Election 2012

What's Next For Libertarians


The election postmortem has been heavily concentrated on where the Republicans go after a second straight presidential race defeat, as well as what the legacy building term for the Obama administration will look like. But after Gary Johnson failed to reach the popular vote one percent threshold, it is also worth asking where libertarians go from here.

Reason's Anthony Randazzo recently sat down with New York-based nonprofit 92nd Street Y to discuss the future of the libertarian movement following the 2012 election. Despite the way Johnson loss, Randazzo has a positive outlook, and argues that the near future of libertarianism is not based in electoral politics but in grassroots and education based focus on expanding ideas of liberty. On the flip side, libertarians are not hopeful that a balanced budget can be accomplished, as Randazzo details his own failed efforts to find a way to a balanced budget through a round table of people with different political ideologies.

Approx 3:50 minutes

For more coverage on this topic see Can the Libertarian Party Get 1 Percent of the Vote?Why Mitt Romney Lost—and the GOP Will Continue to Lose, and Success, Libertarian Party-Style (Or, the Glory of Low Expectations).

Also see Damon Root's video discussing libertarian views of the Constitution with the 92nd Street Y and their "Campaign for the American Conversation" from July.

Where do you think the libertarian movement will go from here?