Gather Ye Ding Dongs While Ye May, Benghazi Message Failure, Pack Your Bags for Mars: P.M. Links


  • Sweet, delicious failure

    Because striking unionized employees won't return to work at bankrupt Hostess, it's firing everybody and liquidating its assets. Its top creditor is the pension fund for its striking unionized employees.

  • David Petraeus says he has no idea why the White House said the attacks on the Benghazi consulate were a response to an anti-Muslim film and not a terrorist attack like the CIA told them.
  • As conflict in Gaza between Israel and Hamas gets worse, Egypt's prime minister wants to try to negotiate a truce.
  • A fire at an oil-drilling platform off the coast of Louisiana has killed at least two.
  • Mars rover Curiosity has determined that human astronauts could likely survive the radiation levels there.
  • We hope you enjoyed your brief respite from political campaigning. Now pay attention as GOP governors start jockeying to stay on voters' radars for the 2016 race.

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