Hamas, Israel Fighting Ends, Jesse Jackson Jr.'s Career Ends, Hostess' Future Ends: P.M. Links


  • Time to practice pleading the Fifth?

    Hamas and Israel have agreed to a ceasefire brokered by Egypt. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said "more forceful action" may be used if the truce doesn't hold.

  • Ill. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.'s political career ends with a whimper, and likely a federal investigation. He submitted his letter of resignation today.
  • Mediation between Hostess and the bakers union failed, so back into liquidation the company goes.
  • Can we get rid of at least one stupid, meaningless political tradition? The governor of Iowa wonders if the state's pointless but highly publicized presidential straw poll is worth keeping.
  • The National Labor Relations Board will likely not have the time to determine before Thanksgiving whether the Black Friday (to the extent that it's still on Friday) walk-out threat by workers is essentially illegal picketing.
  • A police officer who wrote a $2,500 ticket to an Oklahoma woman because her 3-year-old son peed in their own yard has been fired. Of course, he will probably appeal and get his job back.

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