Woman Complaining of Police Surveillance

Say camera has been pointed at her bedroom window


PLATTE CITY, Neb., Nov. 7 (UPI) — A Platte City, Neb., woman said police inappropriately aimed a surveillance camera at her back yard and bedroom window.

Stephanie Santos, who lives in an apartment with her two children, said her father, who lives in an adjacent apartment, noticed the camera Friday, camouflaged in a nearby tree. A policewoman acknowledged the camera was installed by police to monitor activity in nearby woods and was mounted on city property, but Santos said the land is privately owned.

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  1. The complete article tells how the city administrator “apologized” and added that they should not have installed the camera on private property. Would it have been “okay” if it had been installed on public property, but still aimed at private property activity?

    Sounds like Platte City, NE is overdue for a change in their type of government. Maybe they ought to see if they have to have this (presumably unelected, and thus unaccountable) city administrator. Maybe they can change to an all-elected form of city government.

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