Black Friday Shoplifter Dies, Police Secrets Rain on Parade, Catalonian Independence Gets a Boost: P.M. Links


  • On the plus side, employees don't have to spend time ringing up the shoplifters.

    Black Friday isn't just about shoppers beating up each other at the mall: An accused shoplifter at Walmart died while in the custody of company employees. A security officer who no longer works there may have placed the alleged thief in a choke hold.

  • In other holiday news, Macy's Day Thanksgiving Parade attendees discovered something special in the confetti thrown about: confidential information from the Nassau County Police Department that had been shredded but was still very readable.
  • A Utah man might not be able to claim he was defending his home when he opened fire on a SWAT team coming to serve a search warrant, killing one. The defendant has said he thought people were breaking into his home to rob him.
  • Supporters of Catalonian independence in Spain got a boost from regional elections, nearly doubling their seats in local parliament.
  • More and more union workers are turning against their own organizers, frustrated at what they are – or aren't – doing.
  • The federal appeals court in Virginia will hear evangelical Christian Liberty University's challenge that the Affordable Care Act violates the college's religious beliefs.
  • The law against providing "material support" for terrorist groups could land social media companies like Twitter in trouble for not blocking people like members of Hamas from using it.

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