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Condoleezza Rice Urges GOP to Adapt to Demographic Changes

Will be hard to secures successes if Republicans don't start appealing to a wider base


Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is the latest Republican to recommend changes to the party, saying on Friday that the GOP needs to appeal to a broader portion of the electorate moving forward.

Rice said on CBS's This Morning that many key GOP issues are broadly popular – fiscal responsibility and a strong national defense, for instance – but the Party is losing "important segments of the electorate" because it has not adjusted to changing demographics.

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  1. Or they could actually try to appeal to the white working class. If the Reagan Democrats had voted for Romney he would have won. No need to welcome the alien invaders. Work for the votes of Traditional America.

  2. Or don’t run wishy-washy candidates with a history of supporting baby-killing, gun-grabbing,and bailouts and who promise to reinstate Bush policies like “No Child Left Behind”.

  3. Is “Traditional America” a euphemism for Native Americans? That’s not a very big voting block these days.

    Seems to me that Pat McCrory and his campaign should be looked at quite closely by the national GOP party.

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