In "After Death Row" (page 17), Anthony L. Fisher interviews Erik Jensen and Jessica Blank, the authors of The Exonerated, a "documentary play" compiled from interviews with former prisoners. Fisher, 33, who has been a video producer with Reason TV since May 2011, previously worked as a broadcast engineer for CBS, helping to produce television shows such as Fringe, Law & Order, and Damages, as well as writing and producing short films of his own, some of which were distributed by Comedy Central and the Sundance Channel. One of his most unusual experiences since joining reason occurred when he was working on a short documentary about government overreach in Montreal. While filming, he conducted "a completely serious interview with the fully costumed Anarchopanda, a junior college professor involved in the protest movement who wears a giant panda outfit to neutralize potentially violent conflicts with police and protesters."

Associate Editor Scott Shackford started work with Reason 24/7 in May 2012, aggregating news stories from all over the Internet for reason.com's new online newsfeed. Previously he worked for Freedom Communications, a libertarian-leaning newspaper chain, writing editorials and managing the newsroom at a daily paper in Barstow, California, where he won a state newspaper award for an editorial on the misuse of SWAT teams. Shackford, 41, is a lifelong video game player as well as a "Disney park semi-weirdo," which he says means he is "weird enough to pay for extra park tours" but "not weird enough to collect pins." 

Matthew Feeney is an assistant editor at Reason 24/7. Prior to joining reason he worked as an intern at The American Conservative and a communications consultant at the Institute of Economic Affairs in London. When he's not browsing for stories to feature on Reason 24/7, Feeney says he likes reading about science and history as well as getting outdoors. Feeney, 24, works out of reason's Washington, D.C., office, where he says the strangest thing is that "there is a headless mannequin in the shower."