Woman Hit With $100K in Parking Fines for Car She Didn't Own

It's like being mugged, but by the authorities


One particular car has set the Chicago, Illinois record for most parking violations and fines. The city claims Jennifer Fitzgerald owes $105,761.80 for the debt Chicago officials say the 31 year old, single mother of one owes for parking violations issued to a 1999 Chevy Monte Carlo registered in her name.

Fitzgerald claims she did not own, drive or park the car where Chicago's Department of Finance (DOF) says it racked up 678 bright orange parking tickets over a period of nearly three years. Based on DOF records, the car in question seems to have set a record in Chicago for having received the highest number of parking tickets as well as accruing the largest fine amounts ever, beating Chicago's number two ranked parking ticket scofflaw by $65,000 and over 400 violations.