Hostess Firing All Its Workers, Going Bankrupt After Union Refused to Compromise

The union's leaders, of course, will remain employed. Hope those dues were worth it!


Hostess Brands, maker of Twinkies and Wonder Bread, says it will fire all of its 17,780 workers and go out of business after employees refused to end a nationwide strike.

Hostess Brands, of Irving, announced the move this morning (Friday).

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  1. Ding Dong! Hostess is dead. Thank goodness there are no people involved… cause corporations aren’t people.

  2. This reminds me of some saying about cutting off noses . . .

  3. International Brotherhood of Teamsters?

    Just the name alone makes me wince.

    Lord knows how much I loathe unions.

  4. America works less when we say Union Yes!

  5. From the article:

    “Eight of the company’s top 10 creditors in the bankruptcy filing are pension funds.
    The top unsecured creditor is Bakery & Confectionary Union & Industry International Pension Fund; it is owed more than $944 million.”

    Wow. Fucking themselves right up their own asses. I assume the rank-and-file mooks are too stupid to see what is being done to them by their own Mafioso bosses.

  6. Zombieland all over again.

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