will be swell.

    1. Why do you think Israel chased the Christian Palis out?

    1. Oj! Won’t those people just go away! I’ll bet they will release that in time for Elizabeth Warren’s swearing in ceremony. Or if shown before, you know she is going to quoting the ever-lovin’ shit out of it.

    2. Occupy the Movie: after everyone lost interest in the desultory “movement” a year ago, this timely documentary should be box-office boffo!

  10. Given the popularity of the Palestinians in Europe, how difficult would it be to get, what, 1.3 million Europeans to sponsor their very own Palestinian family? Gaza is going to be a suck hole no matter whatever vote goes down for at least quite a few years. Sponsor a family to live with you for a few decades and maybe then things can be arranged peacefully for a return.

    1. Killazontherun| 11.27.12 @ 11:26PM |#
      “Given the popularity of the Palestinians in Europe, how difficult would it be to get, what, 1.3 million Europeans to sponsor their very own Palestinian family?”

      Why, the Euros could invite them to a nice sidewalk coffee shop. And GET THEIR ASSES BLOWN TO SMITHEREENS!

    2. They support the Palestinians so long as they stay where they are.

      1. And don’t wear bombs…

        1. Away from Jews..

      2. Pretty much, that’s the policy. Nations like France and Britain have to pander and feign Concern due to their growing Muslim populations. Also makes for a handy excuse for Jew-bashing, which is not uncommon in Euro-landia, unfortunately.

        Even in UKR, via Svobodna Partij (“Freedom Party” – which is a misnomer, as it is a Social Nationalist-type party), there is some open dislike of Jews, mostly Russian and Russian speaking Jews. Muslims aren’t terribly popular either, as Islam is not regarded super favourably here but the local populance will tolerate it somewhat.

    3. Given the popularity of the Palestinians in Europe, how difficult would it be to get, what, 1.3 million Europeans to sponsor their very own Palestinian family?

      Harder than you think, most of that Concern is Feel-Good-Yay-Multiculturalism-Away-From-Me! stuff, from what I gather from my Euro-landia and UKR associates.

      See also my response to His Archduchy. -)

    4. I agree with France. I’m in favor of a Palestinian state in France.

  11. A U.S. man is taking two airlines to court after his wife was allegedly refused passage on three separate flights for being too fat to fly.

    1. Wow, if she was that ill, why didn’t she seek TX at a private clinic in Hungary? They do have those there, along with EUR’s highly touted socialized medical care system (scoff).

      She was most likely ill before she left The States, if she had either advanced kidney disease or at risk for uremia. Granted, the airline should have made accommodations, but I do find it a bit suspect that she suddenly developed ESRD or another renal malady, and it doesn’t say how long she was in Hungary when she started noticing S/S.

      If hours were to make the difference, she needed care immediately and not risk a 15+ hour flight, assuming they were taking a direct flight back to The States.

    2. “We don’t want her,
      You can fly her,
      She’s too fat for we.
      The Too Fat Polka!”

      -#1 hit single in Hungary, 1956

      1. Morning Anacreon!

  12. That jsut looks like its gonna be cool! Wow.

  13. I actually think recognizing Palestinian statehood might clarify things a bit.

    If Palestine is a state, then lobbing rockets at Israel is an act of war, not an act of resistance, and we can stop talking about Israel’s occupation of Palestine, and start talking about the war between Palestine and Israel.

    1. True, and the Israel assassination of a political leader in Gaza immediately prior to said lobbing of (highly inaccurate) rockets (that rarely hurt anyone) would be the act of war that starts the conflict (where Israel lobs many more and far more accurate missiles killing fifty to a hundred times more people)

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