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GOP Lawmakers Critical of FDA's Request for More Medical Authority

Assert that FDA already had authority to shut down pharmacy at center of meningitis outbreak but did not


U.S. Republican lawmakers accused federal health regulators on Wednesday of failing to prevent a deadly fungal meningitis outbreak by not acting much earlier to shut down the compounding pharmacy at the center of the crisis.

As Congress began debate on whether new laws are needed to help the U.S. Food and Drug Administration police the little-known drug compounding industry, Republicans in a committee hearing warned against the knee-jerk adoption of new regulation.

Instead, Republican members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee asserted that FDA already had the authority needed to move against errant pharmacy operations, long before the rare meningitis cases began appearing in September.

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  1. ” We cannot have a crazy quilt where different parts of the country are subject to different legal frameworks.”

    Translation: No one can be free from federal control of every aspect of their lives. Federalism is dead. The USG owns you. You are tax livestock.

    Compounding pharmacies allow you to get patent free medications at a small fraction of the cost of FDA controlled medical manufacturing. It’s one of the rare areas in medicine where we’re not bound by 40 layers of bureaucratic control. Patient-Doctor-Pharmacy. Like the good old days. The medical industry and federal regulators have been doing their best to bury compounding pharmacies for years, as they try to bury everything outside their control.

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