Ayn Rand! Hilarious! Yet Sinister! Yet Hilarious!


Oh, The Baffler!

On Tuesday, November 27th at 7pm, Baffler editor JOHN SUMMERS will host a release party for issue 21 at Housing Works Bookstore (126 Crosby Street New York, NY 10012) featuring a round of "Ayn Rand: The Game Show." The game takes place in a future where libertarians have conquered the world and the revivified corpse of Ayn Rand has rewritten all of literature to match her Objectivist vision. Contestants THOMAS FRANK (Baffler Founding Editor and bestselling author of What's the Matter with Kansas) and JULIE KLAUSNER (host of the hit comedy podcast "How Was Your Week" and author of "I Don't Care About Your Band") will square off against Ayn herself in this contest of wits and self-interest.

I want to see a one-act play about this pack of geniuses cracking themselves up as they invent this super cute and clever (and also bitingly politically relevant!) idea and hash it out. Workshop it, as it were.

Reason on Baffler bigwig Thomas Frank, a man who seems to already think he lives in a world where Ayn Rand is running a libertarian dictatorship.