Petition to Allow Texas to Secede from US Approaching 25K Signatures on White House Website

Petition noted the NDAA, the TSA and the federal government's interventions in the economy


It doesn't take a presidential election to trigger talk of Texas seceding from the Union — ain't that right, Rick Perry? But this morning, Gawker directs our attention to a petition on the White House's own website begging President Obama for permission to adios from the U.S.A. And Texas isn't alone: Petitions in 18 other states want the okee-doke to scram.

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  1. Rather than seceding (which is impossible due to the original doctrine accepting them into the Union), maybe they should just strike a deal with the neighboring states all along the Mexico border and try to merge into one massive southwestern state. It’d wreak absolute hell with Feds hahah!

    And yes, I know, that Congress would never approve, but let me envision this for a few moments more….

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