Gather Ye Ding Dongs While Ye May, Benghazi Message Failure, Pack Your Bags for Mars: P.M. Links


  • Because striking unionized employees won't return to work at bankrupt Hostess, it's firing everybody and liquidating its assets. Its top creditor is the pension fund for its striking unionized employees.

  • David Petraeus says he has no idea why the White House said the attacks on the Benghazi consulate were a response to an anti-Muslim film and not a terrorist attack like the CIA told them.
  • As conflict in Gaza between Israel and Hamas gets worse, Egypt's prime minister wants to try to negotiate a truce.
  • A fire at an oil-drilling platform off the coast of Louisiana has killed at least two.
  • Mars rover Curiosity has determined that human astronauts could likely survive the radiation levels there.
  • We hope you enjoyed your brief respite from political campaigning. Now pay attention as GOP governors start jockeying to stay on voters' radars for the 2016 race.

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