Greetings from the Single-Party State of California!

Democrats may soon have veto-proof majority in the state's legislature


Can't blame this fiscal cliff on obstructionism

No, we really mean it this time. Tuesday's election appears to have brought a Democratic supermajority in to California's state legislature. When the new legislature is seated, Democrats will control two-thirds in both the state Assembly and the state Senate.

As the Sacramento Bee terrifyingly describes:

With all precincts counted, Democrats led in enough races to clear that two-thirds threshold, which would allow them to pass tax increases without needing GOP votes. Such a supermajority would also allow Democrats voting as a bloc to place constitutional amendments on the ballot or override vetoes of Gov. Jerry Brown.

After the Proposition 30 tax increase passed, I find it a little hard to worry about more possible tax increases. It's akin to worrying about getting pelted by hail after you've been struck by lightning. California's GOP has been largely ineffective for several years anyway when it comes to holding the line on taxes.

It's actually the governor losing his veto power that should concern people. Yeah, Brown has been fairly bad in many areas, caving in to the prison unions and presenting an extremely limp state pension reform bill that helps get rid of some serious abuse but fails to deal with the underlying unsustainability of the system.

But California's legislature pushes dozens of poorly-thought-out bills through each year, leaving the governor to bring the hammer down on some potentially very bad ideas. As Larry Gerston, political analyst for NBC in the Bay Area noted, Brown has vetoed 13.1 percent of the bills that have crossed his desk over the past two years. That's about half as much as Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed, but it's not nothing.

Of note, Brown vetoed the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights, which carved out union-style rights for home workers, like mandated uninterrupted break periods. He was not unfriendly to the bill's aims, but pointed out a number of logistical problems with the legislation that would have unforeseen consequences, like whether it would apply to part-time baby-sitters and whether it would increase the costs for the disabled and elderly to get help.

Also of note, Brown famously killed off California's incredibly corrupt, eminent-domain abusing, crony-capitalism feeding redevelopment agencies, redirecting the money they were siphoning off special districts back where they came from. The legislature immediately went to work trying to resurrect the system under a different name. It passed, but then Brown vetoed it.

On the other hand, Brown has vetoed yet another effort to allow media to gain access to state prisoners for interviews, something journalists have been trying to get passed for ages.

Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg is already putting his wish list together. Note the sheer lack of much to do with fiscal solvency:

Steinberg talked of using the supermajority to reinvest in public schools and colleges, restore adult dental care for the poor, and alter the initiative process in a way that makes it harder for millionaires to impose their will by spending vast sums qualifying a measure for the ballot.

The Senate leader said he might be willing to consider overhauling the state's income tax structure to lower rates but broaden the base, and to consider a constitutional amendment laying the groundwork for same-sex marriage.

Adult dental care for the poor! Exactly what we need with a cash deficit somewhere around $20 billion, according to the state controller.

There are two races in Orange County and Sacramento County that are very close, and the GOP is not willing to concede as yet. There is a possibility that the ability to keep the Democratic legislature from overruling the Democratic governor rests in the hands of two Republicans.

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  1. On the upside, California Democrats won’t be able to point their fingers at anybody else when it doesn’t work out as planned.

    1. Get your popcorn ready!

      1. Don’t. When the uber-shit hits the uber-fan and shit gets real, they’ll be blaming the libertard obstructionists for compromising Democratic zen, or some such crap, thereby preventing Liberal Utopia from becoming reality.

      2. We’re gonna need something with a little more pop than corn…

        1. C4 and some Barretts?

    2. You are underestimating the left’s cognitive dissonance. There will always be someone else to blame, imagined or not. They are the one’s who control the narrative, and the government school educated ignoramuses are all too happy to go along with it.

      1. I’m a native Californian and I think crazyfingers has it exactly right. I’ve been seeing this kind of willful ignorance for many many years.

        Prop. 30 is a perfect example. Since the 90’s, the California state budget doubled and education spending at the same time grew to be over 50% of the state budget. That means education spending more than doubled. Even so, the same desperate cries for help and more money kept coming from the school system even before the recession. At no point has anyone on the left said that we’re clearly not seeing any return on investment.

        1. Why do you hate the childrunz?!!

      2. Hoarders! Wreckers!! Saboteurs!!!

    3. On the upside, California Democrats won’t be able to point their fingers at anybody else when it doesn’t work out as planned.

      They’re going to have to try. It will be interesting to see how that plays out. “Reality” probably isn’t a tenable scapegoat.

      1. Californians, on the whole, don’t believe that reality applies to them.

      2. What about math? Math seems like an obstructionist, racist opponent.

    4. They’ll still blame Prop 13.

      1. I blame Bush

    5. On the upside, California Democrats won’t be able to point their fingers at anybody else when it doesn’t work out as planned.

      Never be too sure abut that. The more desperate the claim for blame, the more likely the target of that blame suffers mightily.

      1. Fuck, dined with Canadians for lunch and its rubbing off on me.

        1. Delicious flavours and good humour during conversations I take it?

          1. Colourful exchanges, too, and I bet you paid with a cheque, eh?

    6. Say, maybe they’ll get that bailout now!

  2. Missouri’s getting some anti-tax fervor, and Texas may be improving, too. They should erect huge border walls to prevent California’s blue horde from migrating and fucking Texas up by voting for stupid shit, too.

    1. Whoa now, I may need to escape the Western bloc myself. Can I get in if I get like five or six references and provide the Nation of Texas’ Ministry of Keeping the Idiots Out with a link to all of my H&R comments?

      1. There will be tent cities in east New Mexico to accommodate the demand.

      2. Oh, don’t worry, dude. They’ll take libertarians who achieve shit in the private sector. It’s the pinko union fucks that have to worry.

      3. You can come down to Houston. We’ll funnel all the blue horde into Dallas and then nuke it from orbit.

        1. Doesn’t Dallas have a sizable hardcore Republican minority? I don’t think it’s far-gone yet. Nuke the border counties instead — the ones that voted for Obama.

          1. Dallas:

            TX-30: 78.9% D, 19.9% R, 2.2% L

            TX-33: 72.5% D, 25.7% R, 1.7% G

            Big cities are almost always overwhelmingly Democratic.

        2. HEY!!! I live in Dallas!

          Not all of us are demfags up here.

    2. I am an open borders advocate and even I am thinking that Cali’s neighbours should enact a quarantine.

    3. We stump-toothed hicks in MO actually voted down a big hike in tobacco taxes, one that was promised to lard up education, always the soft underbelly of the electorate. I was delighted to see it go down in flames.

  3. Fuck the breakfast cereal state. They’re going to get exactly what they deserve. As I said in an earlier post, we need a border wall around California more than we need one with Mexico. Keep those fuckers from spreading like a virus into the rest of the country.


    2. Michigan’s not the “breakfast cereal” state any more? I can haz a sad for Kellogg’s and Post 🙁

      Although fuck Michigan as well as Cali ANYWAY, since its savvy citizenry put the exquisitely horrid Debbie Stabenow in for another 6 years as the Junior Senator. Fuck.

      1. MI voters at least voted down prop 2. CA voters probably would have just bent over, grabbed their ankles and demanded that the pub-sec unions spank them “Harder, dammit! And this time put some stank on it!”

  4. You haven’t tasted the full flavor of one-party machine politics until you’ve experienced the 90% Democrats elected in Hawaii. The battle there is between the communist wing and the socialist wing of the Democratic party.

    1. Wow. I didn’t know it was quite that bad.

      Not like Hawaiians can escape on a raft lift Cubans, either…

    2. HOLY JESUS. You can take it Japan.

    3. Holy shit.…..egislature

      At the very bottom is a tally:
      Senate: 24 Democrats, 1 Republican 96/4%
      House: 43 Democrats, 8 Republicans 85/15%

      1. Welcome to the U.S. in about 50 years, when whites become a minority.

  5. When will the state change its name to Califuckednia?

    1. I rather like the ring of “New Greece.”

      1. I picture Clint Eastwood putting a sign as you come into the state, with the hand-painted letters HELLAS in red paint.

        1. “When there is no more room in Hell, the dead will walk the Earth.”

          Or “Raccoon City” for LA, say. They’d be accurate, too.

      2. That’s only because “Argentina” was taken.

  6. First order of business: how to get a federal bailout.

  7. periodically, we heard mumblings about this state or that wanting to secede. How about the rest of us voting CA off the island, a reverse secession?

    Alternatively, take CA national: let all the tax cuts expire; let folks feel the cost of all those free ponies they want.

    1. The sad thing is that Californian Republican strongholds are too dispersed to allow for the creation of a separate, more libertarian state. Rational Californians are fucked.

      1. Orange county and San Diego can form one state while the Eastern portion of the state from Riverside up to Modoc can form another state.

        1. Isn’t SD RINO turf?

          1. Nah, it’s military transplants up in the North County Camp Pendelton area. San Diego voted no on 30, which I’ll consider the litmus test for fiscal conservative credentials.

            1. Wow. I didn’t know that. And for California, that’s some impressive shit. Alright. Let’s do it.

              Let the Commonwealth of California be founded!

            2. San Diego is fairly purple. As a former resident, I can attest to their capacity for idiotic pension promises and corrupt real estate dealings.

              1. The LP there is a bunch of good people, though. And Richard is a hell of a gadfly in the community, even if he didn’t become mayor, despite my volunteering for his campaign.

            3. San Diego is also home to the Libertopia festival and the nude Black’s Beach

    2. Californians actually pay a lot more in federal taxes than they get back in spending. Unfortunately, the idiots here still vote to send DC all that cash

  8. We’re all dead, and California is hell.

    1. We seriously need to get the hell out of this place.

      1. Politically, everything is exactly the opposite of the way it should be.

        This is how Detroit started on its path. The place went to hell, and they still haven’t changed course.

        I think that’s what we’re looking at in California. It might happen in slow motion because we have a more diversified economy than Detroit, but the elements are all there.

        1. if only there was evidence of how this sort of approach turned out. If there was only a word for doing the same thing and expecting the end to be different. History and vocabulary disappoint.

        2. Nah,

          All we need to fix the political situation is more poor Mexican immigrants.

          1. Resorting to statist solutions will make everything better. Everything would be fine if only white people ran things, right VG?

            1. Nope, but your path is taking us off a cliff.

          2. The problem isn’t that we have too many hard working entrepreneurial people banging on the door to come in.

            The problem is that we have too many native born Americans working for the government and acting like parasites.

            You’ve got it all backwards.

  9. I look forward to the shenanigans. They now own it.My liberal CA friends have nothing to pin it on now. Have at it dumbasses, show us what you’re capable of.

    Please be an example for the rest of the country. Show us how bad it can become even for the most advantaged state in the union. Scare the shit out of the rest of them please, because they’re not paying attention to Detroit.

  10. How is this not a good thing? It’ll either blow up mightily (as we all predict) and would be the poster child for what not to do in DC, or it’ll be economic Nirvana (as the statists believe) and we’ll all have to eat a lot of crow.

    Either way, a significant lesson should be (re)learned. Go on CA, get to it. Get your Gosplan on.

  11. SD’s no on Prop 30 is good and there are libertarian patches here and there, but with the way things are going, I wouldn’t be too surprised if they repeal Prop 13

    Intel CEO Otellini: California Is on a Downhill Slide

    “Oh, God,” Otellini said, “I was born and raised here. I’m fifth or sixth generation. It’s one of the nicest pieces of real estate on the planet, and we’re so close to screwing it up, it’s pathetic. I’d like to be bullish, but I worry that we have to hit the abyss before we can fix things, and I worry that the abyss will be more like Greece.”

    They’re drawn to California despite the state’s high housing costs, heavy traffic and high tax rates because of “the allure of Silicon Valley, but then they get married and have kids, and they’re begging us, ‘Can you transfer me to New Mexico or Arizona?’ We’re not an outlier here.”

    Were it not for “the magic of Silicon Valley,” Otellini said, more people would be leaving California than moving into the state. He called Silicon Valley “the one magnetic pull holding [California] together. Every now and then we get an IPO that fills the state’s coffers and they feel they can push the ball down the road. I feel we have to go through a dark time to fix this.”

    1. They’re trying desperatly to fuck up one the most beautiful places on Earth. I suspect they’ll succeed eventually.

  12. Looks like a pretty cool place to me dude.

  13. The California GOP needs to recruit Republicans from around America to move there. More libertarians too, although you’d think California would have more of those.

  14. I don’t understand the appeal of California. The water’s cold, for one thing.

    1. I was in the ocean a few weeks ago. Water was fine in San Diego.

      I saw a bear while hiking in Sequoia this summer. Have you ever been to King’s Canyon?

      I love goin’ out to Glamis in the winter. Is there a better place to offroad in the continental U.S.?

      The skiing at Mammoth ain’t Colorado, but it ain’t half bad either.

      You should see the chicks on the Strand in Manhattan Beach come volleyball season.

      I still say Del Mar’s the nicest racetrack I’ve been to, and I’ve been to a lot of them.

      It’s all within driving distance. And the weather’s great.

      There are a lot of things to like about California. The politics just isn’t one of them.

      1. Life without air conditioning is wonderful. I fucking hate AC almost as much as Sacramento.

  15. Republicans and Democrats are just as bad!

  16. California has the worst type of voters:
    The liberal out of staters that move there for jobs, with industries that vote heavily democratic and al the dumb mexican, central american and south american immigrants (and i say this being one) that love the state to interfere with everything. So they support leftist economics because that is what they vote for in their local countries (ironically, that is why they flee because those policies have put them in quite a hole). THey also vote like the right on social issues because of their catholic background.

    THis is why I am opposed to giving illegal immigrants citizenship, we are truly fucked once they vote. Give them permanent residency but you can’t give them citizenship.

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