Oklahoma Won't Expand Medicaid, Create Health Exchange

Have fun doing it yourself, feds


Gov. Mary Fallin has rejected state participation in a health care exchange and expansion of the state's Medicaid program under the Affordable Care Act.

"After careful consideration, I have today informed U.S. Secretary of Health Kathleen Sebelius that Oklahoma will not pursue the creation of its own health insurance exchange," Fallin said in a statement Monday.

Any exchange that is compliant with the federal health care law will necessarily be state-run in name only and would require Oklahoma resources, staff and tax dollars to implement," Fallin said.

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  1. “The House Democratic caucus is deeply disappointed,” said Rep. Scott Inman, D-Oklahoma City. He said the governor was playing politics with the health and finances of poor Oklahomans, which he finds frustrating.”

    He also insisted that he was shocked – shocked! – to learn that gambling was taking place inside the casino, before collecting his winnings and leaving.

    Really, when you put the government in charge of the health care system, you need to lay off on accusing other people of making health care decisions political.

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