Hamas, Israel Fighting Ends, Jesse Jackson Jr.'s Career Ends, Hostess' Future Ends: P.M. Links


  • Time to practice pleading the Fifth?

    Hamas and Israel have agreed to a ceasefire brokered by Egypt. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said "more forceful action" may be used if the truce doesn't hold.

  • Ill. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.'s political career ends with a whimper, and likely a federal investigation. He submitted his letter of resignation today.
  • Mediation between Hostess and the bakers union failed, so back into liquidation the company goes.
  • Can we get rid of at least one stupid, meaningless political tradition? The governor of Iowa wonders if the state's pointless but highly publicized presidential straw poll is worth keeping.
  • The National Labor Relations Board will likely not have the time to determine before Thanksgiving whether the Black Friday (to the extent that it's still on Friday) walk-out threat by workers is essentially illegal picketing.
  • A police officer who wrote a $2,500 ticket to an Oklahoma woman because her 3-year-old son peed in their own yard has been fired. Of course, he will probably appeal and get his job back.

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  1. Hamas and Israel have agreed to a ceasefire brokered by Egypt.

    Celebrated with a good old fashioned bus bombing.

    1. Or a suicide bomber outside a discotheque.

    2. Bibi should forced to resign for this disgrace. Every minute Hamas is allowed to exist by the Israeli government is a betrayal of their people.

      1. Time to send Cytotoxic to the front.

  2. Ho HO HOld the Hostess!

    1. He should be. His network is more partisan than Fox News.

      1. I'll say. Nothing about Israel/Hamas today, just another series of bits about why they think the Right sucks. I don't think they ever have any other subject matter.

      2. Have they anointed the next Olberman yet, or has no one with the requisite megalomania, bile and mendacity been singled out?

    1. Hey now! I'd be all over that.

    2. Put a dollar in the kitty!

    3. Yeah no thanks

    4. Maybe it's just some weird lighting, but that second pic looks photoshopped just so that it can emphasize the legs and crotch.

  3. Ill. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.'s political career ends with a whimper, and likely a federal investigation.

    But will he be getting disability pay? Otherwise, going through that grueling campaign to be re-elected was for naught.

    1. I would like to know what kind of benefits and immunities he will receive having won re-election versus what he would have gotten had he resigned prior. Now, taxpayers get to fund a special election to fill the seat...hell, he'll probably win that too.

      1. His resignation was supposedly contingent on his getting disability pay (which tells me his testicles weren't disabled). Either way, the state gets to pay for another election, after which they will install a handpicked Democrat.

        1. I wonder what the rules for this are, since in Chicago it's only primaries that are competitive.

          1. Depends. Hawaii briefly had a Republican in Congress, Charles Djou, because in a winner take all special election the Ds split their vote between two candidates and Djou won with 40%+ of the vote.

            In the regular elections since then, he keeps losing with about 45% of the vote.

            1. From WaPo:

              The resignation will trigger a special election, which will be declared by Gov. Pat Quinn (D) and must occur within 115 days of the vacancy.
              Among the names being mentioned as replacements are Jackson's wife, Chicago Alderwoman Sandi Jackson (D), Cook County Chief Administrative Officer Robin Kelly (D), state Sen. Toi Hutchinson (D) and state Sen. Napoleon Harris (D), a former football player at Northwestern University and in the NFL.
              Also being mentioned is former congressman Mel Reynolds (D-Ill.), who resigned the seat that Jackson won in a 1995 special election and was convicted on charges of child pornography and sexual misconduct with a 16-year-old campaign worker.

              Um, awesome?

              1. Mel Reynolds (D-Ill.), who resigned the seat that Jackson won in a 1995 special election and was convicted on charges of child pornography and sexual misconduct with a 16-year-old campaign worker.

                Obviously, he aims to misbehave.

                (Yes, I know it's actually Mal)

                1. It would be awesome if it was him and we could continue the circle of disgraced resignations followed by special elections just by rinsing and repeating instead of finding a new guy every ~20 years.

                2. He's goin' to the special hell for sure.

              2. Go Napo! One of the greatest Northwestern players ever.

                Signed, proud alum

  4. Mediation between Hostess and the bakers union failed, so back into liquidation the company goes.

    I read that sentence and all I can think of is Twinkie milkshake.

    1. Zinger, vanilla blend would be pretty decent, me thinks.

  5. "Dear, I told you to put the seat down when you're ?OH MY SKIES"

  6. The National Labor Relations Board will likely not have the time to determine before Thanksgiving...

    The board's union regs say it can't be forced into a quick decision during a holiday week.

    1. NLRB unable to come to timely decision on Black Friday walkout, sanctions Boeing "just in case."

  7. BC government launches a civil lawsuit to seize two more Hells Angels clubhouses

    "These properties are known to police as the Hells Angels East End Chapter and Kelowna Chapter clubhouses. The claim was filed as a result of referrals to the Civil Forfeiture Office by the RCMP. It will be up to a Supreme Court justice to determine whether or not the properties should be forfeited," said a statement issued by the minster's office.

    I guess government ministers are looking for a place to hang out, I guess.

  8. It's too bad we missed it this year, but next year we should all celebrate.

    The U.S. Department of Labor is officially observing Nov. 20 as "The Transgender Day of Remembrance."

    "The Transgender Day of Remembrance [TDOR] will be commemorated in cities and countries around the world today, reflecting on those who have died as a result of fear, hate and transphobia," Labor Secretary Hilda Solis said in a statement on Tuesday.

    1. transphobia? does that include a fear of certain fats?

      1. Fear of crossing the street

      2. Fear of the Vietnamese.

      3. Fear of vampires.

    2. 10 Things You Can Do Next Year

      8. Reaffirm your commitment to call out transphobia and cissexism.

      Many people still think that it's socially acceptable to say really awful things about trans* people. Some don't even realize that they're being offensive. That was the case when I went to a salon appointment a couple months ago. The esthetician started telling me about how she and her friends were out barhopping and accidentally ended up at a "tranny club" the previous weekend. I usually don't like outing myself to people I don't know, but I fought through the discomfort and did, so that I could teach her why what she said was wrong. Because words matter. Words shape our attitudes; attitudes that have allowed at least one trans* person to be murdered each month for the past decade. So the next time you overhear someone saying transphobic or cissexist remarks, don't let it slide.

      9. Educate yourself about how racism, xenophobia, and classism intersect with transphobia.

      As the saying goes, "my feminism will be intersectional or it will be bullshit." And that couldn't be truer when it comes to transphobia and transphobic violence. It's no coincidence that my experience as a white, upper-middle class, educated trans girl is very different than that of the women on the TDoR list- it's important to understand why if we want our activism to be effective.

      1. So the next time you overhear someone saying transphobic or cissexist remarks, don't let it slide.

        Um, may want to rephrase that.

      2. As the saying goes, "my feminism will be intersectional or it will be bullshit."

        People actually SAY shit like this?

        1. Cissexist microaggressor!

          1. As the saying goes, "Fuck off, slaver!"

            And yet I don't see that being the lede for articles.

      3. Words shape our attitudes; attitudes that have allowed at least one trans* person to be murdered each month for the past decade.

        So transsexuals get murdured because people say "tranny club"?

      4. If you want to pretend you're a unicorn, that's your business. But don't be surprised if I refer to you as a human.

        1. [flees room covering mouth from hurtful comment]

    3. What's this have to do with the Department of Labor?

      1. Commerce clause

        1. General welfare

  9. A police officer who wrote a $2,500 ticket to an Oklahoma woman because her 3-year-old son peed in their own yard has been fired.

    I'm still guessing there's something more at play here. The dude had some animus toward that family or is just generally so much of an douche that even his fellow LEO couldn't stand him and wanted rid of him.

    1. I'm guessing he was just jealous of the 3-year-old for fairly obvious reasons.

      1. [City Manager Jim] Crosby said [Officer] Qualls didn't see the boy urinate in the yard, but reported seeing a teenager in the Warden family lead the boy to a spot in the yard.

        He didn't even witness the incident, apparently.

  10. Know your corrupt Mayors! Today: Joe Fontana

    1. And the clumsy (and also possibly corrupt): Rob Ford

      1. Squirrels ate my link. Take two.

      1. +1 Leeds United Jersey

    1. Whoever complained about all males speaking at a Ruby conference is a bitch.

      Give them a speaking slot. Problem solved.

    2. Jezebel seems to think it got cancelled because the organizers are just big poopy heads.

      You know how when you're playing with a friend in the sandbox and they ask you to share your toys and you don't want to and so they're all, "Sharing is nice, be nice!" and you're all, "SCREW THAT I'M OUTTA THIS SHITBOX WHERE'S MY SNACK PACK I WANT MY MOMMY!" and you march off, snot-nosed and clutching your beloved possessions tightly to your chest? Oh yeah, and the next day, nobody wants to play with you and you're sad and you tell your parents that you hate your friends and they ruined all your fun?

      Yeah, I remember being five years old, too. It was tough.

      Well, some people never grow up. Case in point: the organizers of the Brit Ruby 2013 conference for Ruby programmers

      1. It's a good thing that the UK is a mere 92% white!!!

        And even better, we have a writer who has so much experience in the industry to draw from.

        There are actually some pretty good comments there though -- and by good, I mean totally normal and boring.

        If anything, I feel sorry for the guys who got stereotyped into a group called "100% white male geeks" because [sarcasm] I'm sure that none of them are maybe Jewish, or half white-half another race, etc.[/sarcasm] No, they are just a bunch of white male geeks(a derogatory word for being intelligent). As a Black female (who has dabbled in programming for years) I would just like to say- White people, I know you mean well but please stop being super offended on our behalf.

        I'm a black, female programmer, and I'm not one bit hurt at the lack of diversity at this conference I've never heard of. They asked people whom they were familiar with in the industry to speak. It's wrong to include someone of a particular look just to fulfill a quota.

        Damn. Which one of them can be my Black Friend?

        Or rather, Female Black Friend. I already have one Black Friend -- when I have two I'll be a champion of diversity!

        1. Oh, and some of the Jezzies point out that other conferences in the "community" were more "successful" wrt diversity, so why couldn't Brit Ruby follow their leads?

          Simple. The Good People at the other conferences used up their supply of Minority Friends.

    3. "I don't think adding diversity at the end works. You have to start with it as one of your goals. Who wants to be the token female?"

      This does not fempute. A token is a token whether "diversity" is the goal at the beginning or the end.

      1. Yeah, that was my exact reaction. Except that it does fempute. It just doesn't make actual sense.

        1. My first reaction was "what is the 'programmer-of-color' viewpoint supposed to be?" I suppose that makes *me* the racist.

          1. They know the horror of being on MySpace two years after everyone else left for Facebook.

            And antivirus software scans their computers just because they're black.

    4. That's fucking crazy.

      Plus, Ruby, yuck.

    5. It's like "28 Days After" only the entire island was infected with gaseous guilt.

  11. Mitt Romney, you just lost the 2012 election, what are you going to do now? He went to Disneyland.

    I've been hearing stories of him being spotted around Orange and San Diego counties alone like he's just a regular rich guy. Amazing a difference a month makes.

    1. Mitt Romney wears a collared dress shirt at Disneyland. #lightenupbuddy

      Your definition of "dress shirt" may vary...

    2. I would be so wearing shades, bright shirts, pastel colored virgin mixed drinks, hanging out in discos in Sand Diego requesting 'How Soon Is Now?' every thirty minutes if I was Mitt Romney.

      1. Did I just right Sand Diego. Jesus Fuck, I was distracted by something Id rather not explain.

        1. Write, not right. Whatever. Still distracted.

          1. Haha, now you HAVE to explain.

            1. I'm guessing it has something to do with a woman.

            2. Wife and I have the house to ourselves. She's in the tub, with the door open and laughing. I get up to retrieve a beer, and see what the drama is about. She sees me, and says, 'hey, Mexican bubble bath.' Get's semi up crab style, and lets out several bubbles.

              She's spoken for, gentlemen.

              1. Your wife seems to take a lot of baths. I approve.

                1. She'd take two a day if she had the free time.

                  1. I would too. Does she like Lush products? They're pretty hippie-dippy overall, but sooooooo nice for people who really like baths. Christmas is coming!

                    1. Ah, that's what that stuff is. The brand name looks like accusation!

                    2. Hahaha I never thought of it that way but it totally works. Bathtime should not be sober time if you can help it.

                      Seriously though, the "bombs" are really, really cool (and good for your skin). And the bubbles are far and away the most effective bubbles I have ever had for a bath. Just tons and tons of bubbles that don't all disappear in ten minutes.

              2. I just think it's cool that Mrs. Killaz still gets your homophones all mixed up.

                Very cool.

              3. Mr Bubble causes UTIs

        2. Obviously, you meant Sandy Eggo.

  12. I am more satisfied with today's Champions League results than I am dissatisfied.

    No Spoiler.

    1. It looks as though all three Bundesliga sides are into the knockout phase. Good for the 5-year coefficient. 🙂

      1. did you see Mexes bicycle kick?
        Podolski's goal?

  13. I would normally have Jezebel and such links for you, but instead I just had a really insanely great time at a strip club last night.

    1. Do you have any idea what Jezebel would have to say about that?!?

      1. Far to intimate a knowledge of it

        1. You've been a very naughty boy, Goldwater. But the first step is admitting it.

          1. nicole, not only did I not know you were into this sort of thing, I must ask... what will your boyfriend think?

            1. Into giving people a hard time about fun activities? Oh come now.

                1. I especially enjoy it because my bf, sadly, does not like strip clubs. We lived for years in The Land of Awesome Strip Clubs, and he never went. So sad.

                  I endorse these strippers!

    2. Great, or "great"?

      1. I would rate last night as the best night I've had in months. So, yes, great.

        I just wanted to tell someone that. And you guys will suffice as... "people".

    3. Tell me you didn't get suckered into the front row.

      1. generic brand, I am a bit too experience for that idiocy.

  14. NBC wants Hugh Laurie to play Blackbeard on its new pirate show


    Am I crazy in thinking that a pirate show could work? You could sort have a "ship to be raided" of the week, with episodes interspersed about various ports and a larger mythology about the hunt for treasure?

    1. I'd like to see a realistic pirate show about what a pirate's life was really like in the 18th century, not this mythological bullshit a la Pirates of the Caribbean.

      1. Rum, sodomy and the lash.

        Must See TV!

        1. sodomy and the lash

          Nice band name.

          1. Full list of three is already an album name 😉

            1. nicole, you never cease to amaze. 😎

              1. I could listen to "Sally MacLennane" all. motherfucking. day.

          2. For a gay bdsm band- hell yes.

    2. Unlike House, where Brit Laurie played an American, he would be able to use his normal British accent in Crossbones as he would play the notorious English pirate Blackbeard.

      Doh. Because there is only one British accent and has been for hundreds of years!

      I would be into this, though admittedly mostly because of Hugh Laurie.

      1. They need to cast Ian McShane. Last time he had his own TV show was the too short-lived Kings where he called God a "goddamn backstabber".

        1. Ian McShane needs a reoccurring role as Blackbeard's rival.

          Also, Steven Fry as Blackbeard's first mate. Then, if the show was starting to tank, they make this into Jeeves and Wooster but on a boat.

          1. You're reading my mind...

            1. Blackbeard can have poor fashion taste in eye patches and hats!

        2. Ian McShane was frikkin awesome in Deadwood. In fact, Deadwood was frikkin awesome.

    3. If they don't care much about time line and historical, socio-political accuracy, they could have his arch nemesis be Sir Francis Drake, stooge of the West Indies Holding Company.

      1. And ancestor of one of the best video game protagonists in the last decade.

    4. Bertie Wooster as Blackbeard?

  15. Any member of any of the unions that were striking at Hostess shouldn't be allowed to collect unemployment.

    1. That's just crazy shit. The union knows good and well that if they don't reach an agreement, all their members are out of a job, and the union refuses to reach an agreement.

      1. You're assuming that the union has the best interests of the workers in mind.

        Heres one of the main issues with Big Labor, as opposed to a grassroots union. It's not about Hostess, or the workers at Hostess. It's about making sure that all the other CEOs of the other companies that the BCTGM doesn't back down. They have 100,000 pawns workers enrolled in the US and in Canada. Losing 6,000 jobs that they can blame on bloodsucking capitalists is a hit, but not a mortal one. The line will be "Despite our best efforts, management managed to win this one. We need to come together even more, stand up and fight even harder. Accordingly, dues will be going up."

        Big Labor is about the best interests of Big Labor, not the worker.

        1. You can't make a Twinkie without cracking some eggs.

    1. Oh those crazy Habs. Why don't they just invent a winter version of lacrosse?

    2. Otherwise, who will the poor Montrealers yell "tabarnac!" at?

    3. Lots of people have been running that.

      They've been doing it for a long time!

      From a fantasy hockey perspective, it's pretty interesting.

      And hell, I'm not sure that's really worse otherwise than me following Ovechkin and Backstrom at Moscow Dynamo.

      If this drags on much longer, I'm not sure Ovechkin will come back to the NHL before the next winter Olympics in Sochi.

      1. There's no guarantee the NHL players will be playing in the Olympics. I don't think that's been decided yet.

        1. I know Leonisis said he would support Ovechkin (and Semin at the time) if they wanted to go.

          I mean, just because Bettman doesn't approve doesn't mean the players can't go anyway. ...and if they owners support it, then who's gonna stop them?

          And you know what? That was great freakin' hockey. If it hadn't been for that kid--what's his name from Cole Harbour? You know the douche from that girly team in Pittsburgh?

          The Americans would have won it.

          I don't think anything the NHL could do would do as much to promote the NHL in the U.S. than the last winter Olympics. If they blow all that free advertising, they're stoopid.

          1. It would be such a dumb PR move.

            "Hey, America, the NHL hates you and doesn't want you winning medals."

    4. Today's deal is DEAD

      "We are still far apart. It's frustrating for everybody," NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman told reporters in New York.

      1. Where do most people side on this NHL lockout? I think most of these player contracts or lockout negotiations can be looked at as a bell curve.

        You have initial support for the players for providing an entertaining product or having a good season (Y-axis) with time being the X-axis. As things drag on longer and longer and you start to hear the money that the people are turning down, people start to think "What the fuck" and the player's likeability/support begins to dip downward.

        I remember initially supporting Matt Forte who killed it up to his injury last year, saying "Pay the man, Jerry" when Angelo was still in charge. Then as more time went on and Matt Forte started saying he deserved AP money, I couldn't help but think that he hasn't even played a full season. Yes, he has been the largest part of the Bears' offense during his career, but we need salary cap money to try to hire a decent O-line as well, Matt.

        1. I think the NHL's big problem is that while they got the cap last time, they didn't think to put a cap on contracts, so you get these insane 20 year deals that are just bad business decision. Now, should the owners shoulder the blame for being shit business men? Yes.

          But the point of CBAs in sports seems to be to protect the owners from themselves.

        2. I kinda took the players' side on the deal until I spoke with a good friend who works with the STL Blues organization. I really had no good idea about what the whole issue was. I side with the owners now.

      2. Most of us will miss Hostess a lot more than we miss the NHL.

    5. Create a new league, it cant be that expensive to rent arenas. And like Hostess bakers, the players will work cheap now.

  16. What if Boehner (or whoever) turned down Jackson's resignation?

    1. Can't be done.

    2. Just fail to show up, but take the paycheck.

  17. Every minute Hamas is allowed to exist by the Israeli government is a betrayal of their people.


    1. Hells yeah.

  18. During an airport pat-down, TSA agents pulled down the dress of a 17 year old girl exposing her breasts, who turned out to be the grand-niece of a Texas congressman. This incident has triggered a Federal investigation.

    1. Is there anything boobs can't do?

    2. The TSA ... gave the officer more training.

      "While patting down with right (left) hand, cup left (right) hand firmly over subject's right (left) breast in order to prevent loose garments from slipping out of place."

    3. TSA documents said 'during the pat-down of her stomach area" her sundress slipped revealing her breasts in public.

      Now, I hate the TSA as much as anybody, but maybe wear some fucking underwear when you travel? If I wear short, baggy shorts with no underwear, I'm not gonna raise a fuss if my crank falls out. In fact, I'm gonna expect it.

      1. Well, especially if your dress can "slip" that easily...but that also makes me suspect the accuracy of that story.

        1. You obviously don't watch 17 year old girls as much as I do. Wearing a slip for a dress or leggings for pants is very, very common.

          1. That is probably true...but if you're going to have something that unstructured on you really better be wearing underwear.

            1. Look, damn it, if a nubile young girl wants to go without underwear, that is her god given right.

              But you can't hold a whole nation responsible for the behavior of a few, innocent young ladies. For if you do, then shouldn't we blame the whole slutty clothing system? And if the whole slutty clothing system is guilty, then isn't this an indictment of our continuing level of slutty girls in general? I put it to you, nicole - isn't this an indictment of our entire American society? Well, you can do whatever you want to us, but we're not going to sit here and listen to you badmouth the United States of America. Gentlemen!

              [Leads the HampersandR crew out of the airport, all humming the Star-Spangled Banner]

              1. Look, damn it, if a nubile young girl wants to go without underwear, that is her god given right.

                I'm just saying it will look better with the proper support! Guys don't think this stuff through.

                1. Actually, Nicole, we do think this stuff through VERY thoroughly. 17 year old girls don't need much support, which is one of their charms.

      2. If I wear short, baggy shorts with no underwear, I'm not gonna raise a fuss if my crank falls out. In fact, I'm gonna expect it.

        That's exactly what happened to The Shat at LAX a little while back. If he hadn't been famous and old, I'd expect they'd have arrested him for indecent exposure.

    4. What a great gig. Badges, pensions, and, when you grope a high school junior in public, you get extra training.

  19. My first buck. Taken in the Black Hills of NE Wyoming. 4x4 who was chasing does. Shot at 101 yards at 7:01 in the morning on Sunday 11.18.2012.

    We really wanted a mule deer, but between the hard winter 2 years ago, and the record drought this past summer, the population of good, mature bucks was thin. In 3 days of looking, we didn't see a single definite shooter mulie. Lots of small forkies and spikes, but nothing worth shooting this year. The biggest we saw was a 3x3, who was wide and had everything you're looking for (except that 4th point on each side), but it was at 6.45 am on the first day of the hunt so we decided to pass and look for something bigger. That something never came.

    1. What'd you use to take him down? That's why I say "hey man, nice shot".

      1. Rem 700 7mm-08 Mountain Rifle.

        1. Damn 7mms kick like a mule.

          1. Not the 7mm-08. The 7mm Mag does though.

            After I had a heart attack two years ago, the blood thinners made it so that I'd bruise real badly, super easily. Shooting just about any rifle would put a nasty bruise on my shoulder that would last for weeks. They didn't hurt bad, but the bruising really bothered me. I purposefully looked for a caliber that would put down any big game in the lower 48 (except for bear) and not kick too bad. The 7mm-08 is it. It's just a .308 necked down to 7mm to take advantage of the better bullets in the 7mm range. It's a great, light rifle.

            I put down a goat with it last year at 257 yards, another this year at 265 yards, and my deer at 101 yards (in the timber). Great gun. And with Barnes TTSX bullets, packs a whollopin'!

          2. Compared to what? A .22? 7mm-08 is fairly mild as far as big game cartridges go. It doesn't get much milder (except for maybe the .243, which starts becoming marginal for larger game). My mother got one because of that.

            Try a 7.4lb .30-06 sometime. I had to put 1.5 lbs of lead shot in the stock of my 700 SPS to tame the recoil a bit (and also to balance the rifle a bit better). Otherwise I couldn't fire much more than 10 rounds at time.

            1. I was wrong, it's the mag. My dad uses it to go deer hunting. I end up with bruises every year that I take it out to sight it in. 5 shots in and the bruise is like 3 different colors and spreading across my shoulder.

    2. Congratulations. Did you learn how to field dress it?

      1. Yep. This was my second field dressing. The first was on my goat from last month.

        1. That bladder's a bitch, ain't it? Next step, butchering. I stalk hunt on the mesas in west Texas, so we have to process it there. Last time I went, I forgot to bring a bone saw. Luckily, one of the guys with us used to be a butcher. Showed me how to do the whole thing with a pocket knife. I'm glad I learned, but it was really, really messy.

    3. Meanwhile, I had 19 turkeys in my driveway this afternoon. Didn't have the camera at hand. 🙁

  20. You can't even parody this shit anymore:

    Hurricane Sandy: Women hit hardest

    The Sandy disaster provides an opportunity for the many communities of women and their allies to insist that the recovery from this hurricane and the planning for any future disaster focus on women and girls. Whether you are a business owner or government worker, a doctor or teacher, a donor, volunteer or recipient of relief, you have a role in helping provide a strong voice and a helping hand for women and girls affected by the devastation.

    1. That's why I specify that my Red Cross donations should go entirely to providing feminine hygiene products.

      1. go entirely to providing feminine hygiene products.

        For plugging holes in dykes?

        1. More likely for padding salaries or preventing cost overruns.

    2. That article may have been one of the most ridiculous things I have ever read.

      1. The thing about that site is you can say that after reading every piece.

  21. Has the real killer been found?

    1. For God's sake, where is the glove?!

  22. Division III player shatters NCAA scoring record with 138 point performance.

    1. It was like watching Jimmy Chitwood out there.

  23. News anchors resign on air

    1. "We're mad as hell ...!"


    Holy shit, we actually have a post about the Middle East and women!

    Kim Kardashian Will Bring Peace Milkshakes to Middle East

    That's exactly the kind of story I had in mind when it comes to the kind of stuff that a self-proclaimed feminist should want to draw attention to vis a vis women and the Middle East!

    1. Ugh but they DO have a story on their sidebar about Birkin bags, the comments of which led me to a VERY DANGEROUS "purse forum," and thence to eBay...HELP MY BOYFRIEND WENT AWAY FOR THANKSGIVING AND I AM UNSUPERVISED BY PEOPLE WHO WILL YELL AT ME ABOUT HANDBAGS.

      1. Step away from the credit cards nicole. it's for the best.

        1. Yes. Yes it is. [SOB]

          Thank you

      2. In case you haven't yet... put the credit cards into a plastic cup, and fill it with water. Then place the cup into the freezer until responsible adults are around.

  25. The new Red Dawn remake has been gotten predictable shitty reviews, and yet one Chicago film critic can't help but rip the movie as, "a Tea Party wet dream that offers a scathing (if completely illogical) indictment of the federal government."

    As these young freedom fighters forge ahead, courageously exercising their Second Amendment rights, screenwriters Carl Ellsworth and Jeremy Passmore merge action movie heroics with ass-backwards politics, blunting the genre pleasures that made the original so delightfully kitsch.

    I don't think he appreciates the genuine anti-occupation message of the original, which I suspect is lost in the new version.

    1. I admit that I was leaning towards seeing this moview for a while, but the fact that NoKo is the villain is just TOO unbelieveable. The country that can barely get a missile launched mounts a super secret attack on every major military outpost in the world's strongest (militarily) nation?

      1. Here's the thing: originally the invading nation was Red China, but after everything had been shot MGM went bankrupt and the suits in marketing decided that they didn't want to alienate the Chinese market, so they digitally altered the film to make all the Chinese flags and symbols North Korean and redubbed any dialogue that referred to China.

        Obviously it makes more sense for one billion Chinese to be able to invade than a nation of starving dwarves.

        1. Did they digitally alter the Chinese characters to look Korean?

          The average American may not be able to tell the difference, but I'm certain the Chinese audience will be able to.

  26. Ugh but they DO have a story on their sidebar about Birkin bags, the comments of which led me to a VERY DANGEROUS "purse forum," and thence to eBay...HELP MY BOYFRIEND WENT AWAY FOR THANKSGIVING AND I AM UNSUPERVISED BY PEOPLE WHO WILL YELL AT ME ABOUT HANDBAGS.


    1. It helps if I say it out loud, Brooksie.

  27. Do you have some sort of handbag problem, Nicole?

    1. It's not a problem.

      It's not...

  28. Ah.

    Okay, then.

    At least it's not shoes.

    1. Yeah I am a total girl when it comes to shopping.

      1. Besides, I mean, isn't this just my equivalent of a monocle and tophat? YES YES IT IS

        1. Only if the handbags are crafted from the finest orphan-hide.

      2. Sounds as though you're a capitalist.

  29. Dude just opened up a can of whoopass on some fark economists.

    A partial sample:

    Here's some things I learned about the US today from this thread:

    1) Despite entitlement spending being the vast majority of government spending, it's not an important cause of the deficit
    2) It's more important that people have jobs than that they do productive work ("let's nationalize defense contractors and just idle their production while paying employees!")
    3) It doesn't matter that the people (whether this means on average or average of everyone except the rich is irrelevant for the point) take more money from entitlements than they pay in, they "earned" it
    4) It doesn't matter that, in aggregate, most entitlement spending (our biggest category of spending) goes to the poor and middle class, individual rich people make (insert huge amount of money) and therefore where we make the cuts is a moral issue and not a mathematical one
    5) The military budget, about a third the size of the entitlement budget, needs major cuts, but infrastructure spending should increase by a vast amount. These are both part of the same deficit reduction plan (which I guess makes it the analog of the Republican "tax cuts to reduce the deficit" plan in sheer stupidity)


    1. 6) Waste is something you can eliminate if you just put your mind to it instead of a structural issue present across all times and societies due to human nature and the lack of oversight inherent in large enough organizations

      Keep in mind I'm not accusing you of being Marxists. Marx was a smart guy who analyzed things well. You sound like you are vomiting up vaguely remembered bits of Marxist theory you learned from a formerly well read homeless guy you downed a fifth of Jack with last night and then projecting your insane jealousy on them. What you are doing is self-pitying whining. This wouldn't be so pathetic if it wasn't clear by your posts that 1) you put almost all thought you could've used to conceptualize how the economy works into learning incorrect versions of outdated social theories and 2) your "concern" is driven entirely by your view that you and people like you deserve more stuff.

      Go read it. The whole thing is pretty great, and really out of place on Fark.

      1. It was an awesome smackdown. But I wish there had been more tears after.

        1. ya, they bailed on that thread with a quickness.

  30. Just read a recent Megan McArdle piece on how marginal rate increases aren't the only tax problem for high earners and I think I'm going to throw up.

    Slash, really have to do some more tax planning...except how the fuck do you plan when you have no idea what's going to happen?

    1. One suggestion from Forbes: "Consider postponing your charitable giving until January 2013. This will increase your taxable income this year while your rates are low and decrease your taxable income next year when the rates are higher."

      I like this. Now, when the Art Institute calls me (freaking daily), instead of just ignoring the call, I can tell them that I won't be giving anything this year because I'm postponing any charitable giving until after probable tax rate increases. Mwahahaha, the power of a libertarian!

    2. Yeah, there's a lot more going on with Obama's smash-n-grab than just cracking down on those bad ol' rich folks.

    1. Reason #7 (th grade) the internet is seemingly ruled by junior high school boys.

  31. Happy Thanksgiving American swine. Have some cranberry sauce.

  32. Speaking of dumb fucks...

    The best way to generate jobs and growth is for the government to spend more, not less. And for taxes to stay low ? or become even lower ? on the middle class.

    There's more but it makes my head hurt.

    1. And to fire up the perpetual motion machine to make up for lost twinkie production.

    2. See, this is the sort of thinking that has made Zimbabwe the economic powerhouse it is today.

  33. Have you guys seen this kick-ass thing Google did with the local stars?

    1. That is fucking awesome.

  34. Maybe instead of scrapping the Ames straw poll, they should scrap candidates who are too chicken to enter it -- it turns out that they lose in November.

  35. lol, adios and good riddance!


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