FEMA Closes Due To Weather, NYC Buildings Department Preventing People From Returning Home

They're from the government and they're here to help


fairweather fema

An early nor'easter hit the Northeast yesterday, dropping snow on areas still recovering from last week's superstorm. It sent some people back into the dark, and delayed others from returning to their homes. The government, of course, is eager to help people in need, and FEMA showed up in the New York area last week. FEMA was on it for the nor'easter. From FoxNews.com:

"FEMA packed up everything yesterday and left the area," said MaryLou Wong, whose home in the Midland Beach neighborhood was destroyed. "They haven't come back."

…it didn't sit right with many that FEMA, citing the weather, closed temporary recovery centers—where people apply for help—as the nor'easter bore down on the borough. They closed Tuesday at 6 p.m. due to safety concerns in advance of the nor'easter that hit the borough.

"We moved our mobile stations to a staging area for 24 hours to ensure the safety of our workers and others," said FEMA spokeswoman Hannah Vick. "These places are not shelters. We certainly did not want people traveling out to these locations during last night's storm."

The city government's still hard at work though, making sure people don't go back to their homes until the city is sure it's safe. Back to FoxNews.com:

The city Buildings Department was going door to door in Staten Island's hard-hit neighborhoods and posting color-coded placards on homes to notify residents if they could go back in.

"In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, our inspectors have been canvassing the City, inspecting affected buildings and tagging them with green, yellow or red placards based on their condition," said Ryan Fitzgibbon, a spokeswoman for the Department of Buildings. "This is part of our rapid assessment process to conduct as many initial inspections as quickly as possible and provide New Yorkers with information on the status of their buildings."

Green and yellow placards signify the home is safe to re-enter, but for homes with red placards, the city advises residents to "hire a New York State-licensed professional (Registered Architect or Professional Engineer) to file plans with the department and a hire a contractor to make the necessary repairs.

They're from the government, people, and they're there to help!

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  1. I’d say something about God’s punishment and voting for Obama, but I’m sure some idiot preacher somewhere has already beat me to the punch.

    1. I believe both Chris Matthews and Michael Moore have made various comments about Thanking Nature for the storm.

      1. Chris Matthews and Michael Moore?

        That’s even better than an idiot preacher!

        1. Yeah, Chris Matthews said “I’m so glad we had that storm last week,” because it made Obama win.

          People were pissed.

        2. He did apologize, but come on.

          During an Election Night panel discussion during which he extolled Democratic President Barack Obama’s victory, the “Hardball” host said, “I’m so glad we had that storm last week because I think the storm was one of those things.”

          When someone off-screen said, “Oooh” at the remark, Matthews said, “No, politically I should say — not in terms of hurting people. The storm brought in possibilities for good politics.”

          1. John Thacker| 11.8.12 @ 7:09PM |#
            “He did apologize, but come on.”

            Not good enough. He needs to apologize for breathing.

        3. That’s even better than an idiot preacher!

          God Gaia shall surely smite the unbelievers – typical proglodyte

  2. Dude, the election’s over.

  3. Government fucks telling people whether they can or cannot enter their own properties.

    How much more fucked-up can this shit get?

    1. Now the question is, how can we control the time at which people move in? I recommend quartering soldiers in their homes until a full assessment is complete!

    2. A fuckton more. Dude, the vast majority of this shit was unthinkable as recently as 25 years ago. I remember people laughing at the idea of banning types of food or beverage, and the outrage (including mine) of requiring seat belts. I remember when Mt. St. Helens blew and there were a bunch of people who died because they refused to get out even after being warned. If the government had tried to force them out it would have been considered like something the Soviets would do.

      What do you think would happen now?

  4. great story-cant wait to see it reported on MSNBC.

  5. the city advises residents to “hire a New York State-licensed professional (Registered Architect or Professional Engineer) to file plans with the department and a hire a contractor to make the necessary repairs.

    If we do not enforce the law remorselessly even in the worst times, the peasants might begin to wonder why we enforce it at all.

    1. Hey, hey, hey! That’s my line!

  6. File under: Who could possibly have predicted?
    NY fixes gas prices well below market after the storm; gas stays where it is, mostly away from NY.
    Surprise: NYC now rations gas:
    “New York City, Long Island to Ration Gasoline by License Plate Number”

    1. Kim Jong (Un?) should send Cuomo and Bloomberg a letter of solidarity.

      Long live the People’s Revolution!

  7. They’re from the government, people, and they’re there to help!

    I knew Reason was in the tank for Reagan!

  8. “New York City, Long Island to Ration Gasoline by License Plate Number”

    Whip Inflation Now!

    1. And for your amusement, from MSNBC of all places:
      “How to Fix the Gas Shortage: Let ’em Gouge”
      From the article:
      “I haven’t been able to find one economist in favor of the anti-gouging laws. […] People from across the political spectrum?Matt Yglesias at Slate to Holman Jenkins at the WSJ?have condemned the laws.
      There’s good reason for the widespread condemnation of anti-gouging laws: they are?almost?universally harmful.”
      And, check the comments section for posts from mouth-breathing lefty ignoramuses who ignored the entire content of the article.

      1. Actually, it was CNBC, not PMSNBC. But, yeah, the comments are pretty pathetic, particularly on the website of a business network.

        1. “Actually, it was CNBC”
          My ooops.

  9. lol, imagine that. Wow.


  10. Reminds me of when we looked out across the Chesapeake Bay and saw a capsized sailboat in a storm with a man and woman clinging to it. Called the Coast Guard station at Cricket Hill so they could go help. “We decline.” I dressed up in my life preserver and went and picked the couple up in my little 14 foot bay-john boat with the 9 HP Evinrude engine.

    1. Pound. Head. On. Desk.| 11.8.12 @ 9:04PM |#
      “Reminds me of when we looked out across the Chesapeake Bay…”

      Dunno the details in this case, and I make no statement that the following post applies.
      But I’m pretty tired of hearing of ‘Jeff, doing what he loves!’, getting stuck on the side of a cliff and needing gov’t helicopters to peel him off.
      Perverse incentives and all that.

      1. I get that, but I was raised that the first law of the sea is render aid. I’m no hero, but I’m happy to help. I’ve towed a couple recreational fishermen home when their engines wouldn’t start. I know from experience what a chore rowing home can be. No need to call the Coasties over easy stuff.

        The Coast Guard consistently presents itself as being an “agency dedicated to safety.” Their online history’s second sentence is, “We save lives.” If they make the brag, they should live up to it or shut their traps.

  11. Where’s Kanye this time? “Obama doesn’t care about white people”.

  12. First rule for disaster responders is not to become victims themselves. So, the bit about FEMA closing its offices because of weather isn’t as ironic as it might seem.

    Yes, the rest of it is fucked up.

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